Addictive games for Android Users

Addictive games for Android

Most Addictive games for Android To Kill Time

The mobile phone gaming has given birth to the term “Addictive games”. Addicting games are nothing but a small tricky challenge either of your eye hand coordination or your reflex which seems simple yet hard to conquer. This nearly hard to meet challenge with the deception of simplicity makes and ultimate fun games.

You will find much time worthy addictive games for Android that you will easily find on the Google play store some of which we have mentioned in our list.


Atomas has a scientific appeal in its addictive game, your job is to create precious elements like gold, silver and platinum by combining atoms in the right portion. Although it may sound very scientific yet your job is to just copy symmetry of colored bowls to create an element. These colored bowls are actually the Atoms.

This is not just an addictive game for android but from where is see it, it sharpens once spatial skills because you have to arrange the things in the right order to get most out of your work. It is a fun that people of all ages must play if they need an addictive game.

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Addictive Android Games

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Current flow

As you can judge from its name, it has the circuit making task that you will do by solving a puzzle. There will be tiles on your screen each bearing a small segment of conductive element which you need to arrange in sequence to make the light bulb glow by completing a circuit. This android game is enormously addictive especially for the five levels. You will gradually find it nearly impossible to complete the circuit solving the puzzles. Its addictive element has a positive side, because current flow exercises your mind for problem solving and because of this being addictive you do it too much.

Ultimately this will make you good at solving puzzles by enhancing your spatial skills.

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Timberman is a real addictive game with finger fatigue interaction. By finger fatigue means the only thing that can stop you to gaining high score is only your finger fatigue.

It is based on a simple idea that you act as a wood cutter and have to chop down the trees. Your energy level will get low with time and you have to chop as many as you can do. You just have to press the tap vigorously without losing the direction and you will make it to the next level. Timberman is no wonder, is one of the most addictive android games that one can dream of.

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Burger – The game

Burger is all about your estimation skills and understanding of physics. Don’t worry it is nothing complicated like quantum physics; you just need to create a long pile of patties over bun. The longer it will be the more score you will get. Like all super addictive games, it has no levels and it has a magical touch of simplicity. Often the most simple games are actually the one that demands our greatest focus and delegation.

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Exploding kittens

Exploding kittens is a multiplayer game known for its addiction. The addiction is actually due to the simplicity of the controls and how quick you can play around it. Although internet connectivity is needed but there is no fun without playing a card alone.

Exploding kittens is about drawing cards and if a player draws a exploding cards, it’s his bad luck. In this way, the players who got exploding cards will be drawn out of the game and the last person remains will win. It is a great fun for those people who used to play conventional card games with their friends at the weekend but due to change in routine can not find enough time to spend together as exploding kittens can play in a lesser time therefore, a great fun to play with your friends who have grown busier now and in this way you will be in touch with them.

Subway surfers

There is hardly a chance that any android phone users have not heard of subway surfers. This is one of the most addictive games you can find on Google play store and how good it is, you can get an idea of its download.

Subway surfers is based on a simple story line in which you will play the role of a boy who has been chased by a subway inspector and he has to run through different trains and obstacle on the track of subway. While running you have to collect as many coins as you can and at the same time you will be confronted with several different obstacle which you have to avoid. If you can get further enough, you will get a chance to ride a hover board and jetpack. It is a real fun which you never get bore while playing. This is still free so if you have not played till now then this is your sign.

Download Subway Surfers

Big hunter

Big hunter is a fresh new approach apart from running and overcoming obstacles and fighting with a bad game. This is a hunting game which is based on hunting practices of ancient tribes and the animals you are gonna hunt in it will also be of some historic timeline.

It is simple that you have to kill a mammoth using your spears but it is not that simple as it may sounds. You will throw a spear and it should be thrown with both power and accuracy or you will be run out of time. As the mammoth is not just standing still it will be moving so you need to strike it with enough spear to get it hunt. Big hunter has beautiful and animated graphics and your screen would not get suddenly full of too many icons and characters that you get over whelmed. This highly additive game is free to download.


Itrousers is although seems a bit weird yet known as a highly addicting game as you can judge by its name iTrousers will be running in this game and you have to make the walk as far as possible. But it is not that simple because you have to make adjustment in the structure and angel of the legs. In this way you can make the walk in right direction and have the trousers overcome the obstacle comes in the way. This is another free additive game in our list. It has retro graphics which are liked by many android users.

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