Best Android Games For tablets That You Should Try

Android Games For tablets

Tablets are the ultimate gaming console of the future So Have a look at Android Games For Tablets

When it comes to gaming, tablets seems to be the perfect device because it is in the development phase of their life cycle and at the same time has much better space for game controls and higher screen resolution for the graphics as compared to its competitive latest devices such as smartphones and smart TV. Although most of the games on Google store supports only the smart devices as tablets have not drawn much attention of the developers but due to its powerful processors like desktops and ease of portability like the phone, They are the ultimate gaming console of the future. Therefore we have compiled a list of best android games for tablets.

Super Mario Run

Being a pioneer as a popular game and icon of the video gaming, Mario has always been one of the favorites of game lovers no matter which generation they belong to. After being hit on sega console, desktops it has made its way to the smartphones and tablets. Mario Run is the upgraded version of Mario that has been introduced to the tablets. It is a great fun to play Mario on the bigger screen of tablet with easier controls as compared to that of the devices. Although the game is free to download on Google play store yet you have to buy the premium version to unlock further levels.

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Grand theft auto

The GTA series has been a block buster hit previously on the PCs but could not do well on the mobile phones. It does not mean you can not enjoy the great GTA vice city or san andreas on your latest android device because these are available on Google play store. Although playing Grand theft auto series on android phone is a great hustle but tablets can revive that amusing feeling you used to had while playing on the PCs. Even if you have not played this amazing game you should not miss the chance to play it on android tablet.

As most of you have already know that GTA series games are belong to the simulation genre of games. In this, you will play the role of gangster and get the chance of shooting with guns, driving cars, tanks and flying helicopters and jets. It is an amazing fun in which you live the life of a gangster with precise details of the daily routine such as going to the gym and even getting your car fix.

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Rockstar Games

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This android game is fun for tablet users as this is based on interesting storyline in which you play the role of a hacker who has to help a girl to escape from the people that have abducted her. Republique also includes the situations where you get the chance of making new tools to further proceed. The is available in multiple episodes and you have to pay for each episode separately. However the first episode is really cheap to buy.

The graphics are superb and seems unbelievable for a tablet. But it seems that this game has raised standard for the android tablet gaming. The controls and soundtracks are also equal in the up to the mark.