Android Horror Games That will Keep Everyone Thrill

Horror Games that will keep you awake

Best and Amazing Horror Games For Scary Movie Fans

Today horror game has become an independent, and one of the mainstream genres that is continuously flourishing with the consistent supply of high quality. Now there are too many scary games for the android as compared to past few years that you can find one of the best horror games for free on Google play store.

I personally like this adrenaline shooting games that are not get you bore even for a Nano second. Being personally a fan of zombies and horror movies, I find it my duty to write a post on top horror games that android users would love to play!!!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy is series of five interesting games arranged as a classified group. It includes a decent story line and the main purpose in each play of the series is to survive. You will find variation in the method of playing, mechanics and the controls in each series but all are justifying to your time consume while playing.

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Murder room

Murder room is a brain teasing puzzle game with lots of thrill. You will find yourself trapped into Japanese room with a chainsaw killer and you can only survive by solving difficult puzzles in this. This has scary soundtracks that make you feel like being a part of a horror movie while the graphics are pretty decent. It is a game worth downloading and playing on your android device.

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Dead space

Grotesque necromorph has added an  enormous amount of ghost bumps raising fear and the thrill. You will find yourself being trapped with the monster and you can make your way out by doing tapping on your screen at the right time to divert its attention.

This android game has several different situations in which you have to escape from the grotesque necromorphs. The graphics are competent enough to make your grab into this while the music is also go with the play.

The Abandoned School

This is more of a suspense mystery game in which you will be in a school full of horror. The Abandoned School is based on story line in which you will play the role of a school boy who is investigating about the death of brother and his girlfriend.

If you want to raise the amount of thrill then headphones are recommended to use with this because the abandoned school is partially about the horrific sounds made in this. It also detects the phone shaking via you can move in the game if an obstacles arises in your way.

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Bloody mary Game

Bloody mary is the Pokémon go of Horror game Genre because it is also based on augmented reality and you have to play it the same way. This is quite chilling when you move your phone around your room or in the house and sees a horror ghost in the phone. This makes the game more horrifying and scary and makes it reality based.

This is not enough as you have to make several decisions and make choices to get step further. It is not just about winning and losing as it comes with several different endings. In my personal opinion, this is a must have for on android phone for horror game fans.

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Eyes – the Hunt

By getting 10 million downloads on Play store, Eyes the hunt become the most popular horror game in our list. It is being widely liked for the graphics and the soundtracks. Because in any horror movie, what makes it more scary is the timing of image appearance with the soundtrack. It is about an abandon house building which is known to be haunted. Your job is to get into the house and collect valuable items which you will find there. But it would not be that easy as it sounds. You will be encountered by several haunting things or situation.

Obviously, a game cannot run a chill through your spine if it does not convinces you to be real. Its graphics have satisfied the expectation by doing their part of it very well. Therefore, the graphics are just fabulous and exceptional as compared to other android games. Similar is the case with the soundtrack it has, if we consider controls, it also not very difficult rather highly convenient.


Haunted clown circus 3D

As a child, nothing was more terrifying for me than a clown. And surprisingly clown has become a symbol of horror in many movies and games. Haunted clown circus has used that image of clown which is hiding in most of us at the back of our minds. As we all personally feel a bit scary if we see a clown having a hammer in an empty parking lot. I mean even may be he is just a man coming back from his job but just dressing up as a clown can make people afraid of you.

It has a circus which you get the chance to visit. The circus is known to be legendry and now it has shut down for some reason. When you get there you came to know about something which you should not and realizes that your all means of communication are not working. Now your job is to survive in the game and out of the circus. As if you succeed in getting out, you will be the one in doing so. It is an amazing reality based approach and even the story line will make you feel goose bumps.

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Mental Hospital 3 lite

It has everything but makes something frightening, mental asylum and mental patient. Mental Hospital 3 lite has a very sophisticated story line where you are a person who gets the chance of conducting a sting operation in a hospital where it is suspected that some strange experiments are being taking place inside it.

Your job is to get into the hospital and record video prove which will act as a evident later.  But things did not work out as they were planned. Due to the rain, your car broke down on way for some reason. You get a bit late and could not find an army officer who was expected to guide you and get you into the asylum but you decide to get into the hospital on your own as you can not find anyone to guide you there but once you get there you understand that you had made some serious mistake.

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