Best Action Games for Android

Best Action Games for Android

Best Action Games for Android that You Should Play

Android is getting better as a game platform, and the best and one of the most easily accessible gaming platforms when you need one. Either you are waiting for someone in a restaurant or standing in a long line or even travelling in a subway, android games are something that can kill that time which is difficult to pass.  But the time can also be more fun if you are playing action category of android game. The android action games can provide you with that little heartbeat pumping moment and the thrill although it is even for a moment, but makes you feel really good. Following are the list of best action games  for Android that you can enjoy anytime, any way you want.

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Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade is a wave runner, action android game in which you race with a flying jet machines. The course of the race changes continuously and you can have those thrilling moments where race gets really intense. The good pros about this Riptide GP: Renegade games are that is free and you can play it with your friends and family in multiplayer mode.


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Download Riptide GP: Renegade

Iron Avenger Origins

Iron Avenger Origins is a full on android action game that is based on comic character, Iron Man. You can fulfill your urge of firing bad people with different ammunition such as rocket launcher, bazooka, and machine gun. And don’t worry you are not doing anything bad for anyone, as it’s just an action game in which you are trying to save the world being iron Man.

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Download Iron Avenger Origins

Sonic 4

Sonic 4 is an icon of all gaming consoles such as Sega. But now the Sonic spirit has revived into the new generation by introducing this adventure game in android with the collection of new moves hurdles, and villains. This action game is a great fun for the kids and the adults to call up their old days when they used to play SEGA console’s sonic games. The game is not for free, in fact its each level is an entire game in itself. Because you have to pay for its each level. The good news is that all of its levels having the same price tag of 2.99$.


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Download Sonic 4


Unkilled is my personal favorite android action game with lots of guns and blood. You don’t have to shoot any human, or animal but the extremely dangerous, ferocious zombies. This game has one of the best graphics you can have in any android game. You can play it with anyone of your friend as it offers two multiplayer mode. Unkilled game is consists of 150 levels and numerous challenges. You will enjoy your fight against the zombies using several guns.


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Download Unkilled

War Robots


War Robots is such a fun game for those who are war game enthusiast. In this War Robots game you can play with a team of 6 vs 6. It has more than 20 weapon options that can help you find the weapons suit your fighting style. You can create a specific war machine for yourself and it also allows you to make a clan.


Download War Robots

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Sky force reloaded

Sky force reloaded satisfies your urge of playing a good action game. It gets you into a battle zone where you will be flying an aircraft over the battlefield and you have to destroy your enemy. The game consists of several interesting level, in which the difficulty increases gradually at every next level. It is a nice game with pretty decent graphics and good soundtrack. However, this action battlefield is for 1.99$.


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Infinite Dreams

 Download Sky Force Reloaded

Asphalt xtreme

Sometimes you want to play a game that has racing action at its best. Asphalt Xtreme is known for its huge different variety of races and automobiles. You can choose from 35 cars and can select out of 400 races. If you think it is enough then you will be surprised to know that this game also offers 500 challenges. You can play this, in multiplayer mode in which you are allow to race with more than 7 opponents. This Racing art piece comes free to download on your Android phone.

Edge of tomorrow Game

Who don’t wants to experience the action movie Edge of tomorrow like Tom cruise, which allows you to again restart the day when ever you die on the battlefield. The story line is the same as that it was in the movie and the specialty about this game is that it has too much of the battle action like explosions as compared to the other battle Android games, therefore you don’t have to wait for action at any point in the game. The only negative point  about this game has is that you can only play it on Android platform; otherwise it is a small box full of the action.

Download Edge of Tomorrow

Max Payne Mobile

Rarely is the chance that any action game lovers have not played Max Payne at any point of their lives, such is the popularity of this game. Now its new version has been introduced to the Android device with the similar story line. You were a man whose family has been killed by the enemy and now they also want to kill you. You have to seek revenge for your family and also try to avoid your enemy for attacking you. Max Payne as everyone know has elegant graphics with the sound tracks which suits the story line and game graphics. It is available on Google play store for 1.99$.


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Rockstar Games

Download max Payne

Avenger alliance

This game is a treasure for Marvel superhero fans because in this game you will team up with different marvel superheroes includes x-men, Spiderman, and even Avengers. This game starts with you as an agent working for S.H.I.E.L.D who later works with other marvel superhero against the bad guys. If you are someone who watches every marvel movie then it will be more meaningful and fun for you. Marvel Avenger Alliance is one of the best action games For Android users in this universe. The bad news for this iconic superhero game fans that it is not for free, but even then it worth paying.



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