Best Android Apps For Smart TV

Best Android Apps For Smart TV

Best Android Apps For Smart TV Watch your Favorite TV show Episodes Online

Today Android apps have wide range of variety for various purposes. But even except the smart phones about. Nowadays every person is using android apps one way or another and the trend of smart TV has increased over time. Every new generation of the smart TV comes up with better hardware specs, and more software’s features. If recent new models of your smart TV has launched into the market and you are bored with yours old features then we have something for you. You can add more android apps to your smart TV which will make it more fun to use. Below we are listing 6 Best Android Apps For Smart TV.


Hulu is an android smart TV app that allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows on your smart TV.  Although you have to pay for its package but a free plan is also available at hulu. Hulu is competing with a TV streaming giant Netflix but it is making its mark by providing the original and high quality content which is getting better day by day.


hulu app for android

Download HULU


Allcast app actually is not a TV application technically but we include this service in our list for its incredible usability. It allows you to reach out all the videos, which are available in your smart phone. It is actually a Google service which has simple and easy interface. You can also try the free demo but it is not free for long term use.



Plex is an android app that makes you capable of running stuff that is stored in your pc. Plex is an incredible application which allows you to watch the movies, videos and audio data on your smart TV. You just need to download the server at your PC and for your smart TV you just have to download plex and you can access the data in your PC at any time you want.


android tv apps


Download PLEX App

Samsung TV Remote Control App

We spend about more than two years of life in searching remote control according to the stat. the best way to use this lost time by downloading the Samsung TV Remote Control App, Which allows you to use your smart phone as remote control with the great ease. It is an android application not necessary only for all smart TV but every smart phone users also has one.

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android remote app



Netflix is a pioneer in the world of smart TV’s streaming. It is the YouTube of smart TVs. You can watch any show, any movie at any time of the day you want with the Netflix. You just need to download Netflix app in your smart TV which allows you to watch your favorite content anytime. Although it is not a free service and there are several paying plans for it but you can always have a free monthly trail.


android netflix app
Netflix, Inc.

Download Netflix App



Ted as you know, is a place where you can have teachings, case studies, and experiences and learning from the very intellectual people. It not only promotes learning into enormously diverse subjects but also helps you to get yourself entertain as you will always find something you are interested in. Now you don’t need to continuously change TV channels for finding something interesting until you have ted app in your smart TV.

Ted app for android
TED Conferences LLC

Download Ted App


Sometimes we get fed up with the switching of the apps on our smart TV to access different media content, we are having in different files and the application, it can be a whatApps funny video clip that you want to show with your family or a song that your friend has tagged you. Kodi can help you there by placing your all media content at one place and prevent you from the hustle of opening and closing several different applications by providing you the easy and convenient access to your local media content.

Although this android app does a big deal job yet it is very easy to use and comes with a simple and user friendly interface. You can download this application in your android smart TV without paying anything.

Media player apps
XBMC Foundation

Download kodi

VLC For Android

No matter what media player used to be in my computer’s operating system by default, i was so impressed by the vlc player that I always download VLC media player and use it instead of by default media player. Even in the android smart TV, there is no match for vlc when it comes to playing movies and videos on your TV. VLC media player has so many small features and specs that one has hardly use them all. But the one I was fan of, its extra ordinary volume settings which allows you to get the 200% of original volume of the video. VLC is compatible with every file types and formats which no other media player caters.

VLC media player to Android

Download VLC

Mixzing Music Player

With the production of digital data at such a fast pace in so large amount, that you can have every type and format of files to be use on your android device. MixZing is a must have for mp3 files as due to some reason even now for music, people highly rely on mp3 files for easy and fast download. Especially if you are having hundreds of songs then keeping them in mp3 format can be highly convenient.

MixZing is a mp3 media player used most widely for music. It has some good features like recognizing and tagging your music for you, it also bears an equalizer in it.

Smart tv applications


The weather network

If you have a smart TV, it is better to use it as many possible ways you can such as social media machine, television, media player, music system and even mobile phone. In an Android smart TV, you can have almost every application you are having on your smart phone. Therefore, having a good weather app would not hurt you. Sitting in front of the TV while having morning coffee, weather app can help a lot in making a more solid plan for the day. Sometimes in a hurry we forget to use the apps in our phone after we have our morning coffee. In this case, having a weather application can act as a reminder in your relaxing time of the day to inform you before you left with too little time to get ready for the work about the weather and precautionary measure you should take.

The Weather Network / MétéoMédia


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