Best Android Apps For Students

Best Android Apps For Students

Best Android Apps For Students | Apps that can help Students

Today, the App store has been in abundance with so much Apps that we sometimes ignores few that should be very useful to us. There are several apps either of Android or Apple that can be beneficial to simplify the daily routine tasks that consume much of our time.

If it’s come to time the students find it most difficult to manage and they are also the one who need it most. There are several apps in the market that every college going should have. They will not just save their time but also rescue them from annoying tasks. So We are mentioning below the best android apps for students that can help them in crucial time.


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1. Mint

Mint is an app that manages your financial work and helps you to run your budget concordance to the plan you have generated. It is very useful for the students as students are less experienced in managing the budget. If you are a student you don’t have to worry about it, Mint can do it for you.


best apps for student mint

Download MINT


When I was a student, I came across some situations when a bad sector error occurs in my laptop hard disk and I had to collect all the important notes for semester again. But even then it is impossible to again regain the every bit of information I have stored in my previous disk. Now here comes the dropbox to solution for your notes collection problem.  You can store large amount of content such as notes, your ppt slides, your pdf files in the dropbox that you can access with just an internet connection and get free from your worry of losing your notes again.


Dropbox app



3. Tasker

Tasker is an Android app, that can customize your smart phone for which the place you are at your college. Suppose if you are in the library it will automatically changes the settings and launching the app requires for the library, by detecting that you are in library on its own.


android app for student

Download TASKER


4. Chegg

Chegg help you to get facilitated with the easiest way of getting textbooks, by a least expensive way. When you need a textbook just search it on chegg, you will find the textbook you need and you can take this textbook on rent and can return back when you don’t need it anymore.


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5. Coursera

Coursera provide with the online free courses from more than 100 global universities that include Stanford. Learning is an important part in being a student and coursera can help you with that.


coursera app


6. Walk me Up Alarm Clock

During the exams, setting tight schedules are the part of exam time and walking up in the midnight after taking a power nap. Power nap is something that most students do but fall asleep without waking again. Here the app name “Walk me Up Alarm Clock” will prove to you as a rescuer during an exam days. When the alarm rings the app would not let you get it off until you walk 10 steps or so. You can also increase the number of steps upto 100.



Download Walk me Up Alarm App

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