Best Civil Engineering Apps For Engineers

Civil Engineering Apps

Nowadays Civil engineers and engineering students can carry all their equipment and instruments in their Android phone, where ever they go. If you are a civil engineer you don’t want to get into the hustle of taking your laptop on field and off field work, just use your phone for this. There are several civil engineering apps that has been designed and created for providing convenience to engineers.


These engineering apps allows you to get ready for whatever life throws you at any time, encountering with your potential client in a shopping mall who starts discussing about his future project, now you don’t have time to show him your work by bringing your PC from home. Impress him with the construction plans of yours and your past projects stored in your engineering app, just on the spot and tell your potential client how you can help him with his dream project. Read more: Apps for students

Civil Sutra

Civil Sutra is a civil engineering app that helps you out with the material calculation and unit conversion. This app also bears an area calculator. You don’t have to calculate the quantity of material you are going to need on a paper. Instead use a calculator because this application will provide you with the quantity estimation of different material such as cement, brickwork, plastic etc.


Android apps for civil engineers
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Civil Calculator

As you can get the idea by reading its name that this is an engineering calculator which deals with the calculation of units related to civil engineering. This civil calculator allows you to convert multiple units from one to another. This is one of the must have civil engineering app for professionals and students. Although there are other civil calculator apps available online that are equivalent to its efficiency but if you are an Android user then this is the best what you can have. See also: Mechanical Engineering Apps

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Civil Engineer Jobs

If you are an engineering professional specialized in civil engineering then you must at least give this application a try. Civil engineer jobs is an app that deals with the civil engineering job segment by providing the right job of your choice. You just need to submit your resume by creating a profile of yours in the app and you will be informed with several jobs along with their salary structures.

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Civil engineer jobs is an app that deals with the civil engineering job segment by providing the right job of your choice., Inc.

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Beam design is a designing app for engineering deals with designing structures such as of civil, architectural and mechanical. This app’s comprehensive functionality comes along with several features which include annotations, snap points, formulas, Autocad look etc. If you are an engineering college professors who uses Android OS then this is one of the most suitable engineering app for you.

Developer: LetsConstruct
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Making blueprints and drawings are one of the most important components of a civil engineering project. And here AutoCAD is really reliable to use it as a civil engineering app. Draw maps and civil structures on this application either in 2D or 3D.

There are other many important tools and functions possessed by AutoCAD that are vital part of any project.

AutoCAD – DWG-Editor
AutoCAD – DWG-Editor
Developer: Autodesk Inc.
Price: Free+

Civil Engineering Basics

Civil Engineering Basics has design keeping in view the demands and needs of engineering students. Obviously here by engineering students we mean civil students. As it is full of many civil engineering case studies of past and future that can effectively prepare you for the exam as well as for your professional life.

No matter what kind of civil structure we are talking about, it will help you out for every construction project. From cement structures to fuel station, it has the detail of everything to teach you. Prepare yourself for this ultimate competitive market of civil professionals and stand out by having civil engineering basics in your Android.

Material Estimator

Making a civil project happen an engineer should be precise with the budget. Because there is no such thing as getting miss-calculated about the money spent on specific project. Material Estimator makes it super easy to calculate the amount of material require to carry out any construction activity. From brick to tile, it can measure the final cost of every single unit of project. Bringing structures from the blueprints into reality requires a practical understanding of budgeting and cost.

This can really help you understand how much each material is costing and what are the factors pushing the budget out of the range.