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Best Business Apps for Small Business Owners

Small business owners have to juggle between several different tasks for their businesses. They have 360 job rotations to meet their daily demands businesses, as they have to do all the work related to the finance, marketing, human resource and supply chain even they have to do other small tasks by themselves. For such entrepreneurs can decrease the headache to the minimum. Especially if you are Android phone user, Android Apps can help your business in different ways from setting different reminders to finding new business connections.

Using business apps can be a great utilization of advance technology in your business at its best. Following are the most useful and best android business apps that you can find on Google play store or anywhere online for your Android device.

Wunderlist : To-do List & Tasks

An amazing application that helps you to organize your daily business tasks with great ease. Wunderlist is a complete time management app highly customized for the small businesses, where you can coordinate different members of your team by assigning them tasks and the entire task list you have. It also helps you to break down an objective into smaller tasks with reasonable deadlines. This app is a top notch professional application which can be proves highly valuable for your daily routine work.

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Toggl : Timesheet

It is a self-invigilation time management app that work best for the team work. It will present you in graphs, the total amount of the time of day and where have you spent it. This application will keep account each minute of your 24 hours.

If you want to use it among your group members, as toggl provides the ease of sharing the graphs and keep the group highly coordinated, then you can use it for only 5 team members. Its premium version comes with some extra useful and unique features.

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Best Apps for Small-Business Owners

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Basecamp : Manage your Projects

Basecamp helps you to manage your group assignment by keeping the team members at the same page. You can create and share your to do list and the graphs of your work, it also gives you a greats summary of your performance on your android phone in the form of the chart flow.

The great thing about this Android application is that you are not restricted to add specific number of the users. However you have to pay according to the number of the projects you are performing using the android application.


As most of you have already know about 80:20 pareto’s principle, which states that 80% of your result is caused by your 20% of your effort. It means that 80% of the sales is done by 20% of the customers or 80% of the revenue is generated by the sales of 20% of the product.

You will be wondering why I am discussing pareto’s principle, it is because this Android business app in our list can help you get most out of this principle. Slack is an application for quick question answer sessions between buyer and the seller in which you can create multiple channels each assigned to a specific topic or subject. For example if you are a cosmetic shop owner and some  of your products make (80% of your revenue as described in the principle above) then you can create specific channels for such products where you can pay more attention to such customers by answering their queries with great convenience to them. This will not only enhance your business revenue but also help you to create a distinctive edge among your competitors.

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Android apps to help you run a better small business
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