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Casual Games

Casual Games For Hardcore Gaming Fans

Being the most widely used platform, Android game users are also increasing from leaps and bounds. Although there are hardcore gaming fans but majority is causal game audience. With the increasing expectation of game fans, the benchmark of good casual android game has raised to that level that it has partially started functioning like a gaming console. From the graphics to the immense processor, the android devices are now designed to fulfill the specs of advance level casual games.

Due to the raising craze for gaming we have made account of top notch android casual games.

Smash hit

From early childhood, I had not weird, demonic urge of breaking the glasses. However I have got control over this mad impulse but this new android game has brought out the kid inside me.

In smash Hit, you have to break the glasses as you proceed, even you will get the points for doing so. The game is an amazing with respect to an audible effects and number of levels. The game has more than 50 different levels and the sound track changes when ever you proceed to the next one.

The first 50 levels of the game are available for free on Google play store but for further playing time you have to pay. In the premium version, there come other features such as saving the game in the cloud and starting it with advance checkpoint.

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Download Smash hit


Blek is a great example of the games that are quite simple yet grabs your entire concentration. With worldwide appreciation from the android users, this game has become a phenomenon. The game is a dream come true for doodle lovers, as blek pushes you to think out of the box and create new problem solving solutions that are creative themselves.

The game is quite simple, there will be 3 or more color circles on your screen and you have to draw continuous line that encircles all of the colored balls. By doing so you will be create a beautiful art of doodle having a pattern itself. The game has several different levels and with each level, the difficulty arises.

Blek is a great way of enhancing your creativity and problem solving skills.

Download blek

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is the second part of injustice which is not too old of this current version (A game for Dc comic fans). In this android game, it carries most of the basic attributes of injustice but has some additional upgraded elements.

The game is basically an arcade style fighting games which is between the superheroes of DC comic such as Batman and Superman. Injustice 2 is not really satisfactory when it comes to other substitute of arcade fighting games but the graphics and story line makes it stand out.

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A simple puzzle game for the whole family, as it caters users of all ages. This android game is about arranging the small pieces of pipes to make the water supply running again. Plumber is quite far simple and this makes it the outstanding casual game which can be played by everyone and can serve as an interest sharing thing for a family.

puzzle game with HD graphics
Magma Mobile

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