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Classic games

Old Time favorite and best Classic Games for Android

The craze for games is not a new thing actually it was more intense when there was simple consoles of SEGA which one can only play with a TV set. Such gaming consoles of 80 and 90s were highly popular among the enthusiasts. Although due to availability of highly personal gaming console in the form of android phone, the craze has not been the same but even then people can spend their time in searching and playing those classic games. Although if it’s even just for the sake of old times.

Following are some of the best classic games that now are available in Google play store.

Sonic The HedgeHog

There is hardly anyone who is reading this post have not ever heard about sonic. Sonic is the iconic, legendry classic game that SEGA once launched with great success. This is one of those games that I equally popular among the fans of developing and the developed countries. Sega who had announced that will revive sonic for android platform has launched the sonic hedgehog. Although some small timely upgradation has been made to the game to be suited android yet the upgrading are so minor that you would not feel playing a different thing from the one you had played on the Sega.

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Crazy taxi

Another classic game of sega who has millions of fans belongs to all ages. The crazy taxi was unique and unconventional idea of its time that people have not seen before in the game. Although such are very common in today’s mobile phone gaming market yet it was a novel approach of its time. in this, you just need to pick up passengers  from specific location, displayed in the map and make sure that the passengers reach their destination in time, this is a great fun for new tablet devices of android.

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Doom III

Doom 3 was the iconic game that had created a new milestone for today’s high graphics FPS. The standard, to which the shooting games of today’s gaming have reached, is because of the Doom contribution in setting a benchmark in old times. Doom was famous for its full of blood story line and the excitement was uncommon for the players, now although it may not excite you at the level which it used to but for those started their gaming with doom will surely love to enjoy it again. However this is good enough to worth your time.

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Pac Man

One of the most famous and I would say a game that has appeared in several different movies. From it you can understand how huge it was in the old times. Pac man is a legend of classic games and has returned to makes its debut as an Android game. It is so amusing and engaging that even the younger generation would not feel it they are playing a something of their parent’s childhood. The term addictive game is new for lovers and was not exist at the time of Pac man but perfectly suits to it. If one starts playing it, he finds difficult to keep track of time.

eat fruit and run away from the Ghosts
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