Android Fighting Games To Play With Friends

Best Fighting Games for Android

Best Fighting Games for Android

There are not too many good fighting games on android phone, however there is a reasonable segment who demands it and most of them are those who have the old addiction and memories with challenge games on gaming consoles as the battle games were the most famous genre on can had on gaming consoles.

For those arcade lovers, we have mentioned some of the best fighting games for android that one can have on their phone.

Iron Kill: Robot Fighting Game

For those who want to revive their memories of old fighting games such as Tekken 3 and street fighter, Iron Kill: Robot Fighting Game is the game they must try. As you can judge from the name kill iron is about the fighting between two Robots, one is yours but the other one is your opponent.

Iron kill has several different robots among which you can choose the one you like most. This also has an option to upgrade your bot via several different fights and the events. The game is simple but it does not mean you will get bore after playing it a day or two. Iron kill has multiple modes among which you can choose the one you find most interesting.

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WWe immortals

For WWE fans, this android game is a great news as the game in not a regular WWE game but contains legendry WWE stars such as undertaker, Rock, John Cena etc.. This is developed by the makers of mortal combat and injustice and therefore carries the same control. WWE immortals not just different because it has wrestling stars from different timelines but also it is different from the conventional wrestling game which is usually carries out in a ring.

The King of Fighters ’97

I know a lot of people who were crazy about the king of fighter’s series because I was one of them and used to play in the game parlor for hours. Although for new generation gamer it seems a bit too old school yet it is like a college reunion for those who used to play it in their childhood.

The graphics that has been introduced in the android platform is not different from the old one, in fact the graphics are the same. While the controls do not fulfill the android’s user demand but not too that extend that the gaming consoles used to do. As everyone know Android phone has some limits when it comes to controls but it is a overall fun as a multiplayer fun that you can play with friends as there is no need of internet access because you can connect to other players via Bluetooth.

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EA Sports UFC

This game is an ultimate fighting game that developed by EA known for best games such as Need 4 Speed and FIFA on different gaming consoles and PC. Now the UFC has made its way to the android platform. Although the game is not much very full of fun when it comes to controls because smartphones can not have joystick and mostly what you can do on the mobile phone is just tapping. But for those who are hungry for this genre, it can provide them amusement even if it is for few minutes.

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