How To Become Successful Android Developer

how to become successful android developer

To Become successful Android Developer, HARD WORK is Necessary and Sometimes You Need Patience


When i Started to take interest in Android, I was in my 5th Semester, and That Time I just knew about the Android Play Store and its some other Tools such as Android Sdk. I bunked my class and used to go in the university IT lab for some Android Research. First i used to go for Android Tutorials on Youtube and got to know many things About Android Development. Then i just installed the Android Sdk and did some practice on IT lab. on the next day, i did again some online research about How to run Android Application and used to run my First Application of Hello World on Android Emulator but with many hurdles . On that Time, i thought that i can do this and i will become an Android Developer as i had many choices on that time but i dont know what happened to me because i thought i should work as an Android Developer further. So in the last semester, i made my first Android Application (Blood Donor App), which became very successful and i got good grades in the final project. i Did hard work and with the help of patience, i just made it.

So there are some Steps on how to become successful android developer that i want to Share :

   1. Gain enough Technical Skills

To be a successful Android Developer you don’t need to earn a College Degree but to gain professional technical skills is compulsion. There are few technical parameters that you need to achieve, some of which are following:

  • Java
  • Android Sdk
  • API
  • Git

 2. Team work

Although you need a Designer, Developer and a Tester for bigger projects yet there in no need for a team to make small android apps. but even if you are not working on a huge projects it is better to line up in a team as it would help you learn much more and much faster this way.

 3. Find a mentor

Android development is a consistently changing field which demands persistent learning. It is better to find yourself a mentor and you can do this by getting in a team. Although experience will provide you with the professional expertise but usually you will find people in android team development that will be better than you, try to learn from them.


 4. Be Persistent

As an android developer, you are gonna learn most of the thing via hit and trail method. Therefore it is very necessary to have patience and keep doing your work until you win. As a coder, you gonna encounter frequently with bugs or coding errors. The big parts of the work you will do as an Android developer mostly consist of making your code work. Therefore, being patient will be a key factor in your success.

 5. Don’t be a risk takers

To be one in a hundred you have to do something that only one in a hundred does. You have heard about the saying that one should not take easy path but the right one and in the career of the android developer to think out of the box is the right think. Even this think goes to your company’s strict rules. Because being experimental sometimes pays off at the end of the day. It is better not to concentrate on completing your project the easier way but try to generate novelty in you work.


 6. Use various Apps

To be a great Android developer, what requires the most is unique idea. And most of the time, the innovative method of doing something comes into our mind when we need it badly. It means Need is the mother of invention and innovation, same thing applies with the App development. It is better to use as many Apps you can. And specially the newly launched one. In this way it would not only helps you come up with a new idea of a feature or benefits the app you are using, lack but you can even get an idea of making an app by using to great features of two different apps.



 7. Consider the development process

Every development team has its own development process, it does not matter what development process the team is using until it is working well. But before joining any Android app team carefully consider its development process. Take care that the process should not over rule you.


 8. Keep in bookmark the useful site below:

Stack overflow:

If you stuck with a certain problem and could not find your solution online or the answer you find is not specific enough then, Stack overflow is the best place for you. There you find answers for most of your queries and even your question is so specific and in depth that you could not find there, then you can ask it yourself and the people there would answer you. It is really amazing community to join.

If you looking for the source code of the big app, or calculator type app Vogella will help you most appropriately.


Devbytes will help you to find the tutorials on recently recent feature of the Android Apps.



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