How To Make Money from Android Apps

How To Make Money from Android Apps

How To Make Money from Android Apps | Earn Money by Developing Applications


To creating some from the android app development is although is not that easy as it is from blog or YouTube videos, but it is worthwhile? The android app development requires specific set of skills and a bit of experience. As the number of the android app development are not as in that much abundance as the Bloggers and Vloggers are. Therefore, the money that app development generates is different in amount. App development will help you to generate far more money than the blogs but the condition is that your app should be good enough.

But is not that easy and requires long term commitment which only few can provide. The failure is also a part in carrying off the user’s heart but their creation. So if you are consistent, determined and persistent then you will not only a lot of money in android development but the money you generate will also be a passive earning. There are many ways on How to make money from android apps.

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   1. Earn money from advertisement

By advertising different ads on your android app, you can earn some money. The amount you earn depends upon the number of the users using your application. You don’t have to worry about of finding the ads and placing it on your android app. There are several advertising network that you can join and where these advertising networks that going to manage the advertisement which will be displayed on your application. Few of the advertising networks such AdMob and inMobi can provide you with the good rates for the ads. While there is also an option that you can use the ads of several diverse advertising networks by signing up for ad exchanges.


Android App Ads

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   2. Earn by selling features


This technique can work after you have tried the one that has mentioned above. After placing your app at the play store for free, people will download it but after you get reasonable downloads and the audience, you will create some of its other features that you have had in your mind previously and this time you are gonna charge people for using this exclusive features of your app. If you are thinking that will it work? The answer is absolutely, because people have dropped into for relying into this app you had offered previously and now they need the features to make their job easy. They are addicted to your app, now they are tempted towards the feature you are offering.


android features


   3. Use alternatives Android Store


If you cannot increase the ad rates, the ad networks are offering or can’t cut away the prices you are selling your app at, then the best option is to enhance the exposure of the android app by using the services of several android app stores. There are alternative options of Google play store, on which you will surely publish your app but after which you should go for some more android stores such as Android Market, Amazon App Store, Baidu App store, Aproov, Insyde App, MobiHand and brainApp but BrainApp is only for the US users. For more detail options on these Android Store. Visit this link: Google Play Store Alternatives

By placing you app at different android stores will give you the exposure to audience from diverse segments and you will have a great magnitude of potential customers belongs to a wide range of demographics.


amazon store for android
amazon store for android

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