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Best IQ Apps that can evaluate your IQ level and can help you to raise it

iQ test is the only reliable scale to measure reasonability and intelligence for about 100 years. Intelligence Quotient although does not show direct relation with the success in different recent studies and the other factors such as EQ, performance and  adoptability shows higher relation with success. Yet no one can deny the significance of IQ in academic success and making you a better learner. There is no doubt that people with higher IQ have extra edge when it comes to learning new skills knowledge or doing with academics. Therefore there are multiple IQ test applications for android that can evaluate your IQ level and can help you raise it.

Following are some of the most praised IQ Apps that can add much to your brain power by providing an aid for training.


Elevate is more of a brain training app than an IQ test app. It is known as the best from the user reviews and can provide great inside on your verbal skills, numerical skills and provide three times a week iQ training program which enhances your brain processing memory and cognitive skills. It will provide a full report about your numerical and verbal ability in scores and graphs, while this android application also provides you your increase of IQ in the graph.

If you are fascinated by high iQ’s and want to have a genius level IQ about which you can brag to your friends then Elevate is the great application to begin with. Your better IQ will not only enhances your academic performance and social life but also boost your self esteem and personal growth. Unlike many competent IQ apps, you can use elevate for free.

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Best IQ Test

If you are a person who are working for improving the IQ level, then is hardly a chance that you have not heard about Best IQ Test. If not you can get the better idea about its popularity among the android users from its number of downloads which is more than 2.5 Million at the Google play store.

When you give a look to the application you understand why the app is being so admired among the users. This has five different levels of difficulty and you can set it concordance to your ease and compatibility. While the highest level of difficulty can only solved by the people having genius level intelligence. If you think you are one of those then you must at least try it for once as the app does not charge you anything to use it.

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Brain fits

Brain fits provides you the most entertaining and interesting way of enhancing your mental ability which would not let you get bore at any point. It trains your brain using different games to enhance your IQ level. It is a great application for those who loves mobile games and even for those who find hard to concentrate on other IQ improvement programs for mobile phones.

Apart from being the most fascinating of all IQ training apps, it also gives you the option to be more specific with the area of brain ability to improve or start it. You can improve your processing speed and memory with some specific games, while there are other games to increase your concentration and focus. The best part if that you can do it anywhere, without anyone knowing it. If you are getting bore while among your friends but cannot leave for some reason or get trapped into boring party you can utilize you time to improve your brain power and no one would call you a IQ freak.

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