Simulation games for Android Mobile Users

Simulation games

Best Simulation games You can Play on Android Device

Simulation games have taken the casual gaming to the next level by making some of the real life phenomena a fun game. Although the purpose of this genre is not to get yourself into a science fictional story line but to deal with real life problems in a bit different way.

Simulation games are getting really popular on android platform and one of the biggest reasons for this recently came into existence genre is the compatibility of controls you can have on the touch screen.

There are only handfuls of serious and competent tycoon games that do not find like a fun for kinder gardener.

Jurassic World: The Game

The good thing about Jurassic world that it is a game for Jurassic world movie fans, dinosaur lovers and one who like to play strategy games and act as an administrator. For the people of Jurassic park movie generation, it is a great revival of that blockbuster movie they watched nearly two decades ago.

This is simple, you have to play your role as a strategy planner in creating Jurassic park and make different dinosaurs breed to create more unique dinosaurs. After which you will compete with other online players in terms of the performance of your park. It provides you the challenges with real time, challenges of management executives and you can solve problems and make new plan using your creativity and problem solving skills.

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Simcity buildit

People who have previously played sim games know that it is a real time worthy game that you will find interesting and will play again and again. If you want few on your android phones then it is a game that really earns the chance to occupy the data space on your smartphone. But like other sim version you don’t control people but focus more on building the city and keeping people happy. Although it resembles to the Jurassic world in the way that it includes managerial and administrative challenges yet you will act more like a leader or the politician of the city for you can’t control the people in the city but the structure and the system to get their satisfaction level up.

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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

This new 3D simulator game has set new standard for the upcoming games of the genre. It is an incredible to play on your android device. This is about flying an aircraft as a pilot, for those who always want to earn a private flying license; this android game is the real deal for them. You can choose from different aircrafts to fly the right airplane you like and you will compete with the scores you earn based upon the performance of your flight. You will also evaluated by the timings you do the flight within and how appropriate you land your plane on the runway. This Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is the real time professional flying game that you will never find boring at any point.

It has outstanding controls that are highly compatible and suits the touch screen control settings. While the graphics it possesses are marvelous and has no match with the details it displays as compare to that of other simulator games.

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3D Plane Games for android
Fun Games For Free

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This war of mine

Many of us played about army and on the subject of war, yet this is something that we wanted to play while searching the term war games on play store. This is about how civilian have to survive during a war and thinks that only a civilian have to care about. There are army games based on the perspective of a solider yet this is the only one made from the point of view of civilian. In this, you have to find shelter where it is warm enough so you can go through the night by still being alive and how to collect food supply.

This war of mine is far more based on reality than other game on war. You got to make several decision on which your success or failure depends and that’s how It is done in the real life. For the decision making perspective, it gets really tactical and strategic at some point. A very sophisticated simulation for adult gamers.


Egg, Inc

Egg will be loved by those who like games involving the managerial perspective of running a business or a factory and you have to play a role of an administrator.  For the name is Egg, Inc, in this you have to manage a hen farm and develop your business to the level that everything gets automated. As you can get your business to technology and by drones and machines like that to make things more synchronized, arranged and managed.

It works very well on android devices such as smartphones and tablets because of the clicking operability of the game. You just need to tap few times here and there and things will fall at their places on their own. Although it is not about how good your reflexes are or how fast you react to a signal but how good you make things run smoothly and manage everything in your mind.

 Simple and Casual gameplay
Auxbrain Inc

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Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic as the name has the idea; you are a business tycoon who wants to make an outstanding theme park that would generate income later. Your job is to use your creativity and imagination to get best out of the tools game provides you. Obviously there are few rules how you should and should not design the rollercoaster. Therefore you just need to do some brainstorming and have to manage the establishment of one of the best theme parks one can crate on this game.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic is equally appealing to both the kids and adults. As it has the elements of amusement and entertainment for both. If you are one of those people who thinks who would play such kind of games then just search for how many people play with legos.

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