9 Best android apps to learn Spanish on phone (in 2020)

Best android apps to learn Spanish

Learning language other than your own doesn’t just expose you to new culture and people but also helps in better understanding your own. Though the best way to learn Spanish, is having a tutor who can teach you, face to face and one to one. But as having a private language tutor is a luxury most can’t have, here we will shed light on such apps that can be useful. These mentioned below are the best apps to learn Spanish with the least amount of time and money invested. May be not the best Spanish app for all OS but as far as the Android phones are concerned these nine are best android apps to learn Spanish.

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1- Learn Spanish

2- Memrise

3- Learn Spanish Offline

4- Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

5- Drops: Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish

6- Busuu: Language

7- Duolingo – Learn

8- Learn Spanish – Español

9-Learn languages Free – Mondly



Learn Spanish

  •       750 daily dialogues
  •       Right pronunciation & intonation
  •       For: listening & speaking

This Spanish learning app by Poro is very practical that emphasizes more on communicating with the native speaker. There are 750 dialogues related to daily routine situations like introductions, greetings, Family talks, shopping etc that helps you learn faster. Not just fast but accurate. As it also focuses on the intonation and pronunciation.

There is a playlist that allows you to learn Spanish while driving. Not just listening Spanish but can listen to it in the content that is more engrossing to you. It got stories for amusement and news for awareness. “Learning Spanish” also bears an interesting game to enable your learning while playing in the coffee que.

Learn Spanish app screenshot


  •       Community of 50 million
  •       30k native speaker videos
  •       For: Quick learning of casually speaking

Memrise is a big name when it comes to learning a new language. Not just Spanish, it can help you learn more than a dozen languages. Why become a bilingual when you can be multilingual with Memrise. The app is effective because of its practical approach of making practice as quick as possible, instead of just keep cramming words.

It focuses on three step learning with which learning Spanish for a beginner is not an uphill struggle. At first, there is this “Learn” step during which you will teach yourself lots of important daily routine words and phrases with the help of Memrise smart learning engine. After which comes “Immerse” step, in which you will expose yourself from the real-word audio and video content of the native speakers to understand their tone and pronunciation. The last and third one is “Speak”, now you start speaking to built up your confidence with the feedback of pronunciation sessions. This will not just improve your speaking skill drastically but will also help you overcome the hesitation we feel before speaking in front of a native.

Learn Spanish Offline

  •       Learn Spanish free & offline
  •       Phrase learning instead of word
  •       For: Offline & effortless learning

The philosophy of this app that we humans start learning our mother tongue in phrases instead of words. As phrases help us create a picture in mind that has meaning in it, thus easy to remember it. And there are some phrases we pronounce like as if we are saying a single word. Pause shouldn’t be taken while speaking such phrases otherwise you will be misunderstood.

The app has giant storage of 2000 most commonly used Spanish phrases. From greeting to shopping and from travelling to emergency this offline Spanish learning app encompasses multiple categories of phrases for a particular occasion. Enjoy free Spanish lessons with it and learn effortlessly.

Learn Spanish offline app screenshot


Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

  •       Grammar, games & Gossips
  •       Learn to talk quickly
  •       For: Personal couch to teach

Though SpeakTribe has almost all the benefits of a good Spanish learning app but makes it among the few and far better is it’s personal couch feature. Obviously it doesn’t come for free but there are users out there who want to learn Spanish fast in a very trouble-free way. And why shouldn’t it be numbered among the quick learning app as it proclaims to get you the hang of basic conversational Spanish in just 5 days.

The Spanish teachers will teach you whenever you want and at your desired pace. The app helps you get a deep understanding of it’s grammar, words and phrases. Games provide an engaging way of learning effortlessly. There is hardly any substitute for one to one human interaction when it comes to learning a new language and building up your confidence as a speaker. What’s most important is you can ask live questions about a particular phrase or sentence which you may have trouble finding or may take a lot of time searching.

Best android apps to learn Spanish

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Drops: Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish.

  •       Words learning games
  •       5 mint sessions
  •       For: Building vocabulary

Drops isn’t an app to help you become fluent in Spanish. It’s for building vocabulary with it’s captivating games and time efficient sessions. That allows you to attend a session everyday of the year. But there is no grammar, just time saving picture illustration learning. It highly depends on swiping and tapping instead of typing, so that can save time.

You can learn nearly 1700 words with this but can’t be relied only if you want to develop Spanish language skills. Actually it’s a fine vocabulary tool that can be used as a supplement in addition with some other apps mentioned in this lineup.


Busuu: Language

  •       Prep for travel
  •       Vocabulary and grammar
  •       For: conversational learning

Busuu is not just for Spanish but offers myriad popular languages around the globe. Learn French, Polish, Chinese, Arabic etc with the community of 100 million plus native speakers. Those who want to learn via frequent conversations, this is the app for them. Either it’s for your vacations or business trip, this app is designed to enhance your communication skills in desired language as quickly as possible.

It doesn’t just focus on memorizing a set of words or phrases but also helps you understand the Spanish grammar as well. Outstand language educational app for becoming a multilingual.

Best android apps to learn Spanish

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Duolingo – Learn

  •       Well rounded approach
  •       Track your progress
  •       For: Learning Listening, speaking, writing and reading

If this is not your first time falling for the idea of learning a new language then you probably already know Duolingo. It has the caliber of teaching 35 plus languages with great proficiency. However we will shed more light on it’s Spanish aspect.

This Free Spanish learning app is the best choose for those who want to master all areas of Spanish. It caters learning listening, speaking, reading and writing, rather then preparing you for a small conversation. Duolingo is peerless, especially for those want to learn Spanish for academic purpose. Being one of the most downloaded language app it know how to make learning easy, faster and longer remembered. Learn via game lessons each of the four areas and improve your vocabulary along with grammar. Designed be language experts and teaches via science-based methodology. Joined by more then 300 million users for sundry languages world wide.

Best android apps to learn Spanish


Learn Spanish – Español

  •       Mexican & European Spanish
  •       4 step levels
  •       For: Mexico vs Spain differences

Though it also emphasizes on all the areas (reading, writing, listening, speaking) of Spanish like Duolingo, yet what makes it distinctive is it’s teaching of difference in Mexico and Spain Spanish when it comes to pronunciation. These audio pronunciations are recorded by professional native narrators.

Also it has 4 levels, such as Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate. You can go for what suits your level best. With 520 lessons and bevy of relevant practice exercises you will learn with greater ease. Learn vocabulary, grammar in sentences where each word is linked with its explanation. Conversational and reading practice can be performed with news, email and interview questions, which is more feasible when it comes to usability of learned content.

Best android apps to learn Spanish


Learn languages Free – Mondly

  •       Speech recognizer
  •       Short lessons
  •       For: Tight schedule learners

Want to learn how to talk, listen, write and read in Spanish for your vacations in Spain or business trips, this is the way to go. Try to harness multiple language aspects without losing connection with execution of learning. It’s wonderful Speech recognition feature helps you correct your pronunciation and grammar mistakes.

Learn real-life phrases instead of isolated words that doesn’t stay too long in your memory. Because it’s the phrases and sentences that gives meaning to our words and draw a picture. Mondly knows it and therefore provides your with the luxzury of customized course to your learning pace.


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