20 Best Android Games Free to Play With Pros & Cons (2021)

20 Best Android Games Free to Play With Pros & Cons (2021)

We don’t know for sure if this list of games can be labeled as the best Android games out there. But surely they are the best you can get for free, with no or non-mandatory in-app purchases. These really are the best Android games free to play, especially when most of us are staying at home.

Though time doesn’t seems much precious if you can’t leave home but you don’t either want to waste it downloading and playing stupid games in search of a great game. Especially when we have done it for you.

These aren’t just top free android games but the one have comparatively better gameplay, storyline and graphic style. The Specialty of this blog post lies in the diversity of game genres, it exhibits. From “JRPG” to “Car racing and “Puzzle” to “First person shooter, it got it all covered. 


1- Dragon Hills

2- The Simpsons: Tapped Out

3- Rebel Inc

4- Modern Combat 5

5- Brawl Stars

6- Critical Ops

7- Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

8- Vainglory

9- Another Eden

10- PUBG

11- Pokémon GO

12- Call of Duty: Mobile


14- Alto’s Odyssey

15- Last Day on Earth: Survival

16- Cover Fire

17- Mekorama


19- Asphalt 9: Legend

20- Drag’n’Boom




Dragon Hills

Gameplay:8  Storyline:7.5, Graphics style:7.5

Genre: Endless-runner style side-scroller

ConsA little bit repetitive

Pros: Adrenaline rushing, Highly captivating

Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills

Starting out with it’s storyline, which is a traditional fairy-tale tower incarceration of a princess named Mia. But don’t think that princess Mia is waiting for some prince charming to rescue him because she’s gonna do it herself. How? With her fire breathing dragon. After breaking out with her dragon now she is all set for the vengeance. Moving the dragon under and above the ground in a continuous up down wiggly path. With the havoc for knights, villages and castles no opponent can match, while gathering coins on the ground surface.

To make it dive hold the tap and as you will leave it raises on the surface tearing the ground. But coordinating your diving pattern with enemies and volcano pools to escape and coins to collect is a bit tricky. As being a fast pace game your wild guesses about reaching a point by observing the moment is what makes this knights and gold scavenging intriguing. The coins can provide you with the bevy of superlative weapons, armors and massive power ups.

Team with thrilling boss fights, leaderboard to join friends and exquisite splendid graphics style. This game has it all heart pumping adventure at lightning speed. Offers better enemies, unseen terrain with weather everytime you reach a new milestone.  

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Gameplay:8.5  Storyline:7.5 Graphics style:7.5

Genre: City-building

Cons: Need internet, Makes in-app purchases super tempting

Pros: To a fault addictive, So many characters, Voices & dialogues as original, Monstrous updates.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Same as the Tv show, the “Tapped Out” has been a huge success on the part of EA. Undoubtedly this Simpsons based game with ground shattering popularity is one of the best free Android games out there. The game being a city building allows you to rebuild Springfield, the way you want. But because it is a city building game, it doesn’t mean the developers haven’t paid attention to the details like characters, dialogues, voice of characters etc. In fact, for most characters, like Homer the voice is played by the same actors. Even the dialogues convey the same humor and mood as does in the TV show. Though there isn’t much talking, but whatever it has, is brilliantly played.

The storyline is quite gripping where Homer wipes out the whole Springfield because of his blunder at the city Nuclear Plant. Now it’s your job to help out Homer to make Springfield live again. Choose characters such as Lisa and Brat, then dress them. There are plenty of Simpsons characters in the game, from Marge to Fat Tony, almost every audience’s favorite. You can dress the selected characters in nine different styles. Though the game is totally free, you can have in-app purchase stuff like donuts. Why donuts? Because donuts is the currency they use in Springfield. As a matter of fact it may take an average player months to collect four dozen donuts, you can buy nearly 17 donuts for about $1. Don’t know if there is any price fluctuation but that’s the regular exchange rate for Springfield. However donuts are offered in trays instead of single one.

Even after years of it’s release, this game is admirable for continuing acquiring new players and keeping older ones. The gameplay is full of never ending updates for Springfield like Halloween and Krustlyland, therefore it may take eternity if you can even thinking about ending it.

But let us tell you one important thing, the game is extremely addictive therefore also proclaimed as “Life-ruiningly fun” even by the developers of this game on Google Playstore. To get a better idea, you must watch the video given below. The spectacularity of this game may compel us to write a few pages about it but what we can say is, it’s the perfectly crafted playable clone of the animated Tv show “The Simpsons”.  




Rebel Inc

Gameplay:8.5  Storyline:8 Graphics style: 7

Genre: Simulation (Insurgency)

Cons: At times get too difficult for no reason

Pros: Advance level simulation, Extremely engaging, different dimensions of gameplay, Fine strategic depth.

Rebel Inc

Rebel Inc

An insurgency simulation with sophisticated algorithms and layers of tactical & diverse dimensional gameplay. Rebel Inc is among the top-notch in this roster when it comes to the most recent titles with freemium plans.

The storyline depicts the situation of a state where war has recently terminated and now the government has to maintain peace along with development. Government has to manage civilian and military priorities, while suppressing any insurgency. The game starts with you as the governor has to manage between different factors such as, financial budget, stability, inflation and reputation.

This gameplay might sound simple but it’s not. In Fact the game is notoriously difficult. You as the governor have to provide the civilians with facilities of health, education, sanitation etc, whereas insurgencies can affect other vital factors like reputation. Therefore along with focusing on raising economical growth, policies, legislations, public projects, peace have to be made with the help of your state military. Game starts getting on your nerves when there will not be enough military support to control rebellion uprising at different locations of the map. You can ask for the help of host militias and foreign allies’ military support but any miscalculation while doing so can make the situation worse than before. Such warlords may join hands with insurgents and may also harass the local population. Take each step that matches you close to perfect strategy to take down the rebels and make them come to table for negotiation.

Rebel Inc accouterments include smartest artificial intelligence and algorithms that make this game revolves around complex circumstances, like reality. Even with so complicated gameplay the game requires no internet connection. Use your brain juice to juggle the resources. There are 7 regions and funds allotment, like it does in real state’s scenario. Tutorials will make you learn this brilliant strategic simulation with impressive ease. In-app purchases can be super tempting but nothing will stop you to play it as a free game.

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Modern Combat 5

Gameplay:8  Storyline:7.5 Graphics style:8.5

Genre: Multiplayer FPS

Cons: Even single player can’t play offline, Controls lack precision

 Pros: Online multiplayer mode, 9 different classes to choose unit, Fast match making

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 sounds like quite a choice with graceful graphics, compelling storyline and absorbing gameplay. Though you may not feel extremely satisfied with it’s touch screen controls, which lack precision. However it’s an overall good choice to be classified as “Best android games, free to play”.

You, as a soldier fighting against terrorists and dystopia is their ideal future plan for the world. Albeit the story line wouldn’t unfold at once but in several different missions. In the story mode you go through different missions at locations like temples and metropolitan areas. Here you will discover the motives of the terrorist army you are resisting to take control. You will increase your skill points by selecting the best soldiers among the 9 given classes, in exchange of skill points. All the classes will not be available at first like the secondary ammunition and multiple guns. You have to go further to have a unit from these diverse classes.

This multiplayer first-person shooter offers multiple modes and gaming styles. Either enjoy as a single player in Solo play mode or join friends online in team play. Either way you will need the internet. If internet connectivity goes off even for a few seconds the game will stuck and will reconnect to resume. In different “squad vs squad” matches you can relish game types such as, “team death match” or “capture the flag”. What makes it unrivalled is the playing styles exhibited in this fps. From Assault to sniper and from bounty hunter to x-1 Morph, you can make the choice concordance to your taste. Where as far as the controls are concerned, fps on touch-screen, you can’t blame the makers. Yet experience can be improved with the controllers.




Brawl Stars

Gameplay:8  Storyline:1 Graphics style:8

Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Cons: Little bit clumsy

 Pros: Lot’s of modes, Consistent upgrading, Can turn off In-app purchase

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has everything one can expect from a game like Clash of Clan & Clash Royale. For it belongs to the same makers. It’s continuous progression will satisfy your urge of new gameplay experience, while it’s prodigious numbers of fans make it’s multiplayer battle shooting matchless. In-App purchases can be turned off if you don’t even like the option to buy. This makes it a stellar MOBA which is totally free to play.

The game has simple and effective controls, as you do only two things unstoppable, walking and shooting. However some players don’t like it’s slow-moving element but it doesn’t make the game unamusing. You will make a collection of gems or stars which depends upon the mode you are playing. Some say it misses the suspense element of the endgame unlike in Clash Royale.

There is Gem Mode, where you will compete with other teams. The goal is to collect as many gems as you can without getting all of your team members killed before the opponents. In Royale mode you will play with 10 players instead of a few dozens (usually in other modes). This mode can be played solo or with just one of your friends. There are other super riveting modes like “Heist” and ‘Brawl Ball” where your brawlers will play action-packed soccer without the fear of any red card. The team that makes two scores first will win the match. With the points you earn from these matches can help you buy eye-catching skins and unlock new brawlers with discrete super powers.

It’s extremely neat, elegant isometric graphics are cherry on the top. With nonstop supply of gameplay activities like daily and special events, one can’t get done with the game no matter how long you play. Brawl Stars consistently provides new upgrades of brawlers, maps, modes, events and skins. Along with elating features like joining a band and regional leaderboard.





Critical Ops

Gameplay:8  Storyline:4.5 Graphics style:8

Genre: FPS (First Person Shooter)

Cons: Online only, Bad internet connection can cause latency

Pros: Skill-based matchmaking, Available on Facebook Gameroom, Quick to setup a match

Critical Ops

Critical Ops

Those who have ever played Counter Strike can get a more firm idea about the game. As the storyline, gameplay and some other aspects are quite similar to CS. This multiplayer First-person shooter is an apple of eye, for those hunting fps with no or least numbers of ads and IAPs. Because it literally has no in-app purchases for providing an equal playing field for shooter enthusiasts.

As mentioned earlier, akin to Counter Strike you either play as terrorist or counter-terrorist in the game. Especially if you join a game host for a multiplayer team match. You have to choose an avatar for you and enter the name you would like to be known as in the game. Try to hurry up because you might not get enough time to pick your weapons. However apart from these private room host matches which you run with your friends (usually), guns of different colours & art designs are available too.

 If this sounds too complicated for a trilling match then don’t worry there is a lot to unfold yet. You can enjoy other modes that match your taste. Modes such as “Team death matches”, “Quick game” and “Defuse Challenges” are full of mind blowing action. You can play quickly in modes like Quick game or can also create a band of like minded players to fight in “Team death-match”. For “Team death-match” requires two teams to compete, while every player of each team keeps gear up throughout the round. When it comes to suspense and feel of chaotic pressure, Defuse challenge has no match. Where one team sets up booms and the other team has to defuse it.

Along with astoundingly superb details of sound, fantastic graphics, reasonable storyline and variety of weaponry, the game has no visual distraction of in-app purchases.




Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Gameplay:8.5  Storyline:7.5 Graphics style:7

Genre: RPG (MMO+Turn-based tactical)

Cons: Inconvenient controls, Story proceeds a bit slow

Pros: Character from different releases of series, multiplayer gameplay, strategic gameplay

Introduced as different genres, the game has elements of strategy and socialization. Sometimes recognized as tactical rpg and also as social rpg. It will be the blend of both. Bearing characters from a variety of Final Fantasy releases, the game has admirable depth to explore. Not just the characters but the diversity of character classes are here, along with the turn-based tactical battles, magic, items, towns and dungeons.

Storyline revolves around two knights, who play as protagonists. Whom have to take down their enemies in the court and battlefield. No doubt there is so much in the game in addition to the immense numbers of game levels, isn’t something to be surprised about. But there are great steps taken by designers to make sure you don’t feel lost. For beginners have to go through 14 different levels to gain the gripping of gameplay. And there are tutorials for that in the game.

Apart from the starting 14 mission, whacking numbers of characters will keep including into your game as to keep on going. As said earlier, instead of 14 missions which has  5 characters to compete in battle with, if we do not include any other helping character. The battles have this arrangement of turns for each character where one character gets into action meanwhile others can support it. As Supporting and Combating are the two most significant factors you have to balance between throughout the game.

With the progression you can decide whether to move towards multiplayer or single player aspects of the game. Everyway it’s largely absorbing.  

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Gameplay:7.5  Storyline:5.5 Graphics style:8.5

Genre: MOBA

Cons: Matchmaking isn’t perfect, No variety in maps

Pros: Exquisite graphics & intuitive Controls, Cross-platform matches, Impressive variety of character (16)



Cross-platform first-rate MOBA with astonishing strategic game play and without any price tag at all. Vainglory fame gained momentum with the lightning fast pace as it hit the market for the very first time. Fascinating presentability of extremely intuitive controls, along with splendid graphics and strikingly fine gameplay are the features immensely contributed to it’s gigantic fandom.

Game tutorials greeting you after the login takes place, makes sure you enjoy Vainglory without any muddling. Because of its humongous combination of characters, modes and each having novel strengths, it can make it a bit overwhelming for the first time player. As you enter this tactical MOBA world choose among the best of 16 characters, which you can have 48+ combinations of intense combats. The matchmaking isn’t limited to only mobile users but pc players can be your contender. However if you want to participate in battles with players you know, you better play in your party. After all it’s the familiar group of friends that adds the extra relishment of discussing the game later offline.

Whereas modes include 3v3, 5v5, along with special events. With Aral mode and Blitz mode, it makes the total of 4 clear cut modes to experience in Vainglory. With the battle point you can shop weapons, crystals, utilities etc. having particular use in the battles. Make sure you know what resources you better collect that match your combat style and strategy. Among all it’s intricate visual style, detail-oriented maps, responsive gameplay and community with 14 languages are the most prominent among all the features.




Another Eden

Gameplay:8.5 StoryLine:9 Graphic Style:8.5 (2D)

Genre: JRPG (Japanese Role-playing game)

Cons: Can’t be saved manually

Pros: Captivating storyline, lots of interesting characters, appealing visuals

Another Eden

Another Eden

The initial release of 2017 made it a phenomenon in Japan, and now it’s known as one of the world’s top JRPG, totally free of any price tag. EDEN has a pre-eminent storyline, where a young guard named Aldo has the responsibility to save humanity. The protagonist has to jump between distinctive time periods and space. Few other characters also join Aldo in his adventure for the noble cause.

The game is full of side quests, multiple stages and combat with creatures like dragons. The combats are turn-based, which will also be accompanied by four other characters. You can choose between the party of these four characters including Aldo and can switch between almost at any point of the battle. Though the throwbacks of scenes makes you feel it’s a bit repetitive but it bears gameplay juice to make the player engage engrossingly in the game.

EDEN has dungeons, wonderful soundtracks, startling characters, interesting storyline and everything that can make it worth your time.

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Gameplay:8.5  Storyline:2.5 Graphics style:8.5

Genre: Battle royale

Cons: Need first few games to get smooth with controls, During critical moments icons may feel get in the view

Pros: Quite similar to Pc version, Free to play, adrenaline rushing multiplayer shooting.

PUBG has managed to rule the mobile and Pc from the very first day of it’s release. The way it made it possible hasn’t been done by many. Largely because of it’s simplistic approach of providing exhilarating shooter gameplay without demanding any real money or flagship device. This free to play Battle royale game offers one of the most effortless controls as that of other mobile shooters out there. Though the controls has no match with its Pc counterpart but still quite smooth for phones.

Epically diverse modes clustered in this one single game. Where you can either have fun with “Payload mode”, “4v4 deathmatch”, “zombie mode” or “legendary 100-players classic mode”. 100-player is one of the most played in which survival shooting takes place and the champion is the last one standing.

The game starts with you as a mercenary in civilian clothes (if you have any in start). You jump from a plane and land on one of the maps displayed as the battle ground. You start the shooting after collecting any of the first weaponry to get your hands on. Shoot anyone you find if playing as solo or can get engaged into coordinated tactical shooting, using voice chat in team matches. As the game proceeds, better opportunities to collect advanced arsenal present themselves along with vehicles like cars to use. Battle point can be used to buy upgraded armaments, clothes and customizations.  

Floating fire button, 3d sound, decent graphics make battles really thrilling. Every map doesn’t just have a unique landscape but also different weather and day & night cycle. Maps include a wide range of terrestrial landscape, from urban settings to forests. This free to play game can be joined on Facebook and on different devices and operating systems. However as there is no such thing as perfect, but no doubt PUBG is one of its own kind gaming escapade.




Pokémon GO

Gameplay:8.7  Storyline:2.5 Graphics style: (Augmented Reality)

Genre: Augmented Reality (Location-based)

Cons: Can cause injury, Throwing Pokéball to catch Pokémon can be frustratingly challenging

Pros: Encourage physical activity (even during Convid19), Offline socializing element, Highly engaging 

Pokémon GO20 Best Android Games Free to Play With Pros & Cons (2021)20 Best Android Games Free to Play With Pros & Cons (2021)

Pokémon GO

Yes, Pokemon Go. You might be thinking what’s the point of reading about this game when I can’t get out of the home, then let us tell you, you don’t have to. Just keep reading and you know why. 

If you know what a PokéStops is, then you might know what Pokemon Go is and you better skip the next paragraphs and move to the last one. If not then it can be eye opening for someone scavenging for free android games.

Counted among the gaming pioneers who used augmented reality with great accuracy  and better than most expected. With effortlessly simple user interface, the gameplay feels like a real thing. To start with gameplay, Pokémon is what you have to catch as much as you can. After installation you will be in a dream virtual-world with some actual locations on your screen via GPS. You will start searching for Pokémon which you may stumbleupon while walking on the road or doing grocery shopping in the store. Maps may show signs if a Pokémon is near you. You may even find one in your own home. But when you find one you have to throw Pokéballs on it to catch the Pokémon. The Pokéball you throw has to land in the ring around Pokémon or you have to keep trying until it does. It can be a challenge sometime and frustrating when you are in a hurry. Once you catch it, you can name your Pokémon and can evolve it into more powerful avatar using candy in the game. Real life landmarks will be shown in the map of the game and you can go there to catch the Pokémon.

Pokémon Gym is the place you can challenge other Pokémon trainers and can participate in duels. These gyms are claimed by the group of players who have the most wins and to join one you have to be at least at level 5. So no gym before level 5. The contestant who wins the duel is usually the one with more powerful Pokémon but you can also win with some skills too, like dodging. Keep leveling up your Pokémon with the candy which you can also earn by catching more Pokémons of the same kind. Pokécoins are the currency in it and you can buy dozens of interesting items even using micro transactions.Don’t worry, if Convid-19 is getting into your way of trying this fabulous game. The game developers have launched the “Go Battle League” by which players can duel with any other player online around the globe and the one with 4 consistent winnings will have a Pokémon. The distance tracking has also been considered by the makers to track the short distances of indoor steps and will soon bring this update on the game. Now you can earn rewards doing your indoor daily chores. Another new feature called “Remote Raid Pass” can allow you to play with your friend by sending messages on social media. It has adapted well to this new circumstances to keep their hard earned users entertained.





Call of Duty: Mobile

Gameplay:9  Storyline:1 Graphics style:10

Genre: FPS (First Person Shooter)

Cons: Too much advertisement, needs good wi-fi connection

Pros: Comfortable controls for mobile, Modern warfare, In FPS + TPS

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Currently known as the most popular free FPS available on mobile. Call of Duty has overpowered all of its competitors by serving more intriguing gameplay, modern weaponry and visually idyllic graphics. The game is packed with mind-blowing action and techniques & tools for advanced warfare.

More than 5 battle modes adds into the already exciting hours of endless gameplay. Modes including “Team death-match”, “Hard point”, “Front line”, “Domination” and many more, provide variety where there is something for everyone. Most discussed among the shooter gaming fans is Royal battle, where 100 players start the battle and the last survivor is the winner. More riveting fact about Royal battle is you can play with great gusto along your any four friends as a team, duo or even alone. The point one earns from the precise shooting can be used to buy better ammunition and loadouts. Stuff like sprays, weaponry, skins and loot boxes can be bought and even can be earned by watching an ad.

The never ending modes of game makes you explore further, sweet spots (of modes) for you. Multiplayer battles become more enjoyable when you do the  voice & text chatting with your friends. If you don’t like to jump into a Royal battle of 100 players, 5 vs 5 team matches can be the right  choice for the edge of your seat thrill. You can play sniper vs sniper matches, if you want more of sniper gameplay then just regular rounds. Elements like ranked mode, clean prizes, modern commando avatars, scorestreaks and war armory such as PDW-57 makes it an exceptional phenomenal mobile shooter.





Gameplay:8  Storyline:1  Graphics style:8.5

Genre: Fighting game sports

Cons: Career mode can be a bit repetitive, Less variation in different modes

Pros: Great controls for a mobile game, Tactical fights, phenomenal graphics and super engaging.



Not a “button masher” at all. Instead a mixed martial arts experience with diverse but intuitive controls for the special arsenal of moves it has. An Electronic Art’s masterpiece of the best mobile fighting game, which offers mobile version of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

A free mobile game android user can show zest to but have In-app purchases, which you can turn off as you start. The game outsets you as a fighter with very basic fighting moves and abilities. As you continue fighting and winning it, your skill set as a fighter grows as well. You have to choose between 70 fighters belonging to one of the four divisions. The four divisions include Heavyweight, lightweight , Middleweight and flyweight. Fighters can compete out of their divisions. The fights rise as champions and help you unlock new opponents, win gold coins and enhance your abilities. As the fights are simple in the beginning but get tougher as you climb up the career hierarchy. 

This 3d fighting game bears the best controls you can have for such a game on mobile touchscreen. To “punch”, tap, to “dodge”, swipe backwards, for “power shots” swipe diagonal, to “block” put two fingers on screen, many more such easy to follow moves. You can also throw superman punches, kicks, keens and some few other strikes too. However if you over power your opponent by keeping him on ground, you have to keep him there by delivering well timed hits. These hits should match the timing of a bar that will appear on your screen once your rival reaches the ground.

Jaw dropping graphics, special live events and a huge list of top-notch real life fighters like Dennis Siver, Donald Cerrone, Gray Maynard, Eddie Wineland and Chan Sung Jung.

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Alto’s Odyssey

Gameplay: StoryLine:5 Graphic Style:9.5 (2D)

Genre: Endless Runner (snowboarding)/ Platform game

Cons: The night and day cycle can be distracting

Pros: 180 action-packed goals, Engaging but relaxing game play, Visually pleasing

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey

You might be wondering (Or may be not) why this game is placed among the games claimed to be best free games?, while staring it’s storyline rating. Because storyline has never been the strength of the endless-runner genre. Or even if it were, this game would have still been able to secure its position in the list. For it has serenely idyllic visuals that doesn’t just enhance gameplay engagement but also soothe your nerves. It’s simple sublime graphics style provides you with premium visual experience.

The game is about Alto, who is a shepherd skateboarding to rescue his escaped llamas. But it’s not that easy as racing down mountains through woodlands, snowy villages and deep canyons. He will come across different obstacles and weather conditions. Alto doesn’t just have to jump over rocks and chasms but has to escape from the mountain elders chasing him on the horses every now and then. Sometimes it gets so dark at night that it feels next to impossible to see anything.

What adds into the gameplay is engrossing goals of collecting items like coins, power ups, feathers and magnets with action-packed tricks. Tricks such as back flip, grinding over roofs and bunting can help you win top ups of points. Using coins you can buy a new skateboard, like the one with better speed so you can do double backflips or can buy premium items like wingsuit to fly over veterans of mountains and gorges.




Last Day on Earth: Survival

Gameplay:8  Storyline:7.5 Graphics style:8

Genre: Survival rpg

Cons: It takes a bit long to get completely familiar, Energy system limits gameplay

Pros: Encompasses different aspects of survival, Non-repetitive flexible gameplay, PvP element, Online Multiplayer feature

A very rare survival RPG or you can say survival sandbox, which isn’t super popular but also one of the best android games, free to download and play.

 The game depicts a post-zombie apocalyptic world where fighting zombies and fulfilling your physiological needs is what matters most. This is 2027 and almost all the world population has turned into zombies, except few survivors. You are one of those survivors. In the initial stages you have to make sure you make arrangements for the next meal on time. But as you proceed you will encounter advanced challenges in the forms of boss zombie creatures and rival survivals. But soon you will surpass this level of just worrying about food and basic hygiene. You have to gather weapons, vehicles, other resources, and have to craft stuff you need further in the game.

As you level up everytime you will be given a blueprint to face danger for securing your future. But what determines your level of expertise, is to make the right decision before going for a challenge or fight. But factors are relevant in this game, decision making is the ability you ‘ll need most. Like if you want to do better crafting you will need furniture for that and for furniture you have to spend time doing tasks that can get you the furniture for it.

You wouldn’t be alone, in fact hardly completely alone. Because besides the dog you have as pet, other survivors will trespass your shelter and you have to intrude theirs for survival. Therefore you have to place traps around your base and will even breed your pet for better task achievement.

This game is also known as MMORPG because of it’s multiplayer element. Which you can get involved in by going through the wall in the West of your map. Other exciting variables that change the total equation include, energy system, revenge raids, banker as Zombie dungeons etc.  

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Cover Fire

Gameplay:8  Storyline:6.5 Graphics style:8.5

Genre: Offline Shooter

Cons: Limited number of missions, Some modes are easy to master

Pros: Offline gameplay, Intuitive aiming controls, interactive environment

Cover Fire

Cover Fire

This without any price tag, totally free offline shooting game is at your service, with striking graphics, intuitive aiming controls, sundry modes and modern warfare arsenal. One of the best offline shooting games with 3d sniper experience, online multiplayer play and lineup of mercenaries characters for your assassin squad in a variety of landscapes.

You are resisting against the military force of Tetracorp which include elite soldiers, special forces, mechs (giant robots) and even tanks. Each mode has it’s speciality of gameplay. There is story mode, online tournament mode, campaign mode and Sniper FPS Black Ops. The Campaign mode contains 11 chapters each about encountering bad guys. Whereas story mode has 60 action packed missions. Sniper FPS Black Ops is a survival mode where killing one enemy will be equal to 3 seconds, keep hitting the target to survive till the end. Zombie mode is another newly introduced mode, in fact zombies are more adrenaline pumping then any machine gun holding enemy.

Military weaponry such as grenades, sniper rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, assault rifles are all there on which you can get your hands on. However, it’s not the heavy guns but the smart controls that make them smooth for mobile touch screens. With each battle you win and mission you complete, comes unlocking of new exciting stuff. Such as the recruitment of proficient mercenaries in your assassin squad. Every soldier possesses novel skills like hacking or gunslinging. Compete in a variety of terrains, including deserts to urban locations.




Gameplay:8  Storyline:3 Graphics style:7.5

Genre: Puzzle, Minigame

Cons: Can find it difficult to get desired view point

Pros: Multitudinous engaging levels, Hint system and sophisticated physics.  



Mekorama is one of it’s kind, visually pleasant puzzle feast that has a calming pace of gameplay. The game is about guiding a lumber, cute robot to reach its home. Each level has a red dot as the end line you must reach, but vertical gaps, blocks and other obstacles add into the challenging experience it offers. To move the robot you will tap at the square you want it to be. Spinning the screen right and left is the way to look at the hidden dimensions of the structure, you are wandering on.

Teamed with 50 levels and sophisticated physical hurdles makes you think creatively but never gives you a heart pumping adventure though. This actually adds into its addictiveness. As the proceeding levels can be a bit mind-boggling but that’s the very reason why we play puzzle games.

 It has bad-guys’ robots as your enemies in the later stages. There is no doubt high spatial intelligence will come handy here (of course if we already have it), for it’s technically a spatial puzzle game. Free from any violence, obscenity, bad-language and totally free to play puzzles. Its as a matter of fact, best suited for kids.

It’s gameplay amusement far surpasses any others in this puzzle genre. But it has this built-in level building option for players, which you can get access and play. Or can create your own level, in this fine 3D visually elegant puzzle.

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Gameplay:8.5  Storyline:8 Graphics style:6.5

Genre: 2D racer

Cons: Few levels are unbelievably tough

Pros: Many turning points in storyline, Keeps you captivating with new ideas, It’s more like the Asteroids with racing.



Data Wing is a racing adventure with arcade feel of intuitive two-touch controls. This 2d racer has phenomenal storyline and too good for mobile gameplay.

The game starts out, you as the “Data Wing” who transfers data from one point to another in a computer system. You one day notice that the system is a bit out and the instructions you are receiving doesn’t sound rational. But you come to know it in a very dramatic way. And so is the   2 hours plus long storyline, with a narrator delivering blunt dialogues.

Same as, it’s storyline, the gameplay is also unparalleled. It’s simple to play controls doesn’t let it’s physical efficiency dwindle in any way.  As far as the basic goes, touch right for Right, left for Left, and tap both sides for brake. But what’s entrancing is the way your triangle vehicles interact with the environment. It shows inertia when you hit the brakes and this is the determinant which makes it drift. You can also get some real thrilling boost via abrading your vehicle by the edges of your track. As you go further you meet new characters like the malware, who are your enemies in disguise.

If you have some real skills then they may show up in the leaderboard. It also has its own competitive crown system and courses. This story driven racer is in reality the best android game free to play, without any ads, In-app purchases or hidden agenda. Data Wing is the stylish neon racer that has smooth and swift intuitive steering, thanks to it’s two-touch controls. One of the top-notch 2d racer with 40+ levels that deserves your gaming time.



Asphalt 9: Legend

Gameplay:8.5 Storyline:1 Graphics style:10

Genre: Arcade racing (car)

Cons: Too unrealistic, few too short races

 Pros: Exceptional graphics, Endless races (career mode)

Stupendous visuals, majestic cars and out of the ordinary number of races, Asphalt Legends has almost everything now-a-days car racing enthusiasts love to experience. Belonging from one of the most popular racing game series on mobile, “Legends” is free to play. However you can progress faster with In-app purchases, but it’s an option not a compulsion. Especially if an enormous number of races is something you like, otherwise it can make you frustrate, for there are 60 seasons and nearly 800 racing events.

You unlock cars from 5 different categories, one by one via earning Blueprints after races. These blueprints are cards that help you unlock diverse categories of cars. From tuners to exotic hyper-cars like Lamborghini, you can have a line-up of nearly 50 astounding supercars.

The touch drive feature is sometimes criticized by users for being peculiar and over efficient. But maybe the success secret of this arcade lies in not being too close to reality. Instead providing a sense of speed and extravaganza of action-thriller for amusement of the player. In the game you have to catch “NOS” fill ups, respond to ramps and over power rivals by a 360 stunt.

The game has so much to offer to keep you engaged for epic length of hours. Multiplayer races (7 players), online community (of your own) and never ending challenges.





Gameplay:8.5  Storyline:6.5 Graphics style:7

Genre: 2D Arcade

Cons: Shooting controls may feel unresponsive sometime.

Pros: Animated but good style graphics, Gripping gameplay, Slow motion feature



In this story you are on the side of a monster instead of the savior hero. You as a rebel teenage dragon destroying medieval cities in the search of name and power. You have to annihilate whatever comes into your way, as the more eradication of the cities you do the more gold you gather, and the greater pile of gold you store the more powerful you will be.

Along with it’s out of the ordinary storyline, the controls are also atypical. There are two parts of the controls Right and Left. Left side deals with the direction while right with the shooting. You can do a remarkable series of moves, jump, fly and can charge the target with the left side of the screen. Once the target is in your reach, ransack and burn with the controls on the right hand side. For better precision and accuracy in shooting the fire ball use slow motion effect.

Collecting gold will help you unlock new powers and you will become more of a legendary dragon about whom stories are written about. Take pleasure in it’s more than 50 levels with medieval times civilizations and warriors. This isn’t a solo flight to compete with your friends. The higher one scores the better competitor he will be considered and will secure the highest spot in the leader board. Relish this combination of old school arcade and speed, as it is something far beyond fun time.

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