Top 2D Games For Android Fans

2D Games Android

Although 3D games are better in visual experience but even then 2D has its own plus point. For gamers, 2D especially one with the animated graphics are really popular. In the recent past, we have seen that simple platform are far more popular than any 3D. Famous such as Angry birds, Candy Crush and Flappy Bird are great example of it.

2D games are more liked by Android users for being less complicated in use than other games. For the constantly increasing love for these, we have named some of the best available on the Play Store.


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Panda Jack


  • Panda as leading character
  • Jump to avoid enemies
  • 2D platformer

Panda jack seems based on the animated movie Kung Fu Panda Movie but its one. The panda has to collect the rings while moving towards end of the level and while doing he will be encountered with the enemies. The twisted part is that the panda has to jump over the enemies to defeat him.

Although it sounds quit simple yet it is one of the most addictive and bit frustrating when it comes to completion of the level. Panda jack is simple 2D which any gamer would love no matter which age they belong to. But that’s not all, in the end the panda has to deal with the tiger claw who is a very bad guy.



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[appbox googleplay com.noodlecake.mikeyshorts]

Mikey Shorts


  • Coin collecting game
  • 5+ surroundings
  • 80+ stages

Mikey shorts is a wonderful experience in which you do mostly running and sliding. Although it is not 3D like the famous Temple Run but it can be proven as a great time passer when it comes to doing it with a game. In this, your work is to collect as many coins as you can. And your performance will be gauged by the number of the stars you will receive at the end of the level.

You can get 3 out of 3 stars if played the level with great concentration. Mikey has several interesting levels with reasonable difficulty. It never let you bore while you are using your android phone. The prominent feature of this, it avows 80 different levels but it is not the best part. Its best part is that it is free.

2d platformer game
Noodlecake Studios Inc


[appbox googleplay com.frogmind.badland]



  • Environment of forest
  • Searching traps in the woods
  • 100 levels

It is being really a hot topic for its unique approach as a game platform in itself. The Badland just does not focus on the entertainment part but also has greater creative as that of any other. In it, there are about 100 levels you can enjoy while 23 of them are available on multiplayer mode. But let me tell you that it is not popular for all this but for the novel feature using which you can create your own level.

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[appbox googleplay com.droidhen.turbo]

Turbo kids


  • 2D shooting
  • Shoot bullets that freeze the enemies
  • Matches to compete


This is a non-violent shooting game designed for Android gamers of all ages. It has exchanged the deadly atmosphere of a shooting with more fun and amusing one. Obviously it would have kids as shooting characters who would exchange the fire but the bullets would shed blood instant either they freeze the opponent or trap them. And can do other interesting thing.

You have two things to do jump and shoot. Both done at the right time will make you winner at the end. Turbo kids has a small journey which you have to carry out along with these shooting and jumping. It also allows you to learn different skills and update your items. For every mood of gamers, a specific mode is available in that such as Career, time and journey mode. It also bears many levels with attractive environment but the levels are based on the seasons. A pretty exciting plays especially only one of some handful designed for kids.


[appbox googleplay com.snkplaymore.android003]

Metal Slug Defense


  • Four players to participate
  • Dozens of shooting missions
  • Real & fictional guns


Metal slug defense has come again to rules the heart of metal slug fans. This amazing game has returned with much more what it used to have, but with the same fighting spirit. It has now a theme of epic battle which includes aliens, and robots too. Its huge number of the character is divided into five armies. The total number of characters game present number in 200.

It also added different modes where each one can compete with the others. The characters and the graphics are either designed 2D but contain tiny details which make it interesting. While it is also admired for its simple controls which avoid all the hustle a gamer can encounter while playing it on Android device.


[appbox googleplay mominis.Generic_Android.Ninja_Chicken]

Ninja Chicken


  • Make chicken play as ninja
  • 25+ levels
  • Use ninja style items


As you can get the idea from the name, the Ninja Chicken is about the story of a chicken in which it realizes that it is a no common chicken but a deadly ninja. It may sound funny but that what’s the purpose of the game. The chicken now has set on a journey where it has to face several different obstacles such as cactus, and the hurdles to complete its mission.

There are many missions in each level while the number of level is 30 in the game. You will also have to collect the coins, walnuts and eggs which will be shown on the top of the screen.

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