Best PlayStation (Ps1) emulators for Android

Best PlayStation (Ps1) emulators for Android

If you had been a PlayStation console owner, you would know about the crazy it had when introduced for the very first time. However the ground shattering success of PlayStation 1 changed the world of video game consoles forever. But here we are not discussing the timeline of PlayStation History, yet about reviving the same childhood experience, on your current Android device.

Fortunately there are a couple of astounding PlayStation emulators for Android you can see on Play store that can provide you with the same childhood experience once was everything for you. These emulators are fully secured and work on every Android phone & tablet with no difficulty.

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EmuBox – Fast Retro Emulator

  • first multi-emulator with Material Design
  • supports up to 20 save slots for each rom
  • Play with external controller

EmuBox is one of the best PSX (PS1) emulators out there as it was the first multi-emulator with material design. Along with PlayStation it’s a NDS, SNES, NES, GBA and as well as GBC emulator. It comes with a save state and can load up to 20 save slots. It also supports external controllers for both Bluetooth and plug in gamepad. Play fast forward, take screen shots or modify your emulator settings for better performance.



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  • remap able controllers
  • support cheat codes
  • 80+ programs

The RetroArch is a top notch emulator that has conspicuous menu. From remap able controls to multi-language support it has everything what a great PSX emulator can provide. The user can scan files and directories to add more into the game system collection. Due to the ability to support multi-platforms it becomes a bit complex for the one using such emulator for the very first time. But once you get use to it, you hardly ever feel the need to switch on for your PS games.



ePSXe for Android

  • Have split screen feature
  • Support hardware controllers
  • Designed for phones and tablets

It is named among the best by all the PlayStation emulator geeks out there. Known for its breathtaking graphics due to OpenGL API. You can have fun on it either using the by default controllers or with hardware game pad for it also supports hardware controllers. It’s the apple of eye of all emulator fans because of it’s high compatibility and the speed it provides. Having this emulator is one of the excellent uses for increasingly powerful phone’s processors.

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FPse for Android devices

  • One of fastest and compatible
  • Exceptional graphics due to OpenGL
  • Bears save states and 3 different menu

It has all those features what make an emulator phenomenon the FPse can be your favorite emulator if you give it a try. Because of OpenGL the emulator provides best possible graphics to it’s users along with more convenient features like save state and support upto 10 different game pads. Its also has gun emulation for those who are really into PS shooting games. Though it can support controllers of PS3, PS4 and XBOX360 yet there still need improvement in their emulation. FPse has no match for multiplayer gaming because of it’s LAN mode and  multiplayer mode using which 4 devices can connect together, where 1 device act as screen while 3 others as wireless gamepad.



Best PlayStation (Ps1) emulators for Android


ClassicBoy (Emulator)

  • Free and paid version (LITE)
  • Support 8 different console emulation even in LITE version
  • Support PS3, XBOX360 and MOGA are supported.

ClassicBoy (Emulator) is a master key in the world of gaming emulation for Android. From PlayStation1 to Sega Genesis it supports 8 different consoles emulation but as we are talking about PSX (Ps1) we will stick to things that involve it’s PlayStation game play. The graphic buttons it provides has ample option for editing to suit your taste. Support external Joysticks/keyboard input via keyboard mapping. Along with graphic buttons it has customization options for game video size. If you are playing your childhood favorite and suddenly have to turn off your game, don’t worry with its auto-save state it save the game you have played. However the state auto-save feature is available for Full version (paid one) but with auto-load and slot load you can also enjoy gesture and sensor controllers.

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PS3 Emulator For Android to Run PS3 Games on Android