After the release of several different previews of Android 9 Pie, this latest version is about to unfold completely. Android Pie has come with some pretty impressive features and such huge number of updates, haven’t done after the Lollipop version of Android. 9 Pie is about three basic categories of features: Intelligence, Simplicity and Digital wellbeing.

Your new 9 Pie OS is an Android version that will get used to you instead of you getting used to it. Intelligence is a feature of this new OS that will get adapt to your user behavior and set the usage preferences according to your habits of phone usage. It’s most part is AI. Whereas Digital Wellbeing is about you supervising and overseeing your overall phone usage, it helps you controlling your own usage behavior. While the third one is Simplicity, it’s about the way you view things on your Android phone.

So let’s dig into these three categories of feature updates and see which one are the best features among all these three.



The Adaptive Brightness feature is a next level thing of auto-brightness. As it observes your adjusted level of brightness in different light intensities along with it, it detects the light of the surrounding itself and combining the two automatically changes your screen brightness not just according to the light but also by keeping in view your personal preference.

For the initial usage you just need to keep the settings on auto-brightness and it will gradually adapt to your preferences. It’s adaptive brightness is so efficient that it keeps the brightness level where you can read the screen but not where it consumes the battery unnecessarily, not even in the sun. This feature makes the phone use faster for you don’t have to change the brightness in different surroundings but also prevents your eyes from such harmful level of light.





Wi-Fi Round Trip Time (Wi-Fi RTT) means a system facilitates users to track their location with in a building. An indoor navigation with a map of the infrastructure you are moving in. Just imagine how easy it would be to find your friends in the college campus or your family members in the mall when you go shopping with them and everyone wants to look for different items & shops.

This feature is so amazing and new that at first it makes us wonder, can GPS work with in meters of an area and can locate one precisely. It’s really cool for many of us because it gives you the feel as if you are in a “secret agent” movie.

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Battery is something that literally limits the use of our phone. For there are many apps that can work with equal efficiency when offline but no app can run when your phone is dead. Here new Adaptive battery feature comes in!

The new Android 9 Pie will learn your using habits and will not let waste much of your battery on the apps you don’t use often. It also makes sure that the apps in the background don’t consume much of your valuable battery juice. Though it may delay to show notifications of those apps you don’t use much, however it does so because you don’t need those notifications very urgently at the first place.




Bluetooth isn’t the feature we are excited about but the number of devices you can connect to. One can connect upto 5 devices at a time where as previously your Android phone could connect to only 2 at a time. Not that’s it, you can switch between them easily. If these devices are speakers, one in your room other in your car and so on, the 9 Pie will remember the volume of each device so it doesn’t play the song in full volume when you first connect it with the device via Bluetooth.

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This isn’t the name of the feature but an overall quality of secure user experience it provides. By secure we mean really secure.

The Android 9 Pie will have HTTPS by default for all apps, which is an internet protocol. Unlike HTTP it is encrypted and makes sure the app you are exchanging data with has a secure server. And that’s not all which makes it more secure.

It also makes sure the apps in the background don’t have access to mic and camera if you are not using them currently, even if you had allowed them the access perviously. If you are not using the app currently it can’t have the access to your phone’s mic and camera. And if an app needs access to Wifi location, call log, connection information or phone number it have to receive explicit permission from you. With all these new precautionary measures you less have to worry about your privacy and data protection.






It is one of the most amazing features of new 9 Pie that allows users to see how much time they have spent daily on each app. Along with it how many times they have unlocked their phones and other things like that. Why it’s so good and important? Because it is one of those things that help you to stop using your phone when you shouldn’t and improves those areas of your life, have nothing to do with your phone. By taking action concordance to the stats dashboard shows, you can turn the screen grey when in bed, so you don’t keep stick with the phone’s screen when you are supposed to sleep for the next day. You can also change the way it shows notifications.




Sounds like a 9 Pie feature? Because it is. Slices is a feature that will save your lot of time by providing you some quick shortcuts. Suppose you search for “Lyft” on Google, the phone will automatically show you slices like book a ride for work or book a ride for home etc. In this way you will be able to do things like booking a ride with in far lesser tabs. This help you get things done on your Android really fast.




Instead of three buttons on the home screen 9 Pie will have only one, like iPhone X. You can swipe this single home button to view recent apps or by sliding left and right you can quickly switch between apps on your phone. Though it may take some time for you to get used to it but soon you will know how much time saving it is.

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Apps actions is another AI marvel of the Pie, which provide options not just related to your frequent usage but also the time of the day you use it most often. Which means if you use specific app in the evening, it will automatically show very specific options related to that app in the evening, thus saves your time to go through all the in between steps. Many of these App actions will change with the time of day and will appear in app drawer under the top most rows of apps.



All these features haven’t launched at the same time and for the all the Android phones. Your phone may take some time to get upgrade for all these 9 Pie features, but first you have to make sure that your phone is providing update for 9 Pie, if you already have an Android Phone.



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