Nokia 9 PureView, “The first five camera phone”

Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView has raised excitement among the Android phone users with it’s 5 rare cameras. Being a flagship device it has taken the multi-camera technology in phone to the next level. But at the same time had to compromise in other aspects which you will know later in this blog.

However the most important question is not that either it the best camera phone or not (because it’ not), but is it the right choice for you or not?



Though the 5.99” POLED screen screen is not something out of the box yet it’s aluminum unibody which only comes in blue gives it an elegant look. Along with it’s series 6000 aluminum and Gorilla Glass 5 in the front, the phone weight nearly 172g. However the 5 cameras at the back also adds into its uniqueness which makes Nokia 9 PureView stand out. The phone bears 2,880 x 1,440 resolutions, not too good but not bad either.

The phone has no headphone jack and therefore not a phone for you if headphone jack is a must have for you. Whereas the mono speakers are at the bottom of the phone and power & volume buttons are side by side with each other.

Nokia 9 has a unique in-display fingerprint reader but the technology needs improvement and time to get precise.

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The Nokia 9 bear the Android Pie 9 (Android one) along with integration of google photos. If timely updates is one of your top priorities then buying it might be your best decision ever. For Nokia is famous for being top most among its competitors when it is about timely updates.

Where as far as the software aspect of it’s photography is concerned, the auto-functions and photo editing features of Google photos helps to get the most out it’s cameras. And not just google photos but also the Adobe Lightroom makes it’s photos more valuable.

This tells us its a non-expensive flagship android device with uncanny ability to capture best photos.



The phone bears Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB Ram, 128 GB internal storage, 3,320 mAh battery and five Rear (it’s specialty) and one front cameras.

Coming first to the processor, it’s true that the phone doesn’t have the latest Snapdragon 855 being a flagship device yet the chipset will hardly fail in performing any practical task. And Nokia 9’s Snapdragon 845 is not like other Snapdragon 845 processors but customized and specially designed to support 5 cameras. Anyhow, keeping in view the fact that it has launched in early 2019 and the phones released in end of 2018 uses Snapdragon 845. Therefore if it breaks the deal for you then give it a thought, because even if it’s true, it’s just a matter of few months.

However the main reason Nokia didn’t installed Snapdragon 855 in Nokia 9 was that they needed more time for it, which would cause a delay in the release. Whereas the way it’s chipset can handle image information from all it’s cameras has designed carefully and efficiently to produce highly quality image results. One of the design sophistications is adding Light Lux Capacitor which processes complicated images from all five cameras before the Snapdragon chip set process them itself.

Nokia 9 comes with both Qi wireless and with wire charging option, maybe two charging options are provided so users can enjoy long camera usage. Though the 3,320 mAh battery is enough for the daily regular phone tasks but as it is not just any smartphone but the one with five lenses. Therefore assuming the buyers would be camera fans, the phone battery can cause trouble if it’s about using the camera continuously all day long. But this problem can be troubleshooted with a battery pack (if it’s the only deal breaker).



The camera is the identifier and the most weighted factor. And honestly speaking hardly and other phones has this amazing cameras and this non expensive price, if not low price. It’s five 12MP rear cameras arranged in a circle, adds more details into the dark areas of the photos while other hardware and software are also fully capable of assisting the cameras to do so.

Among it’s five cameras only two are color cameras while the remaining three are monochrome, all make it possible to capture photos with so much of depth while it’s special hardware (as mentioned above) make it possible to process this much amount of photo data to produce fine results. Monochrome cameras are more light sensitive, hence capture more than 2 times the light as of a color (RGB) camera.

Taking photos at places with lesser amount of light is the specialty of this multi-camera phone. Therefore if you are an android user and into cameras then Nokia 9 definitely a first-grade option for you.

The multi-camera technology is complicated in functionality therefore it made happen with the association of company called Light, specialist in making multi-camera devices. The technology is flourishing and the purpose is to achieve results parallel to DSLR along with better portability.

Nokia 9 photos comes in two formats Raw and JPEG which you can choose in the settings, the reason for this option is, it gives more control on the quality of photography results you desire at the moment. The Raw is uncompressed version and occupies more data space but can be used to produce perfect social media profile pics after some tweaking in the phone. Otherwise JPEG lightweight option is always there to pick up.

Another feature can make your social media experience better is Bothie mode, allows you to use front and rear cameras at the same time. Must be fun to use so many cameras on phone at the same time!

The only drawback with the phone is the time it takes to provide you with the photo, which is 10 to 20 secs. However you will get the preview first just after you take a photo. But even then it is a long time. However for those who prefer the potential of Nokia 9 cameras to have 10x more light and 1200 layers of depth in it’s photos, it’s worth waiting.

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Conclusion: Is it the phone for you?

So, either it is the phone for you or not? If you haven’t decided yet then let’s discuss the truth about the facts.

The phone is the first five lens camera phone in the market gives it the edge among its competitors when it comes to phone photography. For there is hardy any better option for a camera phone with the same price Nokia 9 PureView is offering. Where as it is not very good in other criteria like battery timing and photo processing.

Keeping in view it’s pros and cons it can be concluded that this phone is a right option for those who prefer better camera results in the price range same as of Nokia 9. Especially if you are a newbie vlogger or blogger who need to take lots of highly quality photos related to there blog, or runs a facebook channel (because it has bothie feature along with 5 cameras) or makes online tutorials or travels a lot. A student in the fashion industry,  horticulture/botany, wild life, science and art, can get the most out of it, for these fields require photographic records of things with maximum details. Yes we didn’t mentioned film-making, photography and media students because these fields demands bigger & expensive cameras even as students. Any how even if you don’t belong to any of the above fields then being just a phone photography enthusiast is a reason good enough.


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