Best Android emulators for PC and Mac (2019)

best Android emulators for PC and Mac


Android emulators for PC and Mac can be quite useful for multiple reasons. Those who haven’t heard of this idea, it may sound strange to them but many professional and indie app/game developers, gamers and frequent Android users really love these emulators.

Though not all emulators below work on every computer operating system but you will surely find your perfect fit.


Don’t know why have Android emulator?

If you don’t know why people have android emulators on their windows or Mac pc then here it is: There are nearly 2.6 million apps on Google play store and most of them are Free. The speed and numbers with which android apps and games are being produced, no wonder you can find apps for nearly everything without any price tag and quite intuitive to use. Especially the tools and software pc provides are often too advanced for a non-techie and most of the time it’s just 10-20% of the software most of the users use. But mostly because of being for professionals such tools aren’t easy to operate. Whereas when it comes to android and google play store, apps are lightweight, for beginners & non-techies, automated & user-friendly and designed for very particular practical usage. The best part is most of them are often freemium.

Video creation is a great example of it. Yes you can easily find free tools for that but if you are a total newbie you wouldn’t find it very easy to create a simple visually attractive edited video. Especially with Windows for most of the software you will find are designed for advanced level users. Suppose if it’s social media you want a video for you will need some time to do the work on Pc. On the other hand you can do it literally in just 3 mints using some free android video editing apps, that wouldn’t even put it’s watermark for the free service.




The android developers usually uses android OS for long hours and it comes handy to use it on the PC itself. Via which they can easily test their games and apps without wasting time in switching the devices.


Now a days mobile games are getting the popularity equal in match to console games and sometimes even more. Due to which many users want to play it with keyboard and mouse on their PC. And obviously who doesn’t want to play their favorite games on bigger screen?


We know mobiles are increasing in numbers as a device on the internet, therefore all the website are leaning towards mobile optimization. For which web developers and web masters uses such android emulators to save time in testing and development.

Where as far as the bloggers and website owners are concerned we know there are many social media platforms only designed for mobile, like Whatsapp & Snapchat. But these social platforms have some really huge numbers of users you can bring to your website and here comes the emulators to make it happen. Though you can have individual emulators for each of such app but why should have several separate emulators for each app when you can have a single one.

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  •        An IDE with built-in emulator
  •        Free for personal use
  •        For Developers

Technically it’s an IDE (integrated development environment) but due to bearing an built-in emulator it secure a place in our list. For readers who are into development let us tell them that it can plug into different platforms like Microsoft Visual Studio. Actually it’s a name for developers because this emulator is too technical for casual consumers and also not worth the effort. For it’s not that much powerful as it may sound to the non-techies reading this. It is just a component of an IDE designed for testing thus include configuring options for developers.

download android emulator for pc and mac




  •        Chrome extension emulator
  •        Lightweight and for many different computer OS
  •        For develops and non-developers

It’s one of it’s kind for hardly before you have heard about an extension emulator. But here it is, able to work of several different operating system including Mac, Windows, Linux etc.

Yes it is an lightweight android emulator because of being a browser based emulator yet not very easy to run. Making it work is a bit tricky but it doesn’t mean you have to be a developer to do so. However once you succeed in making it work you will start enjoying it because it doesn’t slow your Pc a bit (especially if it’s your biggest concern). The detailed instruction about running this emulator has mentioned in the link below.

download android emulator for pc and mac

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  •        Productivity Plus gaming emulator
  •        Very User friendly
  •        For developers and Non-techies

MEmu is an emulator unlike many emulators, succeed in managing the balance between productivity and entertainment. And that’s what makes it stand out among others, it an emulator can be operated by users that are non techies, at the same time it has the features for testing android applications for developers. So, it’s the best blend of two.

Another of MEmu strength is that it can run on AMD and Intel both chipsets. Which increases it’s range of Pc types it can run on.

download android emulator for pc and mac



Bluestacks 4


  •        Very popular emulator
  •        Specialty is mobile gaming
  •        For every kind of users

BlueStacks is a seasoned player in the world of android emulation. With consistent updates, max numbers of features without being a difficult one to operate.

If looking for an emulator to play android games on Mac and Pc then this is what you were searching all this time. For unlike many emulators it allows you to run more than one game at a time along with key-mapping feature that makes the experience one of it’s kind. And ability to play several games at a time is the dream of turn-based strategy gamers or any other game that demands patience instead of constant engagement. (Yeah we know, playing “Clash of Clan” with “Clash Royale” is called fun).

download android emulator for pc and mac



Remix OS Player


  •        Marshmallow based emulator
  •        Designed for gaming (but can also run apps)
  •        For consumers (non-techies) & developers

Remix OS Player is counted among the most user friendly android emulator out there. The emulator is Marshmallow and can run many android apps and games simultaneously. Though it doesn’t run on computers with AMD chipsets yet you will have real fun with the personal customization you can make in it.

It can be used also to test apps and games by the developers intent to support android Marshmallow too.

download android emulator for pc and mac





  •       Relatively newer option
  •        Easy to install and navigate
  •       Focused on gaming purpose

The KoPlayer is listed among the titles known to be most recent. And being an android emulator for Pc gaming it provides the user with key-mapping option and user friendly interface. As both are the must have traits of a gaming emulator you can count on.

Though not free from bugs but frankly speaking very few are free from bugging issues. May it can be forgiven for it being new in the market. The key mapping controls can mimic of different controllers you want to play with.

download android emulator for pc and mac





  •        Virtual Machine Emulator
  •        For exact android experience
  •        For tech savvy users

Bliss runs on the computer via USB stick but installing & running it is no joke. One had to have the understanding about technicalities to get the best android emulation experience. It’s known for providing one of the most original android experiences you can have on your Pc (either Windows or Mac). Along with that aligned with latest Android versions (especially if you are developing an app so heavy that only the latest android versions can handle).

Though the benefits seems tempting but we suggest to not get your hands into it if have no prior knowledge about the emulator or you are not a tech savvy person. For apart of installation, making sure that your Pc is compatible for Bliss, as it can cause you some trouble if not.

download android emulator for pc and mac





  •        Known for it’s gaming experience
  •        Controller support and key-mapping
  •        For PC gamers either of Mac or Windows

It’s known to cater Pc gamers very well with it’s nifty emulation of android games and apps. This is the kind of android emulator with customizable options for key-mapping to have extra-ordinary gaming experience. The emulator is quite smooth to run and can support several app window to cater at a time. As you know it means you can play different games at once like on BlueStacks on Nox. Where as running an app on one of many windows wouldn’t hurt.  But if just gaming you want an emulator then Nox deserve to be considered as a serious option for you.

download android emulator for pc and mac



Andy Emulator to run Android games on PC