4 Best Writing Android Apps And Tools

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If you are going to write about your assignments so you must consider the writing app and tool because it will provide you an academic and professional writing where you do not need to take so much stress of writing because you have an opportunity to hire a writer who is professional in your assignment and get the well-written paper. In present time, content is king and you must read about the fact that writing is not to describe thing. It is about to share your thinking in an effective and professional way so you can get a good score as well as earn remarkable reputation.

If you have no idea how to convey your thinking in writing so don’t worry because you have a perfect writing app for choose where you can easily get your work done by the professionals, and you just need to pay them the genuine amount.

Look Out The Force Best Writing Apps Which You Should Try!

  1. EssayShark

It is one of the best leading application on the internet market and its rating is amazing as compared to other software. Essayshark will help you to write the academic paper by a professional writer within a short amount of time and you will experience only the highest satisfaction.

This application works superbly and gives professional and experienced writers. You have to post your work and choose your own writer whom you would like to work with.

A few features:

  • EssayShark easy to access without any advance payment
  • You can stay in touch with your writer anytime
  • You can evaluate your writer

For access, you must sign up first by downloading it free by visiting its official website.

  1. FocusWriter

It is also a good option for you to go with because it is a perfect application if you are trying to meet your goal easily. It is a symbol and free writing environment which will help you to do your work easily.

It is available for Linux, Windows, OS X and Mac where you can easily translate it into different languages.


  • It will support up to TXT, RTF and ODT files
  • You can set your daily goals
  • Portable mode and multi-document support
  • It can translate up to 20 languages
  • It gives you spell check features
  1. Canva

Canva is known one of the best writing apps because of its powerful free tool to create beautiful images with your text. It can help you to create everything with creative graphics.

If you are a writer and want to share your book on the social media platform so this will play an important role to share your cover photo for your blog post with rich graphics and text quality.


  • You can add pictures in graphics to your paper
  • If you want to post your writing on social media so this will be a perfect choice
  • It is free to download and easy to access
  1. ProWritingAid

It is an online editor to remove your all pitfalls in your writing and also help to check your grammar issues. Editing tool will help you a lot in improving the strength and quality of your text easily. It supports almost all the file formats so you can easily use this software for MS Word, Google Docs, open office and chrome as well.

Final verdict

All these writing apps are good but I recommend you to go with EssayShark because it is the best writing app where you can get the professional writer with professional writing.