4 Must Have Camping Apps For Android

4 Must Have Camping Apps For Android


You may want to keep the technology usage to minimal during your camping but you still can do so by getting benefited from your Android phone. Actually it’s up to you how you use your phone and if done in a right way these camping apps for Android will add into your camping experience. Bearing all the knowledge of a camping expert and some camping gears, camping app is your ultimate couch in the wilderness. We will add more camping ads in this list but for now here are “4 Must Have Camping Apps For Android”.


[appbox googleplay org.ligi.survivalmanual]


Offline Survival Manual

  • Properly work Offline
  • Perfect for camping
  • From psychology to “how to light fire”

Offline Survival Manual seems like a survival app because it is, but that doesn’t mean it is no use for camping. In fact it’s a full-proof camping guide too, for it has everything what a survival app usually posses and also what survival apps doesn’t bear.

It has great classification of circumstances and situations you may encounter. Either it is desert or tropical region you are in, whatever weather, dangerous plants, dangerous animals, this app will take care of everything. As it teaches you everything from lighting fire to making medicine & shelter.



[appbox googleplay com.exatools.altimeter]



  • Precise GPS
  • Tell attitudes
  • Have photos relate to each altitude

Altimeter is about not getting lost in the wilderness or anywhere you can’t see any human, street sign or  even road. Altimeter uses GPS to detect your location whenever you need it. Along with that it makes you aware about the altitudes lowest and highest. It actually can record all the altitudes you have been to during your camping, while you can take photos of the highest & lowest altitudes and can share these photos.

It has a compass you can use and can tell exactly where you are if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere but one of it’s weakness is, it doesn’t work offline. But by having an positive attitude towards this con you can see it as a camping app prevents you from losing internet signals and making all other camping apps work perfectly fine.



[appbox googleplay com.rvparktime.android&hl=en]


RV Parks & Campgrounds

  • Tells info relevant to RV users
  • 950+ campgrounds data
  • Only for USA, Canada, Mexico

This RV app can help, from beginners to well experienced campers alike with it’s huge reserve of data related RV camping points, resorts and campgrounds. The app is totally free and without any ads. The apps shows nearest and far away gas stations, camping spots, dump stations, rest areas and stores. It has further categories in each main category of service you need. Like if you are looking for fuel stations on your screen, it will provide more detail such as either the station it is showing is Lovers Travel Stops, Pilot Flying J or any other one. Same is with the RV Parks and Campgrounds it has information about in it’s data base. Form privately owned RV camps to U.S military campgrounds it has the data for 1000 RV resorts & campgrounds. Other then that it shows RV friendly stops and stores. Although it doesn’t work offline but to those who want to go for camping for the very first time, it’s a gem.



[appbox googleplay com.fishbrain.app]


Fishbrain – local fishing map and forecast app

  • Know locations where tons of fish have caught
  • Info about 130 fish species
  • Have personal record and join community

Fishing is a must part for many campers, as it adds into the fun of camping. Fishbrain can help you with this no matter how inexperienced you are, with Fishbrain you surely will caught fish. It let you know about the locations of the spots people caught most of the fish from. Along with it you will know the species you can expect to caught and which one of them bite. The app has data related to 130 different species you can find in ocean. You can make some angler friends in your local area too, whereas on the other hand the community of fish anglers bears hundreds of fishing lovers out there. So with Fishbrain increase your chances of catching fish and also find a anglers fellow on the same campground you are camping.



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