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“Pirate games for Android” is a category not much known, yet Android gamers find it interesting when came across a discussion about it. Maybe we all have a small pirate inside us who just wants to explore more and have adventures without any real plunder or bloodshed. Pirates games provide one with the opportunity to do so (or to destroy a fleet of ships without really hurting anyone).

Actually the pirate games are available in many different sub genres like strategy, RPG, puzzle, MMO and action; therefore one can easily have the right game for himself. However pirate ship games would be perfect for you if you like to get your hands on some battleship warfare. The best part is there are freemium games here, like free pirate games in this list of ours.

So let’s take a look at our Best Pirate Games for Android!



best pirate games for android, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt


  • Realistic sailing simulation with 20 ship classes
  • multiple player with PVP and PVE
  • Several different kind of missions and ammunition

The game is so awesome and close to reality that it makes you feel like you are living the life of a pirate. The simulation is so sophisticated that the speed of wind will effect the level of difficulty for navigation too. Also the day & night cycle and hundreds of islands add into the experience. The best part is although there are 20 different categories of ships yet you can have unlimited number of ships in your fleet. Where as far as the ammo is concerned you can have everything from chain balls to double-shot and from grapeshot to canon balls.  

While the upgrades hold some real fun for there are 30 ship upgrades and 20 captain skill upgrades. Along with all the features the most prominent element is the historic events take place and the types of missions involved. Like merchant missions, escort missions, pirate attacks and many more, each one is so specific in it’s gameplay.

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pirate mmo Ships of Battle: Ages

Ships of Battle: Ages Of Pirates

  • Strategic gameplay of naval battles (pirate MMO)
  • Hundreds of missions and story mode
  • Upgrade your ships and built your pirate empire

“Ships of Battle” is a full of action ship-war game, where you come across so many interesting missions. Whereas the best one is the story mode in which there is a sequence of missions and wars aligned with a story.

Along with 20 different pirate ships it gives you the unlimited option for customization. The range of ammunition you will have in the game will help you make your pirate empire and expand your territory. Players can trade resources and can make alliances with each other.

This Pirate MMO game allows you to live up the both old mythologies and historic events took place in the Caribbean sea.

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The Pirate: Plague of the Dead, pirate games for android

The Pirate: Plague of the Dead


  • Experience historical golden age of pirates
  • Day/night and weather cycle
  • A sandbox game with a systematic economy

It’s astonishingly breath taking graphics, day/night cycle and real life like weather conditions make this game a hell of an experience. With the loot you make, you can upgrade your ships or can build new ones.

But this is not what sets this game apart from other pirate games, what does is the mysterious way you will have your crew. You will awake the dead captains using some voodoo magic and recruit them into your crew to make an unbeatable pirate crew. You have to fight battles with different nations had domination in Caribbean sea (in old times), like English and Spanish. 

Customize your ship the way you want, experiment with colors and symbols in the preview before permanently buying it against the gold you have looted. Travel in the vast sea, fight ferocious battles and conquer the Caribbean Sea.

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Pirate Kings, pirate games for kids

Pirate Kings


  • Casual spin wheel game
  • Get lucky with the wheel and attack enemies
  • Have socializing approach (interact with other online players)

Pirate kings is just the perfect pirate game for kids, except the stealing and attacking factor it include (as obviously it’s a pirate game) but in the most unreal and least violent (or you can say it’s a bit violent but in a cartoonist violent way). However it’s so far something without blood shredding, war and killing. You just spin the wheel when the wheel stops you will get what is in front of the arrow.

You can attack a friend of yours or other online player. Get on to new missions, upgrade your islands and recruit new crew members.

The dreadful red islands are of your enemy’s which you have to destroy using canons. But first you have to win cannon balls from the wheel you spin. A real fun game you can enjoy with your friends and family.  





Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW, best pirate games for android

Pirates of the Caribbean: TOW


  • Real-time strategy game
  • Based on “Pirates of the Caribbean” series
  • Fight epic battles alongside Jack sparrow

No pirate game can be more exciting than the one includes legendary pirate captain like Jack Sparrow and Barbossa.  You will also see other “Pirates of the Caribbean” characters like Will turner.

Built your own fleet of war ships to battle against your many enemies out there by keeping an eye on your resources too. Recruit fearless pirates and defend your base. But be careful with it for you are not just battling against hundreds of online opponents out there but also with many supernatural creatures of the sea. One more thing to be careful about is, to be the ultimate pirate of the Caribbean you don’t just have to protect your own resources but also have to attack your enemies’ too.

Enjoy the unbeatable quests from the movie and live like a legendary captain of sea.






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