6 Best Apps for Architects

Apps for architects

This digital era has immensely changed the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry over the past decade. This change of practices among architects includes using architecture apps on their phones that are far more convenient to carry as compared to a pc.

The necessity of pc and desktop for working on projects can’t be doubted. But checking out the initial feasibility of an idea using a phone while you are at the site is something smartphones can do best. Even though one can go all the way to build a complete project’s draft using these apps yet it may not be practical.

This lineup of best apps for architects provides the freedom of availing opportunities and small pockets of time, which will get wasted otherwise. 

(Most of these apps work on both android and ios, while some provide support for desktop and web too.)

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Magicplan (Android/iOS)

  • Free for two projects
  • Measure spaces via camera
  • Provide cost estimation

The Magicplan enables you to create 2D and 3D plans. Measure spaces using your camera and create plans & sketches with this app.

Exceptionally effective for interior designing, in which you can put notes and markups with the 360-degree images you take of the spaces for designing.

Not just for architects but construction cost estimators, who can use it for the assessment of takeoffs and complete estimation. Cost estimation can be not as effective as you get with specific estimation software but offers a good idea to move in to the right direction.

 The app isn’t free forever but allows you to perform the first two projects without any fee. You can work on those two projects for as long as you want, however have to go for a premium plan for further projects.




BIMx (Android/iOS)

  • Visualization and coordination
  • Fly & walk mode
  • Measure, trace & hyperlink 2D/3D

An unbelievable 3D viewer app that allows Building Information Modeling presentations even on the construction site. With the myriad of modes, you can either walk or fly in the visual model and take measurements.

Allows real-time model cut-throughs and project markups. In-context measuring enables better convenience of designing. Along with features like tracing 2D drawings on 3D,

With Superfast 2D documentation viewer, BIMx hyper-model, and Gravity & Egress recognition you got your office in your pocket.

Though isn’t free you can give it a try with 2 weeks trial period, however, there are few features you can use for free. It serves not just smartphone operating systems (android/iOS) but is good to go with desktops too.

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AutoCAD (Android/iOS)

  • Sketching, drafting, and modeling
  • 7-day free trial
  • Edit and view DWG files

Stellar architectural sketching and modeling tool for the mobile operating system. Architects can create models wherever, whenever they want in DWG files. Sundry features makes it easy to collaborate with contractors, engineers, and other professionals, no matter where you are.

Can be accessed not just with mobile devices but also with the desktop and Web too. Showing the model to the stakeholders while you being present on the construction site, can make a great impact on the other person. Therefore AutoCAD allows you to carry your drafts, sketches, and models with which you can access with few taps.




ArchiSnapper 5 (Android/iOS)

  • Field research & inspections
  • 14 day free trial
  • Saves a lot of time

This mobile app has the ability to save a lot of time for professionals who have to do field research on day to day basis. With this app, you can create field research reports using your phone camera, and other minor features available on your phone. It eliminates the need of using Excel Or MS Words, along with that avoids a lot of paperwork.

Add text and annotations with the images you take for field research and share it whenever you want. Prepare checklists. The checklists you create can be received in PDF format if you want to.

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Architizer: A+ Architecture

  • 30k+ Architectural Firm designs
  • photos with context
  • See details of structures

An incredible app for architects who want to get inspired by countless structures’ photos with provenance and context. See the minor details of structures such as sections and floor plans. Get behind the images of well-known buildings.

Go ahead and browse for the fascinating architecture of apartments and skyscrapers. If you like a construction project you can tap to see the description, location of the project and the firm designed it. Or by tapping on the search bar you can type the specific category of architectural structure you are looking for.

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Floor Plan Creator

  • create Floor plans
  • 3D view
  • S-Pen and mouse support

Do the floor plan of projects with multiple portions. Do the 3D tour of designs you have created along with the furniture you can add. The app has an automatic calculator of rooms, walls and provides you with dimension lines to display the size and distance of your project.

The symbol library contains windows, doors, electrical etc. You can avail all these features using S-pen, for the app supports it very well. It’s a cloud support app that can provide you access to your projects without worrying about sticking to one particular device. Export projects in various formats, such as images, PDF, SVG, etc.

The app isn’t free but provides 3 days free trial.



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