6 Best meditation app Android users must have while staying at home

Best meditation app Android

The benefits of meditation are so well known that we don’t have to mention the prodigious level of value it adds into one’s life. Let’s leave the fact and myths about meditation to the professionals, as you are not here for that. Let’s move on to what you have come for, the line-up of best meditation apps Android users must have in their phone.

These apps aren’t totally free but almost all of them bear a free-trial or free version. Free version may be limited but can help you decide whether it’s worth spending money on a particular app.In fact most of us don’t want to be meditation gurus and even an intermediate level of know-how can work for most of us. Which majority of these apps surely offer their potential paid customers, that can be any user who downloads the app.

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[appbox googleplay com.lvlup.buddhify]


  •       200 meditations
  •       3-40 mints sessions
  •       For different age groups & timings

200 meditations are more than enough to get your life on track and that Buddhify is for. From your mental to your physical well being, it’s designed to manage it all. What makes it standout is the way it exhibits different meditations for different time of day. Either it is travelling you are doing, at work or having lunch it has small sessions for each time. Speciality of this app also lies in its user interface and easy to understand, breathtaking options to make your’s more synchronized.

3 to 40 mints of sessions can fit the needs of a wide range of meditators. From beginner to experts, Buddhify caters all with great sophistication. It also doesn’t ignore the little ones in our lives, providing engaging sessions for them too. You got the option in this app to change and choose between the voices of experts available in it. The voice you feel more parallel to the time of day you are listening, can work for your session. If one gains proficiency, solo mediation is the mode they can go further with.



[appbox googleplay org.stopbreathethink.app]

Stop Breathe and Think

  •       Especial sessions for college life
  •       For all level of meditators
  •       Video sessions concordance to your feelings

The app claims 46% less anxiety felt by users after using this app. From beginners to advanced level meditators, it can suit the need of every user. Bearing diversity of demographics, this app provides mindfulness and stress reducing training to users of all ages and expertise. Even serves kids and college going teens. Because sometimes it’s the youngsters most disconnected from their inner-self.

With “Stop Breathe and Think” you can choose a session that is right for your emotional state. To reduce stress, improve sleep, feeling more grounded and calm. You can try the yoga and acupressure techniques it preaches to the users. Has no match with any other of these best meditation apps android users can have, when it comes to breathe control learning techniques.

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[appbox googleplay com.simplehabit.simplehabitapp]

Simple Habit

  •       Sessions by well-know experts
  •       Even 5 mints daily is enough
  •       Offline is for premium users

Simple Habit provides a variety of meditations, of unique themes. Better sleep, stress & anxiety reduction, enhanced focus and several other benefits related with well being are included in this app.

While meditation is sometime the more frequently and consistently you do it the more prominent results you will experience. But even then if you get only 5 to 20 mints a day for your meditation, it will still make the difference. However the change will be gradual and slower than usual. You can use it while commuting to work. Free to use features must be enough for your initial meditation routine, as you can go for Premium any time. Offline is only for paid users.

The app has auto-renew subscription which allows you to automatically recharge every new month via the card attached with your google account. Beware of auto-renewing if you are thinking of trying the premium version only for a month, because the unused session can’t help you with any refunds. If sure for paying, then the good news is you will not lose any free trial portion even starting with paid features.

[appbox googleplay se.lichtenstein.mind.en]

The Mindfulness App

  •       Good free version
  •       250 meditations in premium version
  •       Not all, but most content is in English

Can be a serious consideration if a free meditation app is what you want. Mindfulness app has 5 day meditation introduction courses for free. Along with 3 to 30 mints meditations, reminders & notes all day long and stats to track your performance, is also included in freemium mode.

Though no price tag version offers so much, it can never match the content of the paid one. With 250 courses and meditations, it has offline service and regular updates. The content it contains is not entirely in English language but the medium of teaching for most meditation courses is English. Start your meditation routine from today with the fresh session and raise your mindfulness. 

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[appbox googleplay com.abdula.pranabreath]

Prana Breath

  •       Focuses on Breathing
  •       7-15 mints daily
  •       8 different patterns

Instead of video tutorials of yoga, it emphasizes more on your breathing training. Prana Breath seems like breathing training as the foundation and most of what a good meditation is. Therefore offers 8 different patterns to meditate on. No need to stare at the screen for the instructions, just tap and the sound will guide you perfectly while you are focusing with closed eyes.

 Apart from “better level of concentration”, “more relaxed mind” and “deep sleep”, it has more. The app states to help you fight even against emotional eating and other fatal habits like smoking. The additional Guru version possesses a series of 50  patterns for training along with some more advanced features like Health test. But comes with an inexpensive price tag for monthly and annual plans. 

[appbox googleplay uk.co.serenity.guided.meditation]


  •       Free 7 audio courses
  •       For stress, quality sleep & mind silence
  •       Suitable for beginners

Serenity is not completely free to use but it has 7 audio courses which makes nearly 2 hr of free audio. That seems quite reasonable of an option for beginners. Especially those who want to know whether meditation is the way to go for them or not. If it works they can pay for more, if not can move to something else. 

The app claims to provide techniques that will add mental calmness and sense of peace in your life. From techniques for achieving better quality sleep, to dealing with a long chain of endless thoughts in your mind. Serenity has got it all covered. Meditate to improve your mood and eliminate stress from your daily life.   


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