7 Amazing Android Apps for Kids

Android Apps for Kids

Kids often get attracted by the gadgets their parents use and wants to operate them themselves. Especially the smart phones and tablets, but parents due to being conscious about the negative effects of devices don’t often do so. Therefore we have brought you some really awesome names of apps not just free from any inappropriate content (like violence & obscenity) but also designed by keeping in view the kids’ mindset.  


[appbox googleplay com.juniorpear.animal_sound]


Animal sounds – App for kids

  •        Sounds & names of animals
  •        For kids age 8 & Under
  •        Educational and amusing

Animal sounds is an app make kids joyfully learn about animals without they knowing it, for they will use the app for fun. Kids find animals very fascinating and if you doubt it, you better visit the zoo. Animals got all their attention if in front of them and excites them even more when making a sound.

When kids tap an animal on the screen they will hear it’s sound. At the same time the name of the animals will also be there to see. In this way kids are motivated not just to learn the animal names but also how to read and write it.

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[appbox googleplay com.doodlejoy.studio.kidsdoojoy]


Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

  •        Drawing & doodling with colors
  •        For kids age Ages 6-12
  •        24 different brushes

Drawing and doodling with colors is part of everyone’s childhood (at least for most). Drawing doesn’t just help kids imagination fly but also make them feel relaxed. Kids mostly paint what they feel and that tells a lot to parents how their kids are feeling, helps in better communication.

This app has 24 brushes to draw with, from crayons to neon. Kids can draw with any kind of brush they want to. Along with that you can see the playback of video your kid has just drawn. Let the kids doodle on canvas or on the picture, either way the app is real fun.



[appbox googleplay se.appfamily.balloonpopfree]


Kids Balloon Pop

  •    To learn about letters, numbers, colors & shapes
  •    For kids Ages 5 & Under
  •    Ads free, 10 different languages and 5 different modes

This app has the thing, most fascinating to kids for learning and along with fun, balloons. We all now know kids love balloons and these balloons are even better. Because these balloons speak out loud when popped, the names of alphabetic letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

The game can teach kids up-to 10 different languages’ alphabet in five different modes. Human potential of learning a new language is at it’s pinnacle in early age. Thus it can make your kid learn languages include French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Italian.

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[appbox googleplay air.fisherprice.com.codeapillarGoogle]


Think & Learn Code-a-pillar™

  •        Learning numbers, sequencing and problem solving
  •        For Age 5 & under
  •        Not exactly code learning but pre-school app

The app is more of a game that teaches kids of young age to learn about the numbers, planning & sequencing, problem solving and counting & order.

It isn’t about the coding or programming, as obviously it can’t be for kids of such age can’t learn the coding straight away without first learning about recognizing numbers and sequencing. However it is a really helpful app game to prepare kids for learning coding in future.

Don’t worry kids wouldn’t find it boring as they are taking care of a Caterpillar by feeding leaves and leading through a maze and learning so much in the process.



[appbox googleplay brilliant.sari]


Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)

  •       Preschool brain training
  •       For kids Ages 8 & Under
  •       Matching images, match card and memory training

The game is developed by a child’s mental development specialist and a preschooler father. Therefore has designed in keeping in view the fact that training kids along with having fun is a tricky job. Kids often loose interest in the activity they are doing for a while, but this apps helps to avoid such situation.

Consist of 4 sections and 144 games to train kids about matching images with their shadow, matching cards, finding odd images among others and memory training. It doesn’t just sharpen the memory at the age mental changes take place drastically but also improves, cognitive skills, motor-visual coordination, tactile skills, bi-lateral coordination , visual attention and visual-spatial ability. The only con is that this app contains ads.




[appbox googleplay com.amazon.tahoe]


Amazon FreeTime 

  •       Kids books, videos, books and tv shows
  •       For kids Ages 8 & Under
  •       Parental controls, big brands & 10,000 books

Amazon free time isn’t free but worth paying and to know you can have 1 month free trail. It has the exceptional balance between kids’ entertainment and education. The entertainment that never let them bore but if they want more they first have to complete their educational goal. Or maybe your kid would love education more then the entertainment section itself (because of terrific content).

Either way you will have all the controls over the content kids watch and can set limit for the day, when before the bed time it will shutdown and what educational goal kids have to achieve before their entertainment. Select the content including books, story books, videos, ebooks and the category you allow to your kid. The videos, tv series/shows and movies have been selected from Disney, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Seasome street and from many others.

Don’t need to always be with your kid while they are using the app just do some tweaking in the parental control section and you are done.



[appbox googleplay org.khankids.android]


Khan Academy Kids

  •        Award winning educational app
  •        For kids Ages 5 & Under
  •        Inspires lifelong learning

The has awarded with Parent’s choice foundation Gold Award along with other and Common Sense media has rated this app with five stars. The apps is for toddlers and preschoolers to just teach them how to read, write, draw but to inspire them for learn as more as they can and as fast as they can.

Teaching method includes games, books and other activities. Language, maths, problem solving, coloring and social-emotional development exercises. All these amazing learning without any ads to show.

This robust curriculum and joyful learning app is designed by experts and why it shouldn’t be, as we all know the excellence of Khan Academy as an institute in promoting and inspiring learning  among all.



Best Learning And Educational Apps For Kids