Those days are long gone when phone calls used to be an expense, however new stuff in the phone technology making the current small expenses slimmer. As now it is not just about the call voice quality and prices, but what extra features one can have using his/her smart phones. Thanks to the free call apps, which let us talk to our loved ones overseas and across borders without costing much. Nevertheless, it never hurts to always keeping searching for the best. Therefore we have brought you the finest free calls apps for android operating system.


[appbox googleplay com.tencent.mm]


  •        Make video calls to a group of up to 9
  •        Call on landlines at lowest rates
  •        Voice and video calls with tons of feateares

WeChat has so much stuff to making your calls, chats and in short the overall communication much more efficient. One can do the quality voice call to anyone all around the globe or can talk to a large group on the video calls. Imagine the fun of video call with up to 9 of your friends before your gathering at a place, as the best part is you can share your live location without switching to any other app. However, users can also call worldwide landline numbers, but this specific feature for landline calls are limited to particular regions. Though the call rates for landlines are pretty low.
Other features such as stickers, text, voice messages, photo sharing, multiple-language support, games and much more enables you to entirely rely on this app of yours (in future). WeChat also has it’s payment method unlike many other call apps, but that’s the perk of having such a diverse and impressively exceptional call app.



[appbox googleplay com.maaii.maaii]


  •        Free calls and messages
  •        Low rate calls to 120+ countries (Landline)
  •        Find friends by pin code, location and recommendation

Maaii though not very famous yet the current users using it are quite satisfied with it. Maaii allows you to call your friends on Maaii without any cost. Don’t worry if not many of your friends are on Maaii, because you can find those, who are via pin code or those people you know lives in your area. It also recommends you new friends, (may it’s the time to meet new people). And you can invite your friends to join you but such texts or calls through Maaii will charge money (though not much).
You can call on landline numbers to more than 120 countries at lowest rates. Apart from its features such as audio & video message, stickers, location sharing, animations and hilarious sound effects, the most exquisite one is the video caller ID editor.



[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.tachyon]

Google Duo

  •        Easy to use interface
  •        Earliest calling app
  •        Both for iOS and Android

Google Duo is a remarkable app to make quality video and voice calls. But obviously to make calls to someone, that person should have it on the phone. However, you can leave video messages if someone not picking up their phone.
Apart from the it’s mainstream features, it also has all the fun stuff like emojis and stickers. Also, who can understand better the Android OS better than the Google itself. Therefore, if not happy with your current calling app, it should be Google Duo you should go for.



[appbox googleplay jp.naver.line.android]


  •        Video call with up to 200 people
  •        Do polling for group decisions
  •        From video calls to games

Line is the perfect recipe for strong bonding among a large group of friends. Since you can make video calls to about 200 people at the same time. Now friends don’t have to go through never ending discussions for choosing the place to meet, restaurant or the movie to watch. Polling feature in Line helps you to do it in just minutes or even seconds.
Along with the very basics for calling app, it also includes face games you can play with friends and family. Also, it allows sending messages, locations, videos, etc. User can synchronize it with their PC too.



[appbox googleplay com.facebook.orca]


  •        Call anyone without the number
  •        Group calling and other features
  •        Send money securely

How we could have missed this one of the most widely used calling and messaging app. The best part about Messenger is, to communicate people you don’t have to have their phone number. You can even call businesses as almost every big brand and business name is available here. One can’t just do the group call, but also can do polling, bill splitting and much more.
Unlike any calling app you can securely send money (UK,USA and France) with it, by adding your PayPal or debit card in your account. Whereas it has every splendid element of an extraordinarily remarkable calling app.



[appbox googleplay com.viber.voip]

Viber Messenger

  •       Used by nearly 1 billion people
  •       Secret text feature
  •       Chat with up to 250 people at a time

Viber is the calling app provides some extra features, which no other calling app does. From calling to landlines and international at a low cost, to it’s totally free for regular calls with Wifi (smartphone to smartphone). Whereas the group chat feature allows the chatting with up to 250 people at a time, which can be used by friends or colleagues.
One can also make a Viber community of no matter what their interest is. Secret text feature allows you to have text message followed by setting up a timer, after which all the chatting disappears. On the other hand, for regular audio, video calling, sending messages, photos & locations, Viber is fully encrypted, thus totally secure.



[appbox googleplay com.whatsapp]


  •        Most used call app
  •        Fast and reliable
  •        Lots of features

Though WhatsApp evolved over time and reached its current position of being the most popular calling and texting app all around the globe. Calling via WhatsApp is fast and simple yet comes with lots of extra features. One can send from photos, video messages, audio messages, locations, documents etc. Just name it and it will have it. Group calls, contact transfer, computer synchronizing and other convenient features are there to help you all the time.
National or international, it doesn’t make any difference as long you are connected with the internet.



[appbox googleplay org.thoughtcrime.securesms]

Signal Private Messenger

  •        Super secure
  •        Fast and quality call
  •        Local to international

The fame of Signal Private Messenger for being super secure is gaining momentum. The app is fully end-to-end encrypted, thus every chat, call or audio message is secure. Obviously to have the chat or call encrypted other person should also have this app on the phone. But at the end, it worth having on your phone. Along with the encrypted national and international calls, it also has other features you can find on any top notch calling app. Therefore, switching to Signal Private Messenger doesn’t feel like being on an unfamiliar, unnecessary simplistic app.


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