7 Best Free File Manager For Android

best free file manager for android

You may call it file browser, file explorer, or just file manager, but its necessity has increased as ever before. As the built-in android file managers often lack the startling features which are the specialty of third-party file manager apps on the Play store.


Therefore to help you with managing phone memory, overviewing downloads, and organizing your files in a better way, we have found the most impeccable android file manager apps.




RS File : File Manager & Explorer EX

  • Free and simple
  • Compress and Decompress
  • Access Pc files

Manage files like you do on your pc with exemplary ease. Copy, cut, paste, share, zip, and much more can be done with the RS file management app. It allows you to access files from your PC and has could storage access.

Manage numerous network storage formats such as FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, etc. Not just network storage but features like local area networks, disk analysis, and root explorer makes it one among the best file manager apps lineup. You can view APK files as zip and the best part about this file management app is it’s free.

The encryption provides security and the thumbnail feature enables you to see not just image but video files with a thumbnail and others also as well. Which makes it quick to find an old folder you can’t remember the name of.





MK Explorer (File Manager)

  • A simple file manager
  • Supports table
  • SD card support (after Android 5)

MK Explorer is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Though the app is not full of copious features but bore the most commonly used. Such as SD card support and tablet support along with all the screen sizes up to 10 inches devices. However, the SD card is supported for android Lollipop and further versions only.

From basic copy, paste to compress, and zip it has 20 percent of all those features we use 80 percent of the time. Thumbnail for a variety of files along with APK and provides support for 20 languages.  




ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner

  • Supports multiple cloud services
  • Free with no ads
  • Sort apps & files by size

Allows the convenience of moving, sharing, renaming your whatever (apps, tools, images, videos, docs) to SD card and cloud. You can move the file with their file explorer.

If memory runs out, Astro can help you with efficient cleaning. Its manager cleaner Shows apps and folders occupying the most space on your phone.

Can manage your files between internal storage, SD card, and different cloud services. As it supports most of your favorite cloud services, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex Cloud etc.




Solid Explorer File Manager

  • Works on rooted devices
  • Secure, Search friendly, and super multipurpose
  • Comes with a free trial

Solid Explorer is known for its security and being multipurpose when it comes to usefulness. It is fully encrypted, asks for a fingerprint or password. With its root access, one can use it on devices that are rooted.

Though there is no dedicated file storage analyzer but you can do it by going into the properties of internal and external memory. However, it automatically organizes your files for you, which you can access using its indexed search with filters.

And obviously, like any top-notch file manager, it allows access, moving, viewing, copying, rename, etc, along with transferring your files from storage to storage and cloud server to cloud server.




X-plore File Manager

  • Dual-pane view
  • Caters APK files & multiple features
  • Folder hierarchy view, Shows file thumbnails, and free


The X-plore allows dual-pane view of both the folder between which the file is being exchanged. There is a hierarchy of folders, enables users to see multiple folders at a time. X-plore comes with a built-in viewer for folders which empowers users to see thumbnails of files such as image, audio, text etc.

And not just the transfer of files between major storage servers such OneDrive, Google Drive, etc, but provide assistance for transferring between android devices and from android to PCs.

All of it’s features, such as Disk map (shows file memory consumption), SSH File Transfer, encryption security,  Batch rename, Hex viewer, Cloud storage access, and many more makes it’s a sturdy option as a file manager.

Rooted device users can internally explore their devices and can make alterations to system data.


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Total Commander

  • Supports root function
  • An exceptional multitude of features
  • Free with no ad

Total Commander is totally up to the mark when it comes to securing a spot in the best file manager register. Exhibits any feature you can expect from a file manager. From moving directories to a myriad of file sharing protocols, from root support to moving sub-directories, it got all covered.

Though the user interface is something often criticized for not being advanced, yet it got so much in one, it can’t be ignored as an option. Some of its prominent features include drag & drop files, rename, copy, move (whole sub-directories), bookmark, built-in text editor, cloud storage support, media player for direct streaming (LAN. WebDAV etc), support more than two dozen languages, and much more.

It can be equipped with additional features with the help of plugins.





Root Explorer

  • Supports root devices, MD5
  • Congenial interface & updated
  • Paid and free (non-root)

For file managers that support root devices, no file managers is, as good as Root explorer. Comes with features like Text Editor, bookmarks, zip file creator and extractor, sending files with email & Bluetooth too, and cloud support for Dropbox, Google drive, box, etc.

Among all root support file managers has the most engaging user interface and frequent updates. Though comes with a price tag of $3.99, it also has a free version called Explorer which doesn’t support root devices. However, the app has a 24-hour refund policy if the app is not up to your expectations.

Other of Root explorer’s prominent features include multiple tab support, APK binary XML viewer, extract rar archives, image thumbnail, create shortcuts, and many more. It’s simply a power-user’s choice, if you are not one, can get other simpler less sturdy apps for free.



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