7 considerable android survival games of 2019

Android survival games 2019

Survival games have been in trend since the genre gained popularity in showbiz. We really love many movies and tv shows based on this very survival instinct of mankind. Maybe because life is mostly about survival if not all and interacting with such content reflects back to us the reality of life.

However we had created last year the list of best survival games out there for android and it seems like it’s the time for this year too. Though not all games in the list are the release of 2019 but are the survival games considered best in 2019.

So here we go..


[appbox googleplay com.reeltoreal.survivor_adventure]

Survivor Adventure: Survival Island

  •        More of a survival simulation
  •        Alone survive on an island
  •        Do hunting, crafting and animal taming

You have gotten on an island but god knows how you come here. Now the priority for you is to keep yourself alive. The game isn’t just about hunting monsters and wild animals but building shelters, growing your own food and exploring the island.

The island is a tropical forest with lots of animals and caves. You have to build yourself a shelter and find food but have to begin from the very start.

Not just built shelter but also the tools too. As obviously you can’t do the hunting without weapons so also built few for yourself. You would grow food on this island and tame animals for your use. Can travel between different islands nearby using a boat which you will built using wood. Explore caves in the island that have many mysteries inside them.

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[appbox googleplay com.glu.zbs]

Left to Survive: Zombie Shooter Survival

  •        Action shooter of zombies
  •        Survive in post-apocalyptic world
  •        PvP matches, tournaments and solo matches

In this post-apocalyptic world where zombies are not your only worry, there are forces out there want to kill you. Of Course you are not the only survivor of this world and there are others who want to take all your resources from you. And the same goes for your opponents.

You are facing zombies of which not all are the same, some are smarter than others. They can wear police armors or can be filled with gases that will explode. You have weaponries like rifles and grenades to defend yourself.

If killing zombies doesn’t thrills you, you can always take part in multiplayer tournament and pvp matches.



[appbox googleplay com.studiowildcard.wardrumstudios.ark]

 ARK: Survival Evolved

  •        Survive in this Jurassic-era world
  •        Craft, tame dinosaurs and make alliances
  •        Tribes, dinosaurs, massive multiplayer

ARK is all about survival in this Jurassic-era world where there are 80+ dinosaurs and lots of online players. From clothes to weapons you have to craft them yourself like in the real scenario. And obviously shelter is one of the most significant parts of any survival game.

The most interesting facet of the game lies in it’s online player community who make their tribes in the games. You can join one or share the resources with them to increase your chances of survival or you can just compete with them for resources.

One can tame the dinosaurs to make them friends and use them when needed. But you would need some really strong shelter to be protected against the mega-predators and enemies out there.

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[appbox googleplay com.pacific.wildlands]

Stormfall: Saga of Survival

  •        Fantasy survival MMORPG
  •        You have to survive after exile
  •        Lordship, swordcraft, sorcery

Once you were the lord of Stormfall a fantasy universe but after betrayal you have been exiled in the wilderness. In the wilderness there are mysterious creatures and ferocious monsters to deal with.   

You can craft and customize with 70+ tools, weapons and armor. There are so many places to explore and even more fights to win against monsters and other players.

This game is quite popular and have more than a million active players which makes the game even more fun. Especially the clans that belong to real life players world wide.




[appbox googleplay com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket]

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

  •        Survive In a mysterious wilderness
  •        Play as a gentleman name Wilson
  •        Exploiting environment, 19th century theme

The games start when a gentleman scientist Wilson ends up in a mysterious world of wilderness. But this wilderness is not like any other, it’s quite strange. However even if not a muscular soldier, Wilson is a smart scientist seems like of great knowledge. Using his knowledge of science he will exploit the environment for himself and will not just survive but thrive.

The game depicts 19th century where the Wilson is a scientist. This adds a bit of culture and interesting storyline to the game.

android survival games 2019




[appbox googleplay zombie.survival.craft.z]

Last Day on Earth: Survival

  •        Survival action in year 2027
  •        Built shelters, fight zombies and meet online players
  •        Customizing characters, raising your dog and crafting stuff

A post zombie apocalypse world where you and other survivors have to fight zombies. Along with the zombies you have to protect your resources from other survivors, though you can loot them. It always feels good to have a friend in bad times like a dog. You can have one of your own and can raise it.

You can customize your character the way you want to look in the game. Craft your shelter and weaponry for these are the must have to survive in this world.

However if you feel lonely there is a zone in the game where you can meet other online players out there and can interact with them. And you will get a better idea from the number of reviews that how many players there are in the game.

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[appbox googleplay com.elevenbitstudios.twommobile&hl=en]

This War of Mine

  •        Super realistic survival game
  •        Make decisions as civilians
  •        Reality, decisions and kids perspective

The biggest reason this game have a spot in this list is the surprising close to reality perspective it presents. It shows how it feels to be a survivor when you are a civilian who isn’t trained for such circumstances and have to make many life & death decisions. Along with that the game includes innocent children who had survived the doomsday. Now they need to play, laugh and care because no matter what the circumstances are, kids are kids.

You will see the survival situation from a civilian point of view where survival isn’t always about killing the enemy. Because it is easier to shoot a monstrous creature with big fancy gun instead of making hard decisions by your conscience and crafting toys for the kids stuck in such a world with you.



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