9 Awesome Apps to learn magic tricks on Android

apps to learn magic tricks

Magic tricks surely have the power to change boring moments into memorable ones, if not can make you the most popular wizard of some magical school. It’s mostly practiced as a hobby but can be turned into a profession, as proved by many magic TV shows. However the purpose of these magic trick apps is to make you learn enough, so you can impress your friends, neighbor and a bunch of strangers in a party.



[appbox googleplay hr.apps.n207168073]


  •       Card tricks
  •       Different levels of tutorials
  •       Also has a YouTube channel

The app is perfect for those who want to learn card tricks as a hobby and also for those who are a bit serious about it. The app has beginner and advanced level tutorials in it. All cards related magic tricks about how good are your card handling skills. Therefore the app particularly focuses on exercising sleight of hand tricks. The app is completely free. The app also has a YouTube channel you can also learn from, if you prefer to do all the learning stuff from your PC. Although the app is a bit old, it properly performs what it claims to.



[appbox googleplay com.magictricks.mm]

Magic Tricks by Mikael Montier

  •       24 most epic digital magic effects
  •       Nice and neat
  •       Tricks include your phone

Though the app isn’t free and the price may seem a bit too much for those who are not magic enthusiasts. But for those who are magic trick fans, they will surely like it. The app uses your phone to perform the magic trick it discloses, once you pay for it. Therefore the app is said to have splendid digital magic effects. However users can pay for each trick at a time or a bit bigger price for all tricks at once.




[appbox googleplay com.rostamimagic.inject]

Inject 2

  •       Bit unique
  •       Not free
  •       Can surprise the spectator

Inject 2 is a bit different then those apps we have mentioned in this list. It requires your phone to perform the act and you will get a better idea in the video below. In short though, what the app does is out of the box and unconventional for magic apps, however it can be a bit expensive for those doing magic as a hobby. On the other hand what the app does is really mind blowing, so if magic is something really fascinates you. You better go for it.




[appbox googleplay com.jsplash.mindreader]

Mind Reader (Card Magic Trick)

  •       Card tricks
  •       Guesses the card
  •       Quite amusing

The app doesn’t read the mind (obviously) but the card in your mind. It will show you a list of cards and you have to choose one and remember it. The app will tell you which one is that.

You can use It on others in parties and gatherings and also a great way of starting conversation with strangers (if you don’t see it as a magic performing app).



[appbox googleplay justimagine.studioo.android.chooseanumber_amagicalapp]

Magic mind reading trick

  •       Mind reading (of number)
  •       Simple but fun
  •       2 tricks to learn

It’s fun and must have, especially if you are a parent (want to amaze your kids). The way it works is super simple. You will think of a number from 1 to 99. Then the app will show you seven cards, each having a number on it. If one of the seven is the number you had in your mind’s eye, press the yes button if not, then press no.

This simple magic app can teach you a bit about how the probability in magic works which is a really big deal for a beginner. At the same a full of fun app to share with your friends and family.



[appbox googleplay com.fatbelly.learneasymagictricks]

Learn Easy Magic Tricks

  •       From mental to card magic
  •       Though need parental supervision (for kids)
  •       Interesting tricks to learn

The app is a kind of book that helps you learn about tricks regarding mental, magic, card, coin and close-up. Dozens of interesting tricks you can learn from the app, the app includes tricks involving matches and items considered potentially hazardous, therefore adult supervision is required if children practicing such tricks. Otherwise the tricks don’t demand any specific apparatus one can’t assemble on his own, nor the sleight of hand. A great app worth trying.



[appbox googleplay de.lochmann.zaubertricks2]

Magic-Tricks Tutorials

  •       Four categories
  •       From cards to mind reading
  •       Easy to understand tricks

Most of the best magic tricks have a problem and that is, they require a lot of practice to perform perfectly. But this is not the case with Magic-Tricks Tutorials, in which tricks have been chosen that can be understood by a layman.

The app contains four categories of tricks, card trick, coin trick, mind reading and object magic. You can choose from these categories the one you want to go first for. Though the tricks in this app are quite easy to learn but that doesn’t mean these tricks can be caught by the audience.



[appbox googleplay com.narvii.amino.x39]

Magic Amino

  •       Magician’s community
  •       Has features like polling and news
  •       Can connect to your local magicians

Magic Amino has taken the interactive approach for teaching magic, which is by communicating with the ones who already know the skill. It’s like a social media community for those who are interested in magic and can discuss it.

Imagine wouldn’t it be fun if you could connect with a local magician, so can later meet in person. The app has a feature of linking up local magicians or people interested in it. This way you can meet such people offline and you can discover much more about magic if done collective effort. Users can discuss magic techniques and latest magic tricks. The chat feature allows us to discuss it one to one. Discuss and share the magic tricks with others on the app.



Coin Magic Tricks

  •       Coin magic tricks
  •       4 tricks to learn
  •       Simple but worth learning

Even the best of magicians on TV shows use coin tricks to add excitement into their act. Especially most impressively remarkable performances we see on different science channels, where magicians showcase their skills, always include this coin tricks.

Coin Magic Tricks isn’t one of the most popular tricks on google play store, however it is the basic skills, command over which builds a proficient craftsman in future. The app teaches you four coin tricks that are good enough to put a smile on others’ faces.


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