Amazing Doctor Games That Medical Students Should Play

Doctor Games for mobile

Being a doctor you have to save life of any person who is in danger. And that what’s make medical a Nobel profession. Doctors are one of those citizens that contribute a lot in the society and makes life of other people free from the suffering, so they can live a happyly. There are games on doctors that tells how it feels when you do something good for other. Therefore sometimes playing doctor games can be more satisfying than anything else.

Kids Doctor Game

Downloads: 5000k-10,000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4.0

The first one is specially only  for the kids. Kids doctor is an educational approach towards changing their perception about doctors and how they should behave while visiting one. This is for younger kids from 2-6 years age and it makes them learn about doctor tools, hospital medical procedures and common diseases they can suffer from. The disease include cold, fever and ear pain.

There is a feature in which they have to take care of 6 small children for their health to make them learn more about care. There are 15 different tools they see in the game that doctors usually use. This is one of an Amazing doctor games for kids that are really rare in number and apart from the entertainment, educational is a necessary part of children up-bringing this game can provide.

Educational game application for kids


Crazy Doctor

Downloads: 10,000k-50,000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4.0

Crazy doctor game is the perfect medical simulation game that every medical student should try, especially the medical internees. This highly realistic game has unbelievably astonishing graphics that somehow convinces you that you are a doctor in a hospital. It has level system that you begin being an immature internee and ends by gaining proficiency in surgery and other medical treatments. There are 20+ seriously ill patients that need urgent medical treatment. It can make people learn in-depth about the medical surgeries and their procedures in great detail. Once again a great serious game about the doctors you must check out if you are an adult and want some good gameplay.

medical simulation game for android


Ocean Doctor

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: Free

Reviews: 3.8

Ocean doctor is a game where you treat marine animals. Rescue injured animals, diagnose their problem, tap them and take them to the operation theater. Help them to recover and to get back in the ocean. You have to complete 3 different challenges in which 12 ocean creatures are waiting to get the right help. It will mesmerize those who are either marine biologist or professionals studying about marine life. But even those who like oceans and want to see under water creatures, it’s a great game play for them too. This is specially recommended for veterinary internees.

rescue ocean animals in this doctor game


Brain Surgery Simulator

You are a brain surgeon doctor who has to treat hundreds of patients whom are hit by a disaster. Now your job as a doctor is to treat as many patients as you can in the least time possible because there are too many patients to look out. Things will get more complicated for head injuries and vertebra accidents. From broken back to brain hemorrhage patients, you are the one who has to deal with all of it.

Get the experience and feel the panic of working in such stress situation. The game is a very training any freshman medical students receives during their apprenticeship.

[appbox googleplay com.crazylabs.brainsurgeon]

Life Saving Hospital

You are not just a surgeon in Life Saving Hospital but a tactical decision maker whose decision will make the difference of live and death for a patient. Get ready to treat a constantly coming stream of some seriously injured patients and try your level best to make them healthy again. You may feel like a butcher in a slaughter house because of the number of consecutive surgeries you go through. But you are doing all this for making people recover from a tragedy.

Perform surgeries in ICU and save the life of as many patients as you can. You are the only hope for too many people and you have to do all this within very limited time frame. There is a long line of patients in serious situation and who need your attention very badly.

[appbox googleplay]

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