Android Apps Development Tutorial for Beginners

Android Apps Development Tutorial

There are countless Android app development tutorials available online with the title “For Beginners”. But although most of the tutorials begin with the very basics but as the Android tutorials proceeds it starts discussing things more relevant to the advance level developers, with out breaking out complex concepts into steps. Therefore, we have started to analysis only those Android development tutorials that are for real concordance to the beginner level difficulty. The tutorials mentioned below carry out the same spirit to make the newbies understand Android app development throughout their tutorials, by elaborating each and every minor detail a beginner should be told About.

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Programming Knowledge

Programming knowledge is one of the best Android app development tutorials for beginners as it has considered every detail and problem a beginner encounters while learning about Android development. This Android development tutorial has 3 series with elaboration and illustration of basic apps such as Calculator App. This series also discusses such problems that no other development tutorials do, like telling viewers the substitute for an emulator. It has entire videos on topics such time picker, Date Picker and SQLite database etc.

Prabeesh RK

Prabeesh has discussed Android development course for newbies from the very basics of development. It discusses even about how to install Android studio. Therefore, it can be considered as a tutorial that really fits the beginner’s need. And it maintains this tempo of ascending learning complexity at a slow pace throughout its all 80 tutorials.


Prabeesh Android Blog Link


As everyone knows Udemy is one of the best learning source online available either for the beginners or advanced level developers. Udemy provides you the most high quality content you can find anywhere else online, as it can provides different tutorials for the same topic delivered by several different instructors. You can choose the tutorials that match your wavelength.

udemy android course

Here is the List of Best Android Udemy Courses For Free

[Course 1]

Course 2

[Course 3]

[Course 4]

Course 5


Treehouse provides the newbie Android developers with the novel experience of online Android tutorials. It has the great backup of text content about the tutorials it possess and gauges your learning via quizzes it presents. It is also a bit more entertaining and amusing unlike other Android development tutorials. You will see puppets telling about Android development which makes learning fun.

treehouse android course

TreeHouse Course Link


Lynda has the greatest wide variety of video tutorials unlike any other tutorial series. Lynda has more than 15 Android courses which includes 600+ video tutorials. Like all tutorials mentioned in our list, this also make beginners learn concordance to their level. And you can also learn about app development as well as game app development and monetizing game apps in these tutorials. It has the best Series of Android Apps Development Tutorial.

lynda android app tutorials


If you are looking for the source that has a pathway for the newbie developers towards medium level development skills then TutorialsPoint is the thing for you. It makes you learn not only Android development but also programming from the very basics. TutorialsPoint greatly emphasizes on the java learning tutorials.





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