Best Android Blogs for Developers To Follow

Android Blogs for Developers

For Android developers, it is necessary to bookmark some developing blogs which will help them in learning more easily. Joining blogs especially for the developers provide them with ease to discuss their more specific problems in the comment section. Android blogs are the great source of getting updated about the news and reviews related the advancements in development. Following are some blogs that according to my opinion are the best Android blogs for developers that they should follow. See Also : Courses For Beginner Android Developers


Vogella blog contains every single bit of the data and guidance relevant to the development. Although Android development is just a part of it, as it contains several teaching lessons of programming, debugging, SQLite database, Android API etc. If you are a beginner in development then vogella will guide you through all the basic path ways to the advanced level development. It should be kept as a bookmark site on your browser.

Vogella blog contains every single bit of the data and guidance relevant to the Android development.

Android Authority

Android Authority is a cluster of highly valuable blogs on Android Development, News and Tips by the most proficient writers. It shares the opinions for different Android Apps and software. It’s one of many strength is, it is not very technical and any common man can learn from it. This is one of my favorite Android blogs.

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Android Central

This blog is one of the largest Android News centers. It provides several reviews about the apps that are launched recently. And if you are a developer, you can get reasonable reviews and feedback of the users via this blog. It is a must have for any Android developer. Check Also : Tricks For Android Developer


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Android Guys

This is a spot where you can search about any Applications and their reviews, made on Android Operating System. It daily gets updated by the recent blogs and it’s a great source to make you more aware about the recent innovations and advancements in the development. It has been 10 years since Android Guys started and now one of the top notches.


It daily gets updated by the recent blogs and it’s a great source to make you more aware about the recent innovations and advancements in the development.


Android Weekly

Android weekly is one of the best Android sites considering amazing aspects of the development. It gives you a wide sight about the reviews and tutorials that have recently launched. Android weekly is a great site which will help you proceed as an developer. It also focuses on the importance of design and the development.



if you are a developer who wants to know about his/her app or the products that has been created by you then it can help out with this. It has huge number of users that will rate your app and will provide you with the vital information and feedback you wanted. Check the wear apps for Android.


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Android Hive

This website has everything to be learning about Android, it provides you with the complete source code of several apps and games. Android Hive also recommends different apps and the products for user. It is a blog created by experienced and professional developers which makes you learn more specifically about the Operating System.

Gizmodo Android

Gizmodo covers the topics related to the phones and latest Android news. Although it may not seem to be relevant with the development itself but understanding the user aspect of devices and gadgetry helps developers to see the bigger picture. They may learn how new devices are changing and what people think of them. By giving a glaze into a review section of the blog, developers can understand the user’s demand and the mind-set.

Sometime developers so much indulge into the tiny details of their development projects that they forgot to see the bigger impact of their projects; this blog will help you to see it before its coming. Read also: Game development tools


Droid Matters

Droid Matters deals in not just with the Android gadgets but apps and tools too. It is a really amazing and beneficial blog for Android developers to subscribe for. Either it is latest news of Android or about best Android blogs; you can have it all under one roof, the roof of Droid Matters.

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With Droid Matters learn about upcoming apps and tools, as you will have better insight of the market when it comes to environmental scanning. You would know what your competitors are doing and how you can turn the game. Creating a deadly app is more of generating a competitive edge instead of loading it up with hundreds of features already available in the existing apps.


Reddit | Developing Android Apps

Instead of just being a blog or Android forum, this community has the benefits of both. Actually it is like Android developer’s hub where they share the ideas unique to them and are innovative in nature. Everyone knows that Reddit is called the front page of internet for setting new trends and making things viral all around the globe.

You as a developer would not just learn phone news but some innovative ideas and topics being discussed by top-notch developers.



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