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Unlike today, a decade ago families used to spend time together at weekends by playing fun board games. With time, technology changed everything and also the way families used to spend their quality time together. The good thing about Technology today you don’t need a board to play a board game. If you have an Android device you can enjoy it anywhere anytime you want and the best part is your family should not be under one roof to spend time with each other.

The good thing about Technology today you don't need a board to play a board game.


Catan, a famous online board game where you win by creating as many settlements as you can. The only thing you need to be careful of is your settlements either little or big should be far more than that of your opponent. Never let anyone over power you. Gather useful resources and create reserves. Compete against online players and prove your competency. If out of the range of WiFi, enjoy the game with your computer (artificial intelligence). One of the most amazing board games for families that can make you stay up all night long. Check also: Games like Ludo

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One of its own kind board game that gives the look of a game’s deck on your Android mobile. You buy some important secrets and jewelry from native vendor. Later, you use these items to gather gems and gain points. This fun board game is really simple but you would not wish to leave it easily once you start playing it. A strange thing about this game is that whoever plays it, feels a real-time addiction towards it. A family board game highly suggested for board game lover.

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For those who thinks time is money and should not be wasted on games too much then YAHTZEE is family game for them. You need to roll a dice just for five times and just that what it demands for a single game. All your dice members will be sumed up and the total will determine your score. The person who scores highest wins the game, as simple as that.

No intro required, no hard and fast rules. Just roll some dice whenever you have some extra minutes. Because this dice game hardly takes more than 5 to 8 minutes but can provide you with some entertainment for the day while being on a subway to office. A unique game of dice which is one of its own kind where anyone can be a winner even if playing for the very first time because no mind teasing tactics is required and luck almost leads the entire game. See also: Puzzle RPGs

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Unlike any other board games, Carcassonne has special quality of that it can be played by several players at a time. It’s simple and strategical. You place tiles at your turn and every time you play the game you make your own board by placing a tile at your turn.

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The player whose tiles dominate other will gather highest score and will be declared as the winner of the game. A simple colorful game where each player can choose colorful tiles of his own likability.

Ticket to Ride

You are holding position as an administrator of USA railway system. Now you better be do it properly because if anything goes wrong, things will get pretty messy. You manage the flow of trains on different tracks that has the nexus all over USA. 

If the timing of two trains clashes it can lead to great loss of lives and money. Collect wagons and arrange them proportionately to the load it has. Ticket to Ride can be labelled as a mind-boggling but interesting board game at the same time.

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Be the Real Estate tycoon and have monopoly over land and buildings of the houses. A dice board game which is a family oriented and promotes offline interaction by conducting a multiplayer mode on the same single device. For every player’s turn, one have to pass the device itself  to other player setting next to him which consequently increases the offline interaction. If had played ludo game in the past then you will surely love it too.

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