Best Android Calorie Counter Apps You Should install

use these calorie counter apps to track your health

Maintaining or losing your weight demands to keep a close eye on your calorie count. You just need to make sure that to be in shape you consume the calories you intake on daily basis. Sometimes it gets a bit irritating to calculate the calories of everything you eat. Let the count be done by calorie counter apps while you enjoy the meal. There are some great Android apps for calorie tracker below, among which you can choose that suits your need best.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Downloads: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000

Price: free

Reviews: 4.4

A high tech calorie count application that not only helps to keep the calories in control but guide you on the pathway of healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to put the food name to make calorie count, instead the FatSecret has a photo recognition system that track the photo of meal and not only count the calories but other nutrients. It can make the calorie count not only for daily basis but weekly too. You can also know about your carbohydrate breakdown and consumption of protein and fats.

There is a journal in the application to record your daily thoughts. It includes food diary to provide you with the recipes of low calorie dishes. It also bears exercise log which will get your tummy flat. While for the moral support you can join small online community it avows. A great diet app which fulfills the need of every person, men or women.

[appbox googleplay]

Lose it

Downloads: 5,000,000 – 10,000,000

Price: free

Reviews: 4.4

Lose it is a calorie counter chart which works the same way as the latest apps do, by just taking a pic you may know precise calorie count of your food. The application is not just a calorie counter but a weight losing trainer too. You can set a goal and pursuit within desired time frame. Just enter your details and set your goal of desired weight. It will guide you on what to eat and what to avoid by keeping in view your favorite food items. This also has a public challenge which connects as a great drive to lose weight by being super serious. You can also have a community among which you can share your thoughts and can get the encouragement you need. Just go for your desired goal.

[appbox googleplay com.fitnow.loseit]

My Diet Diary

Downloads: 1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Price: free

Reviews: 4.1

My food diary is a complete food guide system that keeps record of every bite you eat. From calories to your water level, it keeps an eye on everything. It records your nutrition and calorie intake. While it’s beautiful and user-friendly interface makes it more appealing to use. My Diet Diary is about your entire eating habits and how to avoid the bad ones. My diet diary App provides you the community service with its own community of diet conscious people. 70% of your body shape depends on what you eat and this fitness counter tells you how to execute this law in your life.

[appbox googleplay org.medhelp.mydiet]

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Get calorie estimation with more than 2 million food dishes and never get wrong with the calorie count of the meal you had in some other country.

Keep track of the weight you are losing and the progress that has been made in past few weeks. Losing and gaining weight is all about how calculative you are with calories and the way you managed them to get the desired shape.

[appbox googleplay com.livestrong.tracker]


YAZIO would not just tell you what not to eat but how to have your tasty meal with least amount of calories. There are about 100 dishes you can try as healthy tasty meal. Its a complete calorie record keeping, and just not that but every nutrition you take out of 2 million foods. Along with the calories, how many carbs and proteins have taken will also be recorded in your food diary.

Apart from what you eat, it also guides you about the physical activities you should engage in and what effect you are receiving from your current sports or the physical activity you are doing. It will count the calorie burn by your specific sport or even the calories you have consumed at every step you take during the day.

It accumulatively sum up your activities and the number of steps you walked throughout the day and tell how many calories are been burned or either there was a reasonable activity for muscle gain or not. See the weight gain or losing trend over the past few weeks or months with this calorie recorder app and understand your body better. A perfect app for calorie counting that takes under consideration all the important factors determines your physical appearance such as the food you eat, the physical activity you perform and the balance in nutrition you are having.

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