Useful Android Car Apps To Drive Easy and Safe

Android Car Apps
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Drive Easy With These Great Android Car Apps And Manage Your Things

Android operating system has been spread worldwide because of its user friendly interface and efficiency of features it provides. Android has also amazing car applications such as Android car play and other Android GPS apps etc.. The driving apps you can find on Google play store are real fun as they include useful features such as GPS navigation, navigation map while they also have cool stuff and entertainment. You can also check out numerous Car play applications online that you may use for your car and will only regret why did not you use these android driving apps before. Following are some best android car apps you should give a try.


GasBuddy is the one of most popular and high rated car apps available online. Using this app, you can know the cheapest gas station nearby and save your time by not going for new gas station every time in the search of the cheapest fuel in your town. You can also earn points by doing some promotions of this car fuel app and you can even earn 100$ gas with these points. One of the best things about this app that it is a free car app.

Driving apps for android

Download GasBuddy

Car dashboard

You can now drive safe while using your android phone apps by using all your apps via car dashboard. This app is a driving app that allows you to use other phone’s apps while driving as it bears large buttons, voice command and sliders which allows you to get to the main dialer and other icons. You can also create 40 shortcuts in this app which you can use later while driving your car.

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android car apps
Mandaria Software

Download Car Dashboard


Sygic is the number 1 best GPS App you can have on planet earth. It is the only Android Gps navigation app which such huge number of users. The best part about sygic is, you don’t need internet as it is an offline GPS navigation app which will tell you about the traffic, you may encounter while going to specific area and it also solve your parking problems by providing you the parking suggestion with great precision and accuracy. Sygic is a car app every driver must have in their smart phone.


Download Sygic

Drive Mode

You can use music apps, testing apps while displaying navigation map on your phone at the same time because of drive mode. Drive mode allows you to do testing via voice control, controlling your music and changing it but at the same time you are keeping track of your journey with the navigation it is providing while other apps are running at the background in your mobile phone. It is a great multitasking android app that can save your great amount of time and makes driving safer for you don’t have to look at your phone screen while you trap in a situation where you have to do driving and texting at same time.

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Download DriveMode


If you are previously bothered by accidents and road hazards, you did not expect and which get you late, then you must try waze. Waze is a navigation app that would not tell you about the traffic but also any accidents, hurdles or any incidents to place in your way which requires your attention will be inform to you.

Waze GPS navigation app

Download Waze

Android auto

Android auto, as the name says it all is an android application designed for car drivers. It allows you to use your android device with great ease while driving your car. With its voice control feature, you are safe to use your phone while driving. You can use each and every feature and your mobile phone at its best because it will run from by default application to complicated applications such as Skype with voice control. Now you can do some of your mailing and documentation on your android phone while you are driving and it will make your travelling time more productive.

Download Android Auto

Ultimate car dock

Like other credible car apps, ultimate car dock allows you to drive your car without any distraction, even for the music player. You will be doing the texting, calling and even controlling the music system of your car without getting hands off the steering. This application is not only making the phone more convenient to use via your voice recognition system but also is the demand of the time when only few people can resist the temptation of using their smart devices while driving.

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Apps on Toast

Download UCD


Although there are many voice control apps that help to control your phone and make texting convenient but it is not entirely makes your hand free. Because whenever you get a reply of your text or receive mails you have to read it and which can divert your attention while driving the car. Here this Android app “Read it to Me” helps you to know every text message you receive without staring your phone screen.

It is not just useful while driving but when doing other tasks such as workout, cooking or gardening; this can prove very beneficial to stay connected all the time. It’s one of the most under rated android car apps that must be given appreciation and compliment to be used by busy executive and the professional who constantly have to stay connected with different people.

Automatic Application

Whenever we hear about the app we don’t think of anything tangible but for new innovative application, the smart phone hardware can not meet the requirements. For such application there comes the hardware device along with it. So it is the case with Automatic which fulfills the purpose of diagnosing all your car operations and system with great precision and details. If you always get worry about that if something goes wrong suddenly on the highway just because your engine caution light blinked for ones, then Automatic app will help you to get rid of all your worries.

You just need to install the device with the OBD or the port under the steering wheel. This device will get connected to your android phone and you will know about your driving habits, engine condition and your speed patterns. It also makes emergency call automatically in case of an accident.

Track your car from anywhere
Automatic Labs, Inc.

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