Android Fitness and Gym Apps To Stay Healthy

Android Fitness and Gym Apps
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Best Android Fitness and Gym Apps To Stay Healthy and Fit

It’s some point of our life we all think about joining a gym or getting our body into good shape. But the things what stops us mostly are the trainer expensive, time it need, or just are procrastinating habits. The solution for all these hurdles is downloading the reliable Gym App into Android Phone. It will not only guide you about the workout training and also provide you with the detail information and data of you previous workouts. Today we are discussing about the best android fitness and gym apps that will help you getting into shape while they charge you very low or nothing at all.

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Runkeeper allows you to set a track between two points as your running distance and the app will guide you about your performance during the running. This fitness app will guide you by giving you the audio instructions and the updates about your activity and the goal that you have settled. This gym app also allows you to set a running distance for the specific time as your distance to cover. This android app also provide you with the music, motivational speak or any audio data you want to listen without switching off the app. The best part is that this Runkeeper app is for free.


Android fitness app
FitnessKeeper Inc.

Download RunKeeper

Calorie Counter

Although we are making a list of fitness apps but you can’t go a long way in getting your body in shape without keeping an eye at your diet. As 70 % of our muscles building is due to the diet while 30% is about your workout, therefore we added up diet app which you need to try. Calorie Counter App has data about 4 million foods and the calories they possess, therefore it will keep you on track towards the body shape you want to attain.

Download Calorie Counter

Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club App is a great workout application you can have add in your android smart phone, with not only training about gym workout but also sports training of tennis and basketball. In this Gym App professional trainers and celebrities guide you about the gym training. This app has three difficult level among which you can choose your match. While you don’t have to pay for this app, it is free.

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Nike workout app
Nike, Inc.

Download Nike+ Training Club


This app is also a free and highly effective Android gym app that will provide you the report of your number of sets, reps and the weight you are lifting in the gym. Jefit is one of the greatest apps that work along the gym and act as your personal trainer via its customizable settings and interface. If you are interested in body building career as a profession, then this android fitness app is highly suitable for you.


Android Gym APP
Jefit Inc.

Download Jefit


Lose it

Lose it app demands your weight, age, height and tells you what is the right amount of calories you should burn by keeping in view your workout and the intake of your diet. This android fitness app is free.

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android fitness app
FitNow, Inc.

Download Lose it


Workout trainer

Workout trainer is a video training workout app that is a COLLECTION OF several workout videos that full the purpose of the professional trainer. Although this is an entirely free yet with its premium version you can enjoy HD videos and diet plan provided by the application. It is a reasonable choice for Android users for a fitness app.

Personal trainer app
Skimble Inc.

Download Workout trainer

Yoga studio

Yoga studio is not a gym app but contributes a lot in your physical and mental health via its yoga and meditation videos. It allows you to create your own yoga training video library for the advance level which includes more than 300 yoga positions. It’s a reasonable must have fitness app for the people of all ages and different genders. Because no matter what body type you have and which body shape you want to achieve, this  will help you get a healthy body.

yoga app

Download Yoga Studio


The people who are keen of cycling and running workout should know that strava has taken their running exercise to a next level. Strava not only provide you with the distance you cover with great precision but also tells you about the track you took and the time taken in covering the total amount of distance. This application also matches your performance with other previous one and helps you set a long term goal which you can count on by noticing your day to day performance. The thing I personally like about this, that it’s a workout app that can be used by youngster and teenagers or even kids with equal efficiency. As it does not include swinging a dumbbell in the gym which can affect the bone growth pattern of young kids. Strava is a complete family workout application.

Workout app for getting in shape
Strava Inc.



This app uses the social pressure to improve your body shape and exercise habits. The daily routine of exercise you choose would be shared on the social media sites and other users of fitocracy app will comment on your routines. The application will score your workout which would also be displayed on your social sites. Fitocracy is a great application for socializing and promoting healthy workout habits.

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Training application
Fitocracy, Inc.

Download Fitocracy

Seconds pro

Customize for athletes training, seconds pro allows you to select different training concordance to your demands. You can use alarm alerts and speech control to carry out the next exercise. In this way you can consistently workout by being in the mood without tapping on your device. It also allows you to listen music while you are being trained by the seconds pro. If you want to get more of physical strength, stamina and power then just enhancement of muscle mass, seconds pro is the thing for you.

Athletes training Android app

Download Fitocracy


From beginner to advance level fitness savvy, fitstar will guide you all the way through. This app provide you the proper guidance of workouts via training experts demo and by which you learn the right posture and the position of performing an exercise, fitstar starts from very beginner level or concordance to your daily routine activity and consistently enhancing the difficulty level of your workout as you proceed with time. fitstar makes you feel of having a personal trainer in your Android phone.

fitness app for android
FitStar, Inc.


7 Minute workout App

In today’s world, time is the most crucial factors that determine the undertaking of any activity. In this fast moving world, people ignore their health for not having much time to get in shape. 7 min workout app is a blessing for such people who allow them to take a step forward in the direction of fitness and healthy lifestyle. This application has a combination of about 1000 variations of exercises and the workouts but each and every training is less than 10 minutes. One of its features allows you to know about your current fitness condition and provide you the training intensity according to it.

Best Apps For Health
Simple Design Ltd.


30 day Fitness Challenge Workout

This app is an outstanding free fitness App for Android that allows you to get into the habit of doing daily basis workout. It also includes full body workout from abs to arms you can find several exercises and workouts on each part of the body and muscle. One of its features allows you to know your daily calorie burn, for which you have to connect to the Google Fit. 30 day fitness challenge provide with a proper pathway towards a strong, healthy and in shape body with its 3 level program.

Challenging appication
Leap Fitness Group



Moves is the kind of positive reinforcement about the daily physical activity and encourages you to increase it by keeping a track of your physical activity. Either you walk, run or do cycling; this application will keep track of your physical activity by using your phone and GPS locations. Using this data it calculates the calorie burn. One of its features creates weekly and monthly reports of your calorie burned via different activities and this motivates you to get yourself a slim and smart.



If you need an expertise of professional persona trainer, then you can get it with Endomondo. It is an extra ordinary training application that guides you via training plans, feedback, training guidance and at the same time motivates you with the progressive stats, social media encouragement, music and much more. You can attach this feature with any of your smartphone watch, so you don’t have to carry your smartphone with you.

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Running and walking app

Download Endomondo


Sworkit has the most detailed customizable weight lifting workout for their users. The users can insert their desired body are and muscle to focus and the time duration of their training. This application is one of the best Android Fitness and Gym Apps, it will provide you highly suited training which matches your input data to the app. It has four levels of the training from cardio to stretching which makes it a perfect training app for everyone.

perfect training app
Nexercise Apps, Inc


StrongLifts 5×5

StrongLifts is an absolute gym app which tells you with the each minor detail of instruction that  you can aspect to receive from hired personal trainer. It tells you about the workout, weight, sets and reps detailed guidance. You install this application and you don’t need to think about your previous workout and what was the weight and reps you were doing for a particular training.

absolute gym app



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