19 Top Android Games Everyone Should Have

Android Games Everyone Should Have

Gaming on Smart Phone has been improved so if you are a game lover then these great Android Games everyone should have in their Mobile Phones. After the release of the version of Android Nougat, it feels more good while playing the games on the smart phone. Everyone play games on their mobile phones, no matter what the age is. They feel comfort and joy while playing free Android Games on device. So if you are addictive and want to play more better games, then you should try this list which i have mentioned below.

Here are the Top Android Games Everyone Should Have.



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Dirt Xtreme

Gauge up your driving skills on the dirt race track where you are not competing against AI but some real hardcore racing fans. Zip up for the real racing challenge by starting from customize your diver and choosing initial racing challenges. The best offline Android game where there is no place for a slower one. Go for career or some any other that can fit your taste. Compete in different race challenges that gets harder when you promoted to the next one. Online game for Android phones that has taken mad max like game to a newer level.




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You will hardly find anyone who has not heard of this game. Minecraft takes you in a world where you can mine things, build things and beat bad guys. It’s current version has several modes such as creative mode and survival mode. The developers are consistently trying their level best to make every possible improvement in this mine game. If you are a game enthusiast then you must play this Android game.

minecraft game for Android



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Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has beaten all the previous sales of all Android games. It has proven a record breaker in the world of Android games. Most of the credit for Pokémon break through is given to its augmented reality that creates an unforgettable user experience. Pokémon go has addictive user appeal and if you have not played it, let us tell you what you should expect from the it. In this 3d pokemon game, you will see creatures around you when ever see you’re surrounding on the screen of your smart phone using camera. Whenever you see a Pokémon you can catch it, you can have a Pokémon duel in the gym and can refill your items from pokestops.

But unlike any other game, the places I have mentioned like gym and pokestops does not exist in the game only but at the map of your city in reality. Whenever, you want to have a duel you got to go to gym and the gym will appear somewhere on the public place on your city map which will appear on your Android phone.

pokemon go game
Niantic, Inc.



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Oceanhorn will take you on the quest where you will discover many hidden secrets, strange truths and weird mystery. Set on this journey with your spirit of adventurist. You alone on the island having no way back will need strange creatures and deadly monsters. To proceed further as a victorious adventurist, you have to fight with them but fight hard, because there are too many of them and you are not at all alone on the island.

Watch out your back because there can be someone attacking your back. Apart from the courage, the quest will expose you to intellectual challenge in the from of puzzle problems. If you want to advance further in your journey, have the courage and intellect to overcome all these hurdles and collect treasures as a winner.



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Angry Bird

Today angry bird has reached the pinnacle of success, and even its movie has also been released. So much is the popularity of angry bird among the users. It’s a simple game that person of every age find amazing to play. Angry bird shows several birds in it which you throw at the fort of piggies, using a catapult.

The piggies are enemies of the birds and you got to demolish the forts of the piggies entirely by throwing these birds over them. If you manage to do so in three or less than three turns, you will be able to the next level. One exciting feature of this top rated Android game is a unique specialty of its each bird. Some will throw thunderstorms, some will light and can be thrown far away while few of them blasts like a bomb.


Angrybird game
Rovio Entertainment Ltd.




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Temple Run

Temple Run is a wonderful Android game that is really popular among the users. You just have to swipe your fingers on the screen and nothing more. It is not a brain teaser but challenges your reflexes. A figure will appear that will be consistently running forward and you just have to make sure that no obstacle stop it and you collect all the coins in the way while passing by. And if you fell due to the obstacle, evil spirits will catch you and game over. In other version, you will be chased by the apes. Your score will be determined by the number of coins that you collect and the distance you cover.

templerun game
Imangi Studios




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Clash of clans

Clash of clan is a strategic planning game which you will play online with several other players. It consists of various components and characters. In this, you will be given the place where your fort is located. Now, it’s your responsibilities and obligations to protect your fort from enemies attack and invading enemies.

clash of clans game




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Rollercoaster tycoon

This game is a fun in which you can design roller-coaster the way you want. Roller-coaster tycoon is an amazing roller coaster for people of all ages includes kids and adults. It’s a game to enhance your creativity by making different designs and models of roller-coaster similar games of roller-coaster tycoon has been released in the market for PC in the past yet it is a fresh start for Android platform.

Android Action Games
Atari, Inc.




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Hopeless: The Dark Cave

This is a great match for the people who like shooting games. This is a great experience now since the shooting controls have been so easy that by just tapping the game can go well. It is about a situation where you are consisting of a small team of cute little fellas and the darkness around you will engulf them as a monster. Now you have to protect them from a monster by using weaponry. Hopeless does not consist of different levels as such, but the motive is to collect as many coins as you can so you can upgrade your weapons.




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Shadowgun is another Shooter game in our list as it has taken the world by storm, the way it behaves. It’s features and displaying of the pretty defined graphics of minor details have won hearts of many. You can enjoy it with your friends and family anywhere, anytime you want. It consists of breathtaking adrenaline pumping exciting modes such as Deathmatch and battlefield.

Fighting 3d games




Wire defuser

Wire defuser is a great test of how well you can perform under pressure. It’s a game in which you have to defuse bombs and at each level there are time limits. Keep track of your time while being busy in bomb defusing or you will be blown away.





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Dots is an amazing simple game which is amusing for kids as well as for adults. It demands the basic skills for connecting two dots of same color. Although this seems too simple to be played by adults yet it’s not that easy, as it may sound.

best brain teaser game





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Traffic rider

Traffic rider mesmerizes you with its outstanding graphics and variety of motorcycle riding, you can enjoy in this bike game. You have to complete each lap in a specific time limit by using your Android device as a handle to turn your bike through the traffic. With the completion of each level at the right time, you will be given access to new motorcycles.

Android users who are keen to racing games will find it very cool because you can race with the real life super cars in it. It is one of the top-notch car racing with very decent graphics. Either you are a car lover or a car racing fan, it’s a game that you must give a try.





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Piano tiles 2

To play a piano when you don’t know how to play one, is an unforgettable experience. Black blocks will appear on your screen and you have to tap them at the right time. By tapping several tiles at the right time in a row will cause a tune to play. Although you were just tapping black box on your screen but it will sound like more of a master playing piano.

Piano tiles
Cheetah Games




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Super Mario Run

The iconic video game of the past two decades has come to revive via Android. This Mario game used to be every video game lover‘s favorite, therefore after such a long time now it has again been launched but this time on Android devices. Super Mario run is one of the best games on AndroidThe best part is, like old days you don’t have to buy a cassette for your gaming console as it’s totally free to download.

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Run mario run
Nintendo Co., Ltd.




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8 ball pool

8 ball pool used to be one of my personal favorite on PC and now on Android, It’s a great game to play. However, you can play it with your friends online or it can also be played offline without any internet connectivity. A great fun to get your angles right.

snooker games




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2 Cars

2 Cars is a brain teaser but simple to play. It relays on your ability to do the multitasking, actually switching your focus more quickly as there is no such thing like multi tasking. we humans only switch our attention from one task to another. It just demands you to do more of that instant switching.

You will be given the task of supervising moving cars one red and other blue, you have to make sure that these two cars avoid the squares in their way and only collect the circles. The better you do it the better will be your score. While playing it always keep track of the time if you are on a tight schedule because it’s a very addictive and interesting game to play.

car game for android




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Color switch

An interesting puzzle for people of different age groups. Color switch is about passing a color ball from different obstacles of various colors to get the ball pass through the obstacles of the same color as of the ball. It’s one of few Android’s addictive puzzle games that are a great brain teaser at the same time.

puzzle games
Fortafy Games





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Beach buggy

Beach buggy Racing is a free online Android game with full of characters and vehicles. By just playing it you can unlock some more of the characters along with the vehicles. Beach buggy has really impressive graphics for an Android platform.






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