Best Android Games of October 2017

Best Android Games of October 2017

Every month Play store team up with countless unlimited Android new games. These Android Games of October are developed by the developers from different backgrounds. Some are from well recognized gaming studios while few from beginner developers. However, it is not possible for any smartphone game enthusiasts to keep up with all these latest games. Therefore, we take the headache responsibility on our shoulders and sorted out best October games 2017.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest is where you will experience the adventure at its best. You as a cat has to go in the search of your kidnapped sister and has to overcome several challenges in the way. It is an adventure world where there are dragons, dungeons and other weird creatures that are staring at you from the distance. Although you are a cat but you have a heart of a line. Because of this fact you gonna face all the danger and risk in the name of your sister’s safety. Rescue your sister by completing 50+ quests and collect loot to get high score. Use your resources to simplify your problems and respond to your enemies with an iron fist.

A really amusing fun that deserves to be played by you.

[appbox googleplay com.thegentlebros.catquest]

Night Run – The Dark Tower

You are a ghost hunter who has gone to high hill to catch up some souls. Your job is to hunt some souls and capture them in your reserves. There will be some dangerous haunting creatures you gonna fight against but don’t worry you can fuel up your energy level by capturing some health souls.

There is a dark tower waiting you to arrive. Be a vigilant because there is whole lot of more you are expecting to be there. Get outside in the mid night and have a tug of war with souls and ghost out there. Be careful because you are all alone and no gonna come for your help. A quite simple impressive new game for those who have deep love for horror movies.

[appbox googleplay com.EON.Tower]


Visit marine life by being a whale. A quite simple and non complicated game where there are just 3 things to do Jump, swim and fly. Tap to dive deep and the ocean while leave the screen to make your whale rise up on the water. Avoid different strange obstacles and make your whale fly if things are tough in the water. Collect the coins and make some high score.

[appbox googleplay com.Guitou.RunAWhale]

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