Best Android Mini PC For Gadget Geeks

Best Android Mini PC For Gadget Geeks

Android Mini PC solutions are nothing different but a PC that runs on Android OS. Although the way today our PCs work, is quite effective with the mouse and the keyboard but no one can match the convenience of a touch screen system. When it comes to touch screen, hardly any one can beat Android. Because of the competency Android has made it’s place for the smartphones and tablets for thousands of users.

But Why we cannot currently use our phone as PCs is due to their physical hardware limitations. But The future belongs to such devices that can run on Android. Because the fact is that people want smaller and powerful devices that they can easily carry anywhere they go.

Android has done some long sighted planing and showed believe in the future Android Operating system. There are some Mini PC Android Gadgets that can be seen as a model of future PCs. Although they are not as much powerful as the current PCs of Microsoft yet they can provide some pretty good competition. Before going for this, it is necessary to set your preferences of usage, so you can use it to it’s best. Some can provide you as an amazing alternative of multimedia device while you can do same stuff on others. Anyhow you will come across the devices which on average holds 1 GB of RAM along with Bluetooth. In the same time you can store enormous amount of data in it. So let’s give a look at some top Android Mini PC solutions.


If you are looking for a smart TV substitute along with the benefits of Android phone then MINIX NEO X8-H can be the best choice. It can do video streaming like no other can, YouTube or Netflix you just name it and you will have it. The Skype works pretty well on it too. You can have the plus points of a smart TV and the portability of a device and the best part is you can actually have all the features you usually use on your Android. It can support any kind of MP3 or MP4 file format and if Android games are your thing then don’t worry it also does it well. MINIX NEO X8-H is a full pack mini PC TV box for those who want cheap smart TV alternative.

minix-neo-x8h Android TV Box

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Ourspop RKM

If you want your TV work like an Android device then you don’t have to spend any amount of money on smart TV. Ourspop RKM is a digital TV box that will make your TV work on Android OS and in this way as if it is an Android phone. The device converts your regular TV into Android machine at which you can not just do the video streaming but can also watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix or from anywhere on the internet. You can also enjoy live music and other multimedia content. But That’s not all, it has all the pros of device and can run all Android games of Google play store on your TV.

Quad Core Mini PC Android TV Player

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PROBOX2 can be seen as a futuristic device, for you can use it as your Mini PC that works on Android. It would not just run all the MP4 and multimedia files but you can also browse on the internet like you usually do on a regular device. It is a better description of how MINI PC should be like. Along with the specs of above mentioned gadgets it also offers some that the above two cannot. So what are you waiting for, grab a PROBOX2 and download games from Android store, surf for social media or do some serious computing.

Smart TV Box Mini PC Android

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