Android tips and tricks for developer

Android tips and tricks for developer
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1. Have independent pixel density

Android apps are designed to be work on several devices and it would be not possible for an Android developer to test all app for different screen sizes. Therefore to have independent pixel density very crucial factor for the success of your Android application. When you have the independent pixel density, the Android will automatically adapt to the device on which the app is being used.

2. Optimize your Android App

Never underestimate the memory space your Android app is occupying, as it ultimately affects the speed of its functionality. Android app users are very conscious about its speed of performance which you can enhance by optimizing the app. It is also very necessary to have least number of the variables and the objects, because it contributes and determining the memory size of your android application.


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3. Follow Google Guidelines

Google has set specific guidelines for the Android app development which every new developer should go through at least at once. These guidelines are created to enhance the user experience and it ultimately will add value to your app. Especially if you are aimed to develop a user friendly application, the guidelines will be proved very beneficial to you as they are established to ensure the consistency of the application.

4. Avoid emulator

For beginner Android developer, we suggest not to go for Android Emulator. Emulators will do no good to them except slowing the development process. If you are a newbie it is better to test the app on your smartphone or what ever android device are you having by connecting it to your personal computer. As we have mentioned above to keep independent pixel density resolution which ultimately rule out the use of the emulator. For emulators are mostly used for testing the app performance on different screen size.

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5. Know your user

To make an Android app work effectively and efficiently, it is necessary to track your users and consistently thrive to fulfill their needs. The bigger the reserve of your data the bigger chances that you will yield customer’s satisfaction and it will even give better ideas to your developers several innovative ways to collect user data and their and know their satisfaction level.

6. Android Market

Although, Android users spend much lesser than those of IOS users, but still working on Android development is worthy. However, most of the things you offer to Android users are supposed to be free but it’s something like mass consumerism. One way or another will ultimately make money for you. You can do these placing ads and there are so many other ways which you can find on internet. Android is a emerging market specially for the regions like India, china and Brazil.

7. Do Alpha and Beta

Before launching any Android app, testing it several times is a good idea. But testing should not be done only by yourself. The testing I am talking about is alpha and beta testing. Alpha testing is a testing of your app by a group of android users/ team mates while beta testing refers to exposure of your app to a much broader audience.

8. One Handed Mode

The more we have gotten busy the more of us wish to have more than just two hands. And the good news is that you can actually. One handed mode will give you the help of a entire hand by eliminating the need of other hand except of your best hand. You can use this feature for being a really busy developer and because a really professional are those who test their product by using themselves. You have to use the things you have developed so that you can make reasonable improvements. This can eliminate the use of one hand which you can use in other activities.

If you have one of a device from Nexus than it will be by default keyboard otherwise no need to worry you need to get it download within seconds from Google version.


These were the 8 cool Android tips and tricks for developer or a Newbie. You can also check some Awesome Communities that may be very helpful for you especially for the beginner developers.

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