Android vs IOS Pros and Cons: Which is better?

Android vs IOS Pros and Cons

If you are about to buy your new Smart Phone but confuse between Android and IOS, then for you here is a comparison between them. The comparison will depend upon your personal preference and not according to the majority of the users. If you were a fan of Android or IOS, beware of this list because it can change your thought either about any two of these platforms. So here we go to the list of Android vs IOS Pros and Cons.

IPhone vs Android Home Screen


When it comes to home screens, Android home screen can carry Apps, icons, widgets or even an image you want. It is highly customizable and the appearance of home page can be changed according to your taste. Check also: Android gaming tablet


IOS always serves Several App icons on more than one face of its home page but it is not really that much customizable as that of the Android. So if we are talking about home screen, then I will do the thumb ups for Android.


home screens of Android and IOS

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Security and Privacy


Android as a subsidiary of Google uses their customer’s data for analytic purposes for other organizations on a mass scale. But after the Marshmallow 6.0, it has become more secured than any other of its previous versions.


Apple is famous for fighting cases with FBI for not providing their user’s data. It can get you the idea how secure IOS is. Therefore, when it comes to the security and privacy, IOS has no match.


Android security


Google Play Store vs Apple App Store


Android is backed up with huge pack of apps in the Google app store, which are about 3.5 million applications. The Google Store is famous for its largest number of apps in any store. For downloading any app, you don’t need to do it via PC and can have it directly in your smart phone. This tremendous number of applications belong to wide range of diverse categories and most of them are available for free. You can also check the play store alternatives.


The app store of IOS, Apple app store has specific methodology to download any application on IOS phone. First you need to download the application on your PC, which will serve as a backup and then the apps will get transfer to your phone where you can use it. Read more: Run Android apps on Mac

Apple app store also secures about 2.2 million applications in its app store, of which most are free while most of them are of about $0.99. Apple is also famous for its iTunes services, which is one of the world’s largest music store and from where you can have access to almost every kind of music you want.


Android play store vs Apple store


Android Watch vs Apple Watch

Android wear

These Android wear watches are highly compatible for both Android and IOS Operating System and even better for IOS in Wear 2.0.

Apple watch

Apple watch is more inclined towards luxury. It only supports IOS and no any other Operating System.


Android gear vs apple watch



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