Android Wear Apps For Your Smartwatch

So lets get back to the point if you are looking for Android wear apps then there are the chances that you have one or about to buy one.

Although Android smartwatch may seem like a gear not most of us want but the truth is, it can be highly useful and productive if equipped with proper apps. For several reasons, you can’t always hold your phone in your hands to use it. But by having the gear you can use it anytime, anywhere such as while driving, exercising or doing any other such activity demands your both hands. And at the same time we must admit that Android wear is not the same gadget once it was, when launched for the very first time.


Best Android Wear Apps for Your Smartwatch

Many adjustments and improvements have been made to enhance its overall capability. So let’s get back to the point if you are looking for Android wear apps then there are chances that you have one or about to buy one. Let me assure you the list will help you make your Android smartwatch no lesser useful than the Android device itself. See Also: Top Android Apps


This smartwatch app for Android does not do anything specific except of giving your Android wear more human touch. I mean it gives a better user-friendly interface which will make it more easier to use and convenient for the bearer. It possess all the extras like temperature, battery and the time you always wanted in your wrist watch. Toor will give you bigger font for text and digits if any have to appear on the screen, makes it more easy to use and elegant to look. Read also: Nintendo 64 emulators

[appbox googleplay com.stmp.toor]


I always wanted this Android wear app because I just hate pulling out my Android set to change the music while riding my bicycle in the morning. Just download shazam app and change your watch into some kind of stereo. It will help you to sort out the song changing problem without reaching your pocket.

Just continue listening your favorite list you have created in the shazam or switch new song by giving a light touch to your Android watch. Even if listening from internet it will get it save in your phone memory for later use and if you are lucky it will show you lyrics of the song which it does for some specific songs. A really must have app for Android smartwatch users who are in love with the music. Check also: Android Fitness Apps


For every bicycle rider like me, strava will give high-tech touch to their bicycles. It tells you about the speed at which you are riding the cycle, the distance you have covered and how long you have been riding it. Its like having a car like speedometer on your bicycle. Strava may seem like a minor thing but all riders know it is a blessing of technology.

[appbox googleplay com.strava]


If you are one of those people who plan everything in advanced even if it is too early to plan like going on tour or vacation but obviously what is too soon to do, does not worth your time and can affect your other tasks. Therefore you don’t want to do it at times while you can do anything else that is the need of hour.

The smartwatch for Android will help you to find hotels for your summer vacations and you can do it without taking out your phone, while just driving, cycling, travelling or even sitting in a meeting (obviously it is not recommend). But the point is, you can search for nearest or far away cheapest hotels while you have nothing else to do.

[appbox googleplay com.tripadvisor.tripadvisor]

Just swipe up your finger on Android wear and tripadvisor will come up with some of the best options you can have. However, later you can do more research in a more detail oriented way but it will help you getting a better idea of analyzing all the available options.


Glide is a terrific video chatting app using which you can enjoy some texting too. The old 007 James bond movie like talking via watch is not a fiction anymore. Apart from its calling feature, one can send some cool texts too along with numerous emojis. May be you don’t need to hold anything in your hands when texting next time.

[appbox googleplay com.glidetalk.glideapp]

Water Drink Reminder

It is one of its own kind application that will take care all of your water related health issues by providing you a regular interval reminders to drink some water. You would add up your cup volume along with other details about you and it would not ever let your body get even close to the state of dehydration. An app that would not just keep your blood pressure, water level and metabolism well but helps you get more glowing skin.

[appbox googleplay com.northpark.drinkwater]



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