Best App Lock For Android

Best App Lock For Android

Our Mobile phones contain information almost equal in value to the stuff we lock up in a bank vault. Therefore, If anyone does not have a lock app in his or her Mobile phone then he is taking a great risk and making an enormous compromise over his privacy. It’s not something about choice but a must have thing which every Smartphone owner should avow in his phone. For guiding better in direction we have sorted some best Android lock screen apps you can choose from. Check also: Most secure phones


App Locker | Best AppLock

App locker will get your things locked up into a really secure locker where all the data either in the form of images, videos, text will be far away from any harmful activity. Avoid any mishap of being caught in a situation where someone can use highly sensitive info of yours against yourself, because this app lock for Android not only secures your text messages, social media accounts, documents, pictures and videos but even the settings you make to your phone. You would not just feel secure when you forgot your mobile some where you shouldn’t have.

We all are humans and can make mistakes but App locker will never make a mistake and will provide highest privacy to your phone’s content. If don’t like the way it looks, you can change the themes it has in it. Enjoy best of phone security. See also: PSx emulators

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We don’t want to put double layer of security on everything we do in the phone. But there is some secret stuff you don’t want to share with any of our friend and family member. LOCX is the most suited fingerprint app for such purpose that will provide security for such content you don’t want to be seen by anyone ever. Such content can be your social media chat, some videos or pics. You don’t want to put 8 digit security code on everything but there are some secrets in our phones we don’t want to share with anyone. This good lock app takes care of such confidentiality.

Choose from the pattern type or fingerprint security reviewing. You can also do some stuff with its appearance. Anyhow it is really cool photos locker app that would make your phone secure and no friend will call you a security freak.

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AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

The next time you were in a family reunion and if your naughty young nephew grabs your phone and runs away when you just place it on table, you do not have to be panic because that’s what AppLock is for. You have to put either a specific pattern code or fingerprint reorganization lock. If you are a private person and have a gigantic social circle then this secure lock app will never let you worry when you had left the phone on table while going to the toilet. A must have fingerprint lock app for security who wants some privacy.


Vault is the ultimate savior of all your phones’ content. By content, I mean every bit of the data including videos, messages, pics, files and documents in the phone. It will also put lock on your calls. No matter how many account passwords it has, it will keep it secure for you. A reliable lock app to rely upon. Check out: Android stickers apps

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Norton App Lock

Along with pin-code and fingerprint protection, it comes with some other interesting features such as parental control and Anti-theft feature. Especially if you are a parent whose kids use the phone then its parental control feature will keep you away from all the worries. But apart from its parental control and security code protection customization options, the feature I like most is the Anti-theft feature which takes photos of the person who makes three fail attempts to open up your phone or any of internal app lock.

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