Best Android Apps For Emojis & Stickers

Best Android Apps For Emojis & Stickers

No one can deny the fact how emojis have changed the way we communicate and specially the digital data we create online. Emojis act as pictures that say thousand words with in a single expression. Emojis are time-saving, eye-catching, interesting and fun to use. Almost every chatting or social media app has limited number of emojis therefore, you can check out some marvelous apps for emojis to have thousands of emoticons on your finger tips.

Big Emoji

Big Emoji would not let you never run out of emojis because it has 2500+ for you. Addition to that, this emoji app for Android is also loaded with some amazing stickers that you can use in your chat. The sticker app is supportive for every social platform so either its Whats App or Facebook, you can transfer tons of emojis with single touch. It although, supports every Android device but can go for other Mobile Operating Systems. If you are the person who likes doing customization, then change the color according to your mobile theme. Check also: Filter apps like Snapchat

Save time, use emoticons to chat with more than 3 to 4 people at a time. By replying some one with a reasonable emoji would not make you feel that you are currently in chat with many. Be a social butterfly and say it all with the emoji.

[appbox googleplay com.shareitagain.bigemoji]

Smileys & emoticons

If its smileys in your emoticons that you never find the perfect one to suit the situation then this smileys app will surely solve your problem. Load up your chatting messenger with hundreds of smileys. Transfer to any messenger you are currently using. It’s not just limited to the 1000+ smileys but also include Gifs and other visually attractive stickers to make your chat visually attractive. Try Apps like Canva

If you are really skilled with all the smileys and there is something new you can do with all this. Customize or create your own smileys that perfectly suit the situation and topic of the chat. Be the smiley King or Queen in your social circle and let the friends know if its smileys no one can’t do it better than you.

[appbox googleplay com.shareitagain.mymoodsmiley]

Emoji keyboard – Cute Emoji

If it is about latest emojis, then let me tell you Emoji keyboard App is fully stuffed with cool and cute stickers that will add some expressions in your chat. The emoji app has keyboard feature which has full of your favorite emoticons and the number goes up to 3000+. Apart from the emoticons, this best Android emoji app is also teamed up with the funny Gifs, stickers and interesting symbols which makes up a total of 3000. See also: Best Camera Apps

If it is not enough then there is a customization feature that allows you to do experiment with your keyboard’s colour with more than 900 colors. Even if you change color on daily basis for your keyboard, it will take you almost 3 years to try all keyboard colors. Be a step ahead with current emoji releases and be the first to use the most widely viral emoji.

[appbox googleplay com.emojifamily.emoji.keyboard.font.twitteremoji]


Create your avatar on stickers and share it with your friends. Make fun of your own stickers and spread laughter among your social friends. On the other hand, there are hundreds of emojis you can get the idea of your next sticker. For all those people, who love creating things.

[appbox googleplay com.bitstrips.imoji]

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard help you to share new things if it is stickers and emojis you want. Do it in abundance as sharing is caring.

[appbox googleplay com.syntellia.fleksy.keyboard]


Now is the time to create an emoji no one has ever seen. Who knows that it would get viral online and you be the one to start a new emoji trend. Add expression in your texting and make it more influential.

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