Best Learning And Educational Apps For Kids

Educational Apps For Kids

There are countless applications available on the Google Play Store for every specific niche but only a few has been created by keeping in view for children operations. Most of the apps either educational or entertainment, are not for children. Therefore, the selection of the applications for kids should be under parental control surveillance. In this post, we have mentioned some best apps for kids that they can enjoy with their parents. Check out: College students apps


ClassDojo is an educational app for kids to reduce the communication gap between the parents, teachers and kids. Using this learning app, parents can get themselves updated about their children’s education while teachers have to give much more attention than they used to provide the children. It is a great constructive tool for the children’s education.

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YouTube kids

YouTube kids provide children with entertainment content concordance to their age. The content should be free from any kind of violence or any inappropriate element. This is an entertainment app for kids that is full of animation and entertaining clips without any violence, nudity or abusive language. It is a completely kid friendly application.

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It is an amazing offline study app for kids and also for people of different ages. It contains flashcards of several different subjects that one wants to study about. Although this Android application is for free but as you know that this is about flashcards, therefore in the premium version of this application, you can get far more numbers of flashcards file. Flashcards can help you to make study time fun for your child. Therefore, we have mentioned it as one of the best apps for kids.

It is an amazing offline study app for kids and also for people of different ages.
Cram, LLC.

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Star Walk Kids

Star walk kids is a version of star walk which has designed especially for the children. It is a space exploration, star-gazing app that makes your child see the wonders of universe and enhances their knowledge and curiosity for the stars, planets and galaxies. If your child wants to be an astronaut then this is one of the best kids apps here.

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Duolingo, in my opinion is the must have application that parents should provide to kids because 95% of the kids brain develops at the age of five and so is language learning ability. This language learning app allows your kids to learn several languages at a very young age. The languages it includes are German, Italian, Dutch and English. The biggest reason for being this app my personal favorite is, you don’t have to pay anything for this wonderful kids Android app is free to download. Check also: English learning apps

learning apps for kids

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PicsArt Color Paint

This is an art application which can enhance your kids creative ability. It allows you to spend a quality time with your kids and at the same time, they can learn about drawing, coloring and art. This fun application allows you to save your child’s creation which you can show your child when he/she grows up which make this app something priceless.

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Dragonbox series

No matter from which profession you belongs to, having command on math adds to your skill, knowledge and comes handy. It is better to teach your kids about math at a very early age since children are very fast learners. Making them learn the basics of math will later aid them in their afterwards schooling and they will enjoy learning it later.

Dragonbox series is an amazing educational app that makes your children learn about the basics of diverse math branches from arithmetic to algebra. And the best part is that it is fun learning and may be exposing your kid to such learning activity can unfold some of his/her hidden talent related to the math.

[appbox googleplay com.wewanttoknow.Numbers]


Edmodo is for those parents who are enthusiastic about their kid’s school learning. This app helps to make the classroom assignments more interactive experience and assists to decrease the communication gap between the children, parents and teachers. You can get on board all the class students at the same time via which they can discuss the assignment from different perspectives and it also allows them to upload the files with the community.

[appbox googleplay com.fusionprojects.edmodo]

Ready4 SAT

Every high school student  needs to be good in SAT to make his way to the desired college. Nowadays due to the applications, the students have gotten more facilitated for the exam preparation for the SAT. Like this, you can prepare for the SAT by the different series of examination exercises, it can provide you. As practice makes a man perfect, by doing it constantly you will add up to your kids chances of doing well in the exams too.

How? By starting their high school SAT preparation before school, as it will help you learn more along with directing your kid in a better direction. The best part is, unlike any other book you can take the studies along with you and can prepare while travelling in a bus or standing in a long queue.

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Best Learning Apps For children

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No matter if you could not make to the college due to your age or lack of money, all you need to have is the passion for learning. Edx helps you to get your access to the education provided to the students of MCgill and MIT, at the end you will also get a certificate for it.

But why did we put this app in the list for best kids apps? because you can’t train your child for the practical life if having very limited education. This is a great tool which is making education common worldwide and enhancing the awareness for education worldwide.

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Pocket code

In the coming years, we will rarely find machine around us that don’t work on programming. Keeping in view the enhanced need for coding, a non-profit organization that has launched an app helped kids to learn coding. It helps kids to understand that how coding actually works and how can they do it. Although thinking about the word coding, something complicated pops up in our mind but this application is really simple to operate.

Kids can see how coding works by just drag and the drop option and unlike any other expensive programming leaning apps, it is just free to use. As coding is something that enhances your brain power but also has a wide scope of practical application.


Photomath is a high-tech educational app for kids that has magically grabbed the interest of parents and children alike. What it does is, it shows answers of a mathematical problem when you hover your phone’s camera on a math’s problem this app opened. It can solve not just arithmetic problems but also algebraic and other math branches too and the solution is not just limited to the answers of the problems but it explains every detail of the solution in its step by step elaboration. Read more: Apps for students

It would not just make kids understand math in a better way but also on their own.

[appbox googleplay com.microblink.photomath]

Brainscape Flashcards

Among all apps for learning, brainscape is more efficient and far more organized. As its teaching technique based on scientific technique. No matter what you are learning, it will expose you with the information need to memorize after the perfect interval of time so it gets into the depth of your brain’s memory with constant repetition.

It is not about making your cram some data list but learn new subjects or skills like language. Obviously learning consists of not just understanding the concept but memorizing the words and facts & figures you have not ever heard of.  

Brainscape Flashcards helps you to do it in far lesser time with much better effectiveness.

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It makes learning an enjoyable experience for it is an educational game app, best for school goings. It makes students learn about different subjects using flashcards. We often prepare for test but when the question paper appears, we realize we know the terminology asked in exams question but cannot recall it except its first letter.

Tinycards tackles such learning flaws by providing you flashcard notes so that you repeat all the facts and figures more than once and make you learn evenly the entire subject rather than emphasizing on few specific topics.

[appbox googleplay com.duolingo.tinycards]



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