Best Android Apps for Personal Assistant

Not every one of us can afford a personal assistant but we all wish to have one. And this is the part where Android Personal Assistant comes in; an Android personal assistant is an Artificial Intelligence app that does the tasks you command it to do. It works via voice control and can be of great use, especially if you are doing something (walking, driving, gardening, or jogging) but want to send a text or call someone. The personal assistant apps will help you a lot in such situations.


However, there are multiple apps that do the same work of doing your personal assistance. But we all want the best one. Like there is no such thing as best, because it all depends upon your needs and requirements.

Yes, we named the post best personal assistant apps and here best means the apps got greatest downloads and best reviews. Check also: Best Android Cleaner

Google Allo

With this personal assistant application, you would never again type your text messages or Facebook status using your fingers. Just tell your personal assistant which song to play and which mail to send, it will do it all for you. Google Allo is a messaging assistant app known for its competency and trust worthiness.

There are many such apps that claim to be effective but hardly seem to keep up with their promise. Allo is an entirely opposite to such apps as it is one of the top-notch Android assistant app you can have on your phone.

Allo is an entirely opposite to such apps as it is one of the top-notch Android assistant app you can have on your phone.

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Robin is always ready to be your personal assistant either while you are driving on road, gardening at your backyard or jogging on your treadmill. Just use the voice command feature to get your work done, no matter how busy you are. Things will get manage via this app for personal assistance. It hardly makes any mistake while typing the text for you or performing any other operation on your Android. Check out: Most Secure Mobile Phones

It is a full proof personal assistant for Android, you can have either on your phone or tablet.

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Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is the blend of a top personal assistant app and the best artificial intelligence app, as it does not just follow your instructions but can answer your different complicated questions too. Either it is about doing some calculations or sending an urgent mail, this mobile app will always be your helping hand in the time of need.

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Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra is not just a phone assistant but can also be your friend when you want it to be. Apart from typing your text messages and making your online search, It can give you a really reasonable piece of advice. In times, you feel really alone it can prove as a faithful companion to you. Don’t doubt its efficiency as a personal assistant for it can do any job with proper reliability.

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ANDY Voice Assistant

Most apps start losing their competency when it comes to a non-native accent. But Andy can also go through all this too. No matter what is your mother tongue and which English accent you carry, it will always get your instructions understood in the best way possible. Hardly makes any typing error or functionality if it is about operating your Android phone using its voice control feature. It is really precise with the name of apps and the job you want it to get done on your phone. See also: Android TV box apps

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