Best Apps like Canva For Android

So we search for some really good Android apps like canva that every designer should try.

Canva is a great tool that has given the ability to a common man to design posters, social media posts, flyers and even info-graphics like a graphic designer. Hardly can tell the difference between a professional and your work once you get good at it. Canva has made the life easy of so many people including bloggers, designers, digital marketing experts and internet marketers. With it’s freemiun service (at least most of it) you can not just create boards but also get to download. While your original work gets save once you login into canva. People would depend too much on it, should have a substitute so they can count on if or some reason they cannot have the canva anymore. So we search for some really good Android apps like canva that every designer should try.

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Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer

As you may have understood from it’s name, this app like canva is focused on poster making. It can have you the best of the posters you can have for your business or some kind of advertisement. As that same time you can use its soft copy to do the promotion on internet. With Poster maker App, you will be able to make ad poster similar to professional one.

Once you get good with all the know and how of the buttons you can make poster no lesser beautiful than a professional’s one. You can choose from pretty images and icons in the app and there is a whole lot more of stickers you can select. Change the background as you want and make the whole poster have matching themes or colors. Just put some contradictory ideas to gather but whatever you do, will help you get it a touch of an expert.


Desygner is something really equal to canva if we talk about the convenience, no matter what kind of marketing promotional material you want to create, it will help you do it like a piece of cake. Either it is business card or a poster, flyer or pamphlet, you can create whatever you want in some easy, simple and fun loving steps because creating your own visiting card with Desygner can be some real fun. You will play with most elegant design that has ever been on a card.

And everything with just few taps here and there. The surprising thing about Desygner is, that it’s most of the functionality comes out without a pricing label which makes it a magnificent Android graphic design app to use. No matter what you are making, it can be the best designer partner you ever had.

Font Studio

If it is typography you are most concerned about, then there is no better option than Font Studio. Put the best calligraphy text on your poster or banner. It puts live into the infographics you are creating. Besides its font, you can have some cool filters and frames available in it. While there are some interesting stickers and art work also in the add text app. Put the most diverse and detail oriented typography anyone have ever put into posters.  Check alsoBest Drawing Apps

Font Studio - Texte auf Photos
Font Studio - Texte auf Photos


For those who always keep updating their current social status and posts too many photos, this Frame app can make a difference in their lives. Textgram can change your pictures but in a more different way. While where other apps just change the color contrast and put stickers, it helps you write something on your photos which gives it a more deeper expression. It does not mean you can not have filters, frames and stickers in it, there are many of these you can use. It’s interface is quite easy to understand and convenient to use. If you ever want to convey some deeper message into your picture then it is the way to go.